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Recent posts by Caroline Rodgers

I had one of these until my HOA made me take it down.  

Basil, rosemary, small herbs and strawberries can work.  Potatoes, bay leaves, carrots, and onions will not.  You might want to consider making or buying a stand that you could hang\place bigger growth containers
When I think of the tree planning phase, I think of a large tree, surrounded by dwarf trees, then surrounded by other plants, etcetc.  There's a good picture of this here.
It's super important though to think of how big the center trees will be at maturity though!  It's better to have your footrest look a bit sparse in the beginning to enable it to be fully functioning at maturity.  
You should also test your soil for pH and nutrients.  that can help you decide what you should plant to start enriching the soil.  With pastures, I think people do "chop and drop"- where you now everything down then lay a bunch of seed down on top of it and repeat as necessary.  Another way is to put a liner on top of sections until the grass dies and then to seed\mulch tghis. In the states, we can easily look up plant growth zones like 7b or whatever to help you figure out what can grow in your area.  Can you find something like that for Spain?  Also, does the government have local agriculture offices that can provide information and support?

ETA- you should check out Sepp Holzer.
2 years ago
I am NOT an expert,but if I were you........
The first thing I would think about is if your land gets enough water to grow perennial plants without earthworks and if erosion is a current issue.  
A close second is: what kind of trees do you want?   Also- do you want a very dense food forest or do you want something more like a "savannah" spacing?  How many people do you want to feed and how much upkeep can you realistically deal with?  
Regardless, I would make a list of all the trees you would want in your perfect world, then start analyzing growth conditions.  I would also take soil samples from different regions of your land for analysis. A bit of time and money spent right away can save you a ton of time and money later
Also, I know there was a post about making cheap topographical maps- I would try to check this out.  
ETA- super jealous but very excited for you.
2 years ago
I think trees are usually heterozygous, so maybe the "master tree" was homozygous for all the desired characteristics?  That's the only thing that comes to mind
2 years ago
What does rarely mean to you when it comes to huge rainfall: 2x a year, once every 3 years? Etc etc

I'm a newbie as well.  I immediately thought of suggesting the topic in the following article, but once I started researching it......  I've decided to just post this link in case you had a similar idea and let the more knowledgeable people help.
2 years ago
Have you tried Grains of Paradise AKA alligator peppers?  They can grow in zones 9-11, and they used to be used as a black pepper substitute WAY back in the day.
2 years ago
I can't thank all y'all enough for your input. Not everyone agrees, but that makes it even better.  I'll consult with a couple of professional s, but this forum is just what I need.  
2 years ago

James Whitelaw wrote:Linn Co. has a page of building/zoning handouts in plain English that may help what questions you have, at least in a general sense.

Thank you!!!

Alas, that was exactly what I was looking for, but it's for Linn county in a different state.
2 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Caroline is this what you are looking for?

Linn County codes

Yes and no.  
I've clicked on a few of the codes from that website, but I don't know what specific sections I should study or what should concern me.
I'm awesome at science, but this stuff is really challenging for me.    
2 years ago