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Thyri picked up Ianto Evan's "The Hand-Sculpted House" shortly after it was published because it was on display at a local bookstore and looked interesting. She's been picking up information about alternative building techniques, passive solar, gardening, etc. ever since. She loves learning new things and tinkering, so Permies helps keep her brain sponge decently saturated.
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Recent posts by Thyri Gullinvargr

What's the ETA for this to be completed?
1 day ago
Here's a basic description on the site of a permaculture center managed by Cooperativa Las Cañadas in Huatusco, Veracruz, México:

The Spanish videos on this page might also help;

Wikipedia Spanish page on permacultura:
Principios de Permacultura en Español:

Also, you could do a Google search on permacultura (which is how I found the Wikipedia site ): If you're regional settings are for English, Google will try to be helpful and search for permaculture instead. However, you should have a link to "force" it to permacultura. I think the link I gave will already be "forced" to permacultura.

I don't speak much Spanish, but I knew about the Las Cañadas food forest and Google translate let me at least check that the basic information was what I was looking for.
6 years ago
This site has some options that are intended for fermenting but I'm guessing could be used for canning. Examples are using an apple slice or a smaller jar as a weight.

Here's another option, although "seat belting" wouldn't work with your raspberries. You could use an apple like the first site though...
6 years ago
Be judicious about raw veggie juices. I was on a juicing kick at one point and even though I love cooked beets I found raw beet juice didn't agree with me. Sometimes it's just a matter of needing to introduce things gradually. Probably a good rule of thumb in general. Drastic, abrupt dietary change can really mess with some people's systems, especially if they don't usually get much variety.
6 years ago
You might want to group the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry into one or two groups, especially if you're going to use a water heater with a tank. This will save on running pipes and heat loss as the water travels, although running pipes is probably the main thing.
6 years ago

John Weiland wrote:

Thyri Gullinvargr wrote: There aren't "Windows CPUs" as such, there's Intel, AMD, etc. and I believe they are all compatible with Linux (because the folks working on Linux create drivers for the hardware) as well.

Yes, correct.  It may be that full computers (CPU plus supporting hardware and BIOS, etc) that are destined to be Windows machines are configured in such a way that the backward compatibility is either impossible or a distinct road-block.  My understanding comes from an IT person instructed to remove Win10 from incoming computers because the business in question still needs to run Win8.X for certain legacy applications.  When he tried to do that, the machines just froze up....don't even know if he was able to go into reverse and put Win10 on them again ().  But one of the main proposals for why this lock up occurred was due to the changeover in 2017. -->

I wonder if part of the problem is the lot people who are using older versions of Windows are also using 32-bit versions of Windows. I don't know if this is still true, but it used to be an issue. There may be other ways that Windows interacts with hardware in older versions that are obsolete now. I know there are some other issues that come up when you're using solid state hard drives because they boot up so fast that you can't stop the boot to get into the BIOS. My current computer can also do BIOS upgrades from the OS. I suppose this does imply a greater interaction with the hardware than previously.
6 years ago

r ranson wrote:does wordpad have a way of adding a page break?

Not exactly. I did find this work around, but I shut down my laptop so I haven't tested.
6 years ago