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born and raised in montana, living in kansas. husband born and raised in louisiana. 2 totally different worlds converged in the middle. been reading and watching alot of videos about permaculture. trying to put what i can into practice within city rules. looking for property out of town to work with. also looking for like minded people a little closer then lawrence, topeka or kc. south of wichita we are in a completely different climate zone then the rest of the state. being from montana i watch alot of paul wheaton videos. i started with larry korns free on line pdc but got sidetracked with so much other information out there. glad i finally came here. looking forward to the wealth of knowledge and wonderful people out there.
southcentral kansas, south of wichita. zone 6b-ish. more like oklahoma.
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yeah, after years of planning and searching and learning and watching we finally got our own little piece of land.  ready to put everything i have been learning over the last 10 years to work.  i don't know much, but i am going to do what i can to learn and grow with my little patch of the world.  if anyone in northcentral nevada practicing permaculture has a local group or wants to help start one, i am totally interested, please get ahold of me somehow.    i have 8 acres with a house that i plan on turning into a small food forest and homestead,
7 months ago
just bought a house on 8 acres south of battle mountain.  want land in eureka county to eventually go completely off grid so this will be like a basecamp when we get to that point.  for me i wanted a place i could add some love to and make it a little better.  got a pretty bare canvas to experiment and learn and see what works with mother nature here,  i don't want someone else's permaculture paradise,  that would kind of defeat the purpose for me.  i want to grow hand in hand with the ground i am living on and from.
7 months ago
Thanks paul, for all you do. I gotta find more friends to give these to.

Terry and i had an awesome time meeting you all and helping out.  All the people were awesome, the food was great, and getting to come there was a bucket list wish fulfilled. We really  hope to get back around someday when we can spend more time. Thank you all so much for having us.
i have been trying to figure the best place to post, ask, say something.  not very good at this computer navigation stuff.  my husband and i are coming for the book packing party.  we will be camping, but off property. I was waiting for an update, but since we will be headed down that way tomorrow i figured i would let you know here.  is there a meet and greet type thing friday night? if so what time is good to show up? and what time would you like us there for packing books saturday morning? are the questions i was hoping to get an answer to. can't wait to meet you guys in real life.

Bryant RedHawk wrote:

hau Lisa, if you like, you may pm me with any questions that your kids come up with and I'll do my best to help.
I used to teach and am happy to help.


thanks.  i will definately keep that in mind.  and am definately following this thread
2 years ago
this is awesome information.  thank you for putting all your hard work and studies up for all of us to see and learn from.  i will be working with youth on a community garden and this will be helpful when having the kids learn about growing stuff.  we are starting out with different beds in different sun and wind conditions, with different basic types of soil, and using companion planting. i can see where learning about different microbes in the soil will help with production.  maybe we can even get to the point of having a different compost pile near each bed to go with those plants.
2 years ago
when i give, i do it as local as possible.  we give alot of our time and money to our local vfw, as we are active members and see where that money goes.  i only put money in the charity jars if i know the person, or at least someone who can confirm the story.  all my volunteer time is now going toward a community garden that i am getting started at our post with the local youth.  i feel that giving is important, but what you give should make you feel good about it, whether it is your money, material goods, or your time and/or labor.  every time there is a disaster somewhere the donation buckets come out.  my money doesn't go in these, but rather i try to find a local group i trust that is organizing a drive to help the disaster area and donate time or needed items to them.  this way i know i am helping someone through a tough time as opposed to helping line someones already full pockets.  i am new to the whole patreon and kickstarter things, but think these are awesome ideas of ways to contribute on a more global level, and have starting to support one patreon page, maybe i will do more when my budget allows for it.
2 years ago
i found this looking for information on community gardens.  i am a member the vfw auxiliary,and we are the only post left in our county. I am spearheading adding a community garden to our post youth activities program.  we will be having meetings later this month to start the ball rolling.  i have no experience as committee chairman or organizing anything, so am not sure how it will go, but i can see it going way big and creating its own local nonprofit organization that is networked with all the local veteran and youth organizations.  we have a few different locally started nonprofits here, and a monthly resource meeting, so there is already help with starting the business part of it, if it evolves to that.  we are starting off with just a few raised bed gardens to get it going, and to start teaching,  with my dream of turning the property into a food forest over the years, acquiring land in other towns and growing little edible forests in every town in the county. and having a platoon of volunteers to apply permaculture practices in available yards, with an emphasis on helping veterans. i have never been to a pdc, just have experience in my small back yard and lots of research i have done. i am talking to every person i can and trying to get as many people and all their contacts involved as possible.  There are very few people here that even know the word permaculture, let alone anything about it.  with no real experience of my own i am aspiring to teach what i know, and infect brains so that others will hopefully seek the knowledge and experiences either on their own or through group projects and assignments.  in talking to others and spreading the word i have found a couple local people who have at least heard of permaculture and may have more experience then me.  i intend to use every resource i can find.  I have been handing out paul's permaculture cards to those strong individuals that i am sure can bring in more support, and planning on using them, by having members and volunteers pick a card and research whatever that card has on it. another thing that may or may not be or turn out to be important is that i live in a very large agricultural area.  If anything permaculture finds its way into the hearts and minds of some of these farmers, it could go so much farther.  I have no idea how this journey will pan out, but i do know that it won't happen if i don't start somewhere.
2 years ago