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I'm not finding this movie available yet.
Where did you find it?

So, while I'm looking at this information, I ran across this.

Not the same, but sort of the same, and I find it quite fascinating.
(perhaps a separate thread?)


Great ideas.
I've seen others market to restaurants, particular veggies or something, generally high end, that want organic and particular sizes and quality and such.
Make good money from what they say.

1 month ago
Hello all,

The message below is from a friend in the province just south of me.
A small group of people have recently started this project just outside the city of Kunming, Yunnan Province China.
It's a beautiful region, tropical, mountains, lakes and all that. Been there a few times.

If you have any questions on China and this region regarding the project, you can ask here or you can send a message to David directly.

Dear friends of sustainable agriculture,,

I write from yunnan, China. We have recently launched a project and we want to maintain and maintain sustainable agriculture here. Yunnan has one of the highest bio-diversification in the world and in the country there is still old Chinese traditional At the moment this is threatening to disappear and we are pioneers here in this area. The interest is still very large we have 2 villages that want to cooperate with us and the help of a university We have 2 Farms and some cooperative farms at the moment.

What we don't have is expertise. Austria is, I can say from here, a decade ahead. This is also my concern: we need help to establish permaculture here. I'm looking for people willing to come here and help us design, implement and teach. In any case we can provide accommodation and food if necessary I will also try to find a sponsor for travel expenses. We are open to any impulses and ideas. Please write me on office@davidpogo.com look forward to a lot of ideas and feedback. Thank you

2 months ago

Your my favorite kind of person, if this is you.
Sanctuary of the Spirit, yes?

2 months ago

I think this is the average person's issue with this idea.
But, after listening to the podcasts on these issues and regarding those that had those issues, assuming Paul was being forthright, that he is incredibly patient and that those that had issues were not your average thinking individual.
Meaning, after listening to the podcasts that brought up these disagreements, I felt Paul was very reasonable in his actions.

Therefore, the way Paul explains it and his "ways", it would appear that the "concern" for his system would not necessarily be a big concern.

I like this "TOM".
Wish there was a "TOM" over in the Western part of the country, I might be all in!

Good piece of information.
Links would be even better for those looking.

2 months ago