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For the Wild Organization
Position Description for:
1 Million Redwoods Project Land Manager

For the Wild Mission
For the Wild is an organization that preserves and strengthens the integrity of the earth’s natural communities through land conservation and ecological restoration.  Powered by community efforts and a bioregional native plant nursery, its work centers around the reforestation and diversification of degraded landscapes, informed by Traditional Ecological Knowledge.  For the Wild Conducts ecological research to improve reforestation techniques and to adapt them to our rapidly changing climate and human landscape.  

We are in our first year and looking for a candidate that can maintain the grounds and implement a wide scope of projects to get the nursery and research center established.  There is a lot of physical work and preparation needed on the land, and we are looking for someone that is comfortable with assisting these projects, hard manual labor, and living on site with rustic accommodations.  

Job Overview
With the nursery under way, we are in need of someone to help manage the site and assist experpert designers  in implementing permaculture based designs to create an integrated nursery and irrigation, and food forest system.  We are looking for someone with previous experience in managing land and implementing large restorative and permaculture design projects.  Our ideal candidate has carpentry, construction, farming, gardening, and general maintenance skills.  The candidate will also have social and managerial skills.The Land Manager will be working directly with the Founder and Director, Ayana Young and the Project Manager, Alexandra Keane, as well as other expert designers and builders to implement various projects.  

The land manager will also oversee and be responsible for general maintenance of the land and access roads, helping to build cabins and other earthen structures, in addition to the gardens and food forest.  The land manager will also be overseeing interns and WOOFers, who will be providing extra help with projects on the land.  The land manager position requires a one year commitment, and works 5 days a week with a $1,000.00 monthly stipend.   There will be an eight week trial period for this position.

Job Function & Scope of position
Winter Job Responsibilities Include:
- Work directly with the Founder and Project Manager to set up, organize, and accomplish on-site tasks.
- Order seeds, plan out and manage garden and planting schedules.
- Start seeds and crop production, and build a temporary greenhouse for garden starts.
- Maintain access roads to the land by filling potholes, and digging trenches.
- General on site maintenance, and upkeep of grounds.
- Help prepare site for the earthworks design and implementation.

Spring Job Responsibilities:
- Help assist in the implementation of the  food forest and other permaculture designs on site.
- Plant trees and establish on-site composting systems.
- Help assist in the building of small cabins, bathhouse, and outdoor kitchen area.
- Help implement the nursery and food forest irrigation systems.
- Cut logs for mushroom cultivation and help inoculate logs.  
- Work with the Founder and Project Manager to accommodate, prepare, and host educational workshops on site.  

Summer Job Responsibilities:
- Help assist in the building the native plant nursery.
- Find source for woodchips and mulch the main access road.
- Help maintain grounds, and garden production beds.

Desired Qualifications
- Physically strong and accustomed to heavy manual labor.
- Mushroom cultivation and production knowledge.
- Building and general maintenance skills.
- Knowledge and implementation skills on solar energy systems.
- Knowledge of permaculture, integrative, and sustainable farming and gardening methods.
- Knowledge of permaculture design methodology.
- Time management and organizational skills.
- Reliable, resourceful, and has a pleasant “get it done” attitude.
- Creative and solution-based problem solving skills.
- Ability to collaborate and work with other land designers and construction companies.
- Ability to build and maintain a large scale garden production site.
- Ability to juggle multi-scalar projects effectively.
- Friendly, great social skills, and personable.
- Effective communication skills.

Effective Date February 1, 2017

Please email the founder at captioned “LAND MANAGER POSITION” with your resume and cover letter.
2 years ago