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I try to have year round flowers for the hummingbirds, and not to prune all of a plant at once, so as to leave some blooms for them. Pineapple sage provides flowers for them in the winter here. And they love my nasturiums. They tend to prefer tubular flowers.
4 hours ago
I'm not a fan of hierarchy. My question would be "why do you think we need a leader?" What do these people find lacking in themselves?

When I want to learn something, I look all over the place, and take what I like. If there was a leader, does that mean I should follow them instead of following the best solution for my situation? Permaculture is a big topic, some people are likely to concentrate on some aspects over others. And I prefer to look to those with more experience in each aspect, rather than one overarching expert. Nevermind that everything is local, what works in Maine might not work for me in California. So an expert here doesn't necessarily make an expert elsewhere. That assuming that a leader is an expert. I suppose it could just be someone charismatic, but that appeals to me even less.
Lee - yes, the stalks are sturdy, not vining, and hollow, kind of like borage stems. But they will fall over, so I have mine growing in tomato cages, and then, I wrap with twine as they grow to keep the outside ones from breaking.

Philipp - I have never tried removing the skin that way, sounds great.

Would swallowing frozen pieces of turmeric work for health benefits? This is what I do with garlic.

Currently I'm taking capsules, but they are expensive. And unfortunately, I very strongly dislike the flavor of turmeric.

1 week ago
I've used Renee's Garden numerous times, and have been happy with the seeds. Although I haven't had them shipped to me, they are the standard seeds in local stores.
I have tomato cages made from remesh that have lasted 19 years outside and going strong. But our weather is dry and mild.
1 week ago
James - I shell by hand, and then blanch. If I'm using immediately, I then remove the bean skin. If I'm freezing, I freeze with bean skin on, and remove it later. The beans without skin are fragile so I find leaving them on when freezing works better. It also cuts down on how much skin removal I have to do at any one time.

Phil - the pods are just starting, some are an inch or two long. I will post another picture tomorrow.
James, yes I do. Our winters are very mild, this year even more so. These were planted in November. I have another batch that were planted in December, they are much shorter, around 3 ft.
Sorry I'm not remembering the brand.

I have a small backyard so the gopher wire worked for me, and I'm planning on laying down on my next garden, first.

To make the castor oil mixture, I would fill a large pot with water, add a head or two of garlic, broken up, 4-6 chiles. Bring to boil, allow to cool, add castor oil whisking to blend, and pour down holes every morning.

Our natural soil is claylike, but I've been here mulching and building the soil for 19 years.
2 weeks ago