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James Freyr

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since Mar 06, 2017
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James is in his forties, is an active homesteader who is married, and has no children aside from five cats. He is a graduate of The American Brewers Guild and while he no longer brews beer he does dabble in the fermentations of food and dairy. He resides in the state of Tennessee where he runs a small farm. An avid gardener for more than twenty years, he also raises chickens and cows, has a few fruit trees and hopes to add bee keeping, pigs and goats to the farm. When he has free time he enjoys hikes through the woods and reading books.
West Tennessee
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I think those are artillery fungus, and can shoot those little seedy things some twenty feet.
4 hours ago
Hey Jennifer, I think you're right along the lines of your thinking and those seedlings need something. I personally would opt for a blend of compost and worm castings - it's gentle and contains microbial life. If you prefer to use a fertilizer, may I suggest liquid fish + kelp, the hydrolysate kind. I am currently using neptunes harvest brand in my garden just so I can put food on the table while I spend several years healing and nurturing my garden soil and waiting for wood chips to decompose. I would shy away from nitrogen only types.
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I've had some less than desirable neighbors in the past and in my experience, getting someone else to change and live like I want them to live has been a dismal failure. I have learned through observing others that filing suit against a neighbor never resolves a situation and appears to make relations and situations worse. In the past, I have packed up and moved away from churls, realizing that I can only make decisions for myself and I am in control of only my life. Moving didn't mean I caved and they won, but exactly the opposite- I was the victor. Is moving to a new location an option for you?
8 hours ago
I'm not a parent and can't really relate, but I think this is temporary and the long days and nights will pass. Your post makes me think of some wise words I heard a long time ago and I can't remember who said it to me or if I read it somewhere, but I imagine others have heard it too: Take care of yourself so you too are able to take care of others.
10 hours ago
Hi Leo! I'm glad you're here and thanks for coming to hang out with us and do a book giveaway!
1 day ago
Hi J.L.! I used to have a garden full of raised beds made from western red cedar. Here's a picture of them:

I spent years nurturing and building the soil in those raised beds and I did not experience any detrimental effect of the cedar on the soil contained in those raised beds. The healthiest, most delicious and best looking plants I've ever grown were in those raised beds. I am not a scientist and have not gathered data from tests beds along side control groups, but based on my experience I tend to have my doubts about cedar having a negative effect on the microbiome as a whole in the soil contained in raised beds made from cedar. Hope this helps!
2 days ago