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Stacy Witscher

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since Mar 06, 2017
Southern Oregon
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Recent posts by Stacy Witscher

My local extension office has been offering vegetable gardening courses online during this crisis, the initial facebook post went viral and over 18,000 people ended up signing up for the course. It's crazy. My son in California can't get yeast, so last night I texted him options, sourdough starter or quick bread.
6 hours ago
Our household has backed off Keto, and is just doing low carb at this point. We are not in production of enough of our own dairy and meat to enable Keto long term here. And both my daughter and I ended up with inflamed pancreas due to not eating enough on Keto. Thankfully we already had stockpiled enough rice and pasta, it's just our way.
20 hours ago
I use pieces of rainwater diverter around each leek and fill it with whatever I have, usually mulch or oak leaves. And, not that you asked, but I've found it helpful, I just cut off the leek about one inch above soil level, and let them regrow. It doesn't work forever, but it has worked for me for several harvests.
4 days ago
Tyler - it's very sad to see how callous people can be. I'm very grateful that I don't work off of our property. My daughter will be going back to work on April 9. She works at Costco, as does one of my sons. Costco has actually ramped up their staffing to get people in and out quickly, as well as having someone wipe down the carts.
5 days ago
I'm more interested in what benefits your state is going to provide given the upcoming economic crash. Just today, a friend in eastern Washington went to a medical facility with symptoms and was told that they wouldn't be tested if they didn't pay up front and was forced to just walk out of the facility exposing everyone.

I know that there are laws on the books, that require immediate medical care for emergencies. I don't believe that there is a greater emergency than a pandemic, but that's just me.
1 week ago
Hi Leaf,
I'm 49, SWF, in southern Oregon, with 4 grown children. I would be interested in meeting you, if nothing else, it's good to have friends. I also have 80 acres, but in the upper rogue. Feel free to PM me.

Having lived my whole life in California, I didn't realize how different everything is from state to state. I have to say that my family is California is in a much better position to recover from this pandemic than Oregon, regardless of the fact that they are more exposed (Bay Area).

One of my sons has been put on a zero hour schedule, regardless of the fact that his job is medical (autistic occupational therapist), thankfully he is eligible for unemployment. Apparently, that is not true in all states.

Oregon doesn't even have state disability. Thankfully, my daughter in Oregon works for Costco and in states without state disability, Costco pays for private disability insurance. And, by personal experience, I can tell you that making the insurance people cry pushes things along (not that I enjoyed that, but they were torturing my daughter).

Thankfully, we are well positioned to weather this storm, and I'm mostly looking at how I can help my community in the upcoming months. I live in a small town, mostly retirees, mostly poor. So I'm planting more and am suspecting that I will preserve less and donate more, thankfully the Episcopal Church in town is very good at outreach.

Hope others are doing well.
1 week ago
Yes, rice is an excellent dessicant for dry goods and things like kale chips.
1 week ago
I tried this with sugar snap peas, they still wanted to grow up. Didn't really work how I envisioned it.
2 weeks ago