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Stacy Witscher

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since Mar 06, 2017
SF Bay Area
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Recent posts by Stacy Witscher

Because my family always grew berries, we have always saved the little green baskets that berries used to come in. And even though berries don't come in those baskets anymore around here, we still have about 50 of them. Use them every year.
1 week ago
You're welcome. Hope they can find something.
2 weeks ago
We are in the process of purchasing a property in Jackson County, Oregon. Our real estate agent has been great, specializes in rural properties, Kenny Taylor with John L. Scott Realty. The more northern areas of Jackson County are about 4 hours from Portland. I have no idea what you consider reasonable, as that's quite relative, but Kenny is great if you are interested. Good luck.
2 weeks ago
James Landreth - yes, that's right, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Good books, nice to know someone else here is familiar with them.
2 weeks ago
A book series I used to read was about a lady detective in, I think, Botswana, and she described herself as a traditionally shaped woman. I loved that. There have always been heavy people. It is but one factor in evaluating health. I prefer to allow individuals to determine the best weight for themselves.
2 weeks ago
Kenneth - it is happening though, in Oakland, California, there are agencies that will help you establish squatters rights by making improvements to abandoned properties. So while it may be unlikely in areas without sky high rents, around here it's totally doable. And we have a lot of abandoned properties, and empty lots in the East Bay.
2 weeks ago
We also have an over abundance of oxalis  in the Bay Area. I find it to be of limited use, and can always find it, if wanted.

But there are some weeds that I always pull, like water hemlock. It's not something that I want in my yard.
I save onion skins and scraps for the stock pot. Granted they still get thrown away (or composted), but at least they get used.
2 weeks ago
Here, in the Bay Area, people are mean, vicious. We have attributed it to how stressful life is here. One can work 60-80 hours a week and still be starving/struggling. While looking for housing in southern Oregon, my daughter and I have been struck but how happy and pleasant everyone is. My agent responded with they aren't so afraid they are going to be homeless. It really is astounding.
I don't really understand people who want to live in the country, but not engage in country living. Even a 1/2 acre lot is considered huge in the Bay Area. The older developments (post WW2) are typically 1/10 acre, with newer developments being much smaller, with postage stamp yards. And even with my 1/10 acre lot, I was able to do a lot. Why buy a lot of land if you don't need it, and just try to reproduce suburban living on a larger scale.

I'm buying property that is farm zoned, and that can't be changed locally, and somewhat surrounded by BLM land. I know that doesn't guarantee anything, but at least it's not easily turned into a subdivision.
3 weeks ago