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Recent posts by Bri Bird

Overall it’s great!
I think more info on how this angle is different from previous  videos/books would be good.

Maybe I need to watch again but I'm not sure it was clear whether it’s an overview of exciting things one can do, or if it’s a how-to, and if so for whom? Those with rmh experience already, or those who need the basics covered?

Selfishly I’d prefer an overview of the why’s and how-to’s aimed for an audience of people already familiar with the idea (I’ve built two, and always looking for new insights and applications).

So maybe that’s the heart of my feedback:  it could use a stronger declaration of who the audience is.
3 weeks ago
I've no direct experience with it medicinally, but Feverfew has a reputation for being good for headaches -- the leaves and flowers in a strong tea or tincture. Tincture would be my personally preferred route, as it usually takes a lot of herbal tea to make an impact on any condition, and with something acute like a migraine, I'd want to take a strong dose without drinking a gallon of fluid.

While I haven't made it into medicine, we do have it in the garden and I enjoy it. It makes loads of cute, white, daisy-like flowers that bloom for a good long while.
1 year ago
This question is directed to Jim and Bob, but please anyone with experience respond

In your experience, what are best practices for ceiling and floor insulation in a cold/wet climate (Northern Michigan). For example is it common to use bales in the ceiling and floor?  Seems like many times some kind of sprayable cellulose is used instead.

Thanks for you commentary - book looks great!
3 years ago
I know! Making the trip a two-fer and visiting family up there before coming down for the workshop. If I can hitch a ride then I can fly out of Missoula instead of borrowing a car that I have to drive back north afterwards.

I could come down as early as Thursday, so I'll try to pm Josiah and see what's up. Thanks!
4 years ago
I'm in for Part 1... My flight is to Kalispel. Do you know anyone from the Flathead Valley I could hitch a ride with?  Is there a dedicated rideshare forum page?

Stoked! (see what I did there?
4 years ago
This page has some good photos. She uses toilet paper tubes...
5 years ago