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since Apr 04, 2017
Hi All, I'm a certified yoga teacher in Svaroopa yoga, a specialist in intentional community working at an small yoga retreat Maine and running my own Bnb for a decade. For my 60's I'm learning how to work with permaculture principles, especially fascinated by rocket mass heaters and simple garden making and farming. I've been a fan of wheaten labs for a couple of years and plan on doing boot camp.
I teach classes online helping folks deeply relax and heal pain.
I also love working with wild plants, making herbal medicines and salves, crotcheting and this year will self-publish a wonderful kids yoga activity coloring book, Color Me Yoga
You can find my yoga classes at www.lotuslightcenter.org
Pacific Northwest, Island Falls, ME
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Recent posts by ajeet khalsa

Hi Paul,

I apologize for not being clear two weeks ago when I sent that email. I wasn't sure if I had another job here in Oregon and then because of a lack of internet, dropped the ball getting back to you!

Is the $100 still good for another shot at a bootcamp at another time? I took a look at the Sepper Program and that is over the limit of my budget. I was planning on staying at least 4-6 weeks.

I am leaving Oregon this week and was planning on heading towards Montana; is there a bootcamp opening now? I would like a second try, but only if there was a bottom bunk in any of the cabins. I am happy to
do the 8 hour work-day and get the food option, the only concern I have is being with other folks in close distance, but if everyone is good with social distancing, etc, I would like to be there.

However, if it is too late this time, is there a possibility of putting that $100 towards the 2021 RMH event in October for next year, which is the most likely time I would be back out west since I am
heading down south to Tennessee, eventually!

Much love and thank you again...


3 weeks ago
Thanks all sounds great. I have had some previous work projects come up. What is best for you all to have a definite answer/ life is fluid living here and taking care of property.
Appreciate your understanding. When is your final date to know for January bootcamp?
1 month ago
Where do we purchase tickets? Does the price include lodging and food essentials?

How about a group discount if 3 or more members of a collective attend?


Ajeet Khalsa
2 months ago
Is there room in the winter camp? I love the idea of tinkering with fences and rocket mass heaters. How abiut a winter solstice celebration too?? I'm in the Pacific Northwest and looking a working for Cob Cottage.

More community, more love, more productivity!
2 months ago
This sounds terrific and I can help with set up if there is a work-trade opportunity?

Do we have an idea of cost?

3 months ago
Hi Leigh!

Congratulations on the book. I live in Tennessee, near Knoxville. Where are you located and do you have visitors?


4 months ago
Hi There,

I too am looking to work/trade in the Pacific Northwest in the fall, probably end of September through November to visit and then when I find the perfect place, I'll move there longer.

I love caring for children and am a full time yoga teacher. I've lived in community these last 9 years, I owned a home in the suburbs and live part time in a yoga retreat in Maine during
summer but with covid have only gotten up here for a month. I am dedicated to building a cob/straw home too and just wanted to let you know there's someone out here in the permies world that's got their eye on cascadia


6 months ago
What about polk? I have tons of large, thick stalked polk plants growing up in the rocks on the side of my house-they seem hardy! Are they good for tea?
7 months ago
Hi Corinna!

Your place sounds so lovely!!

I am mature, happy and live children!!

My so. is 20 and I've lived in knoxville Tennessee in the suburbs raising him (sans tv and most media)

Now I'm super wxciyed to travel, learning if sustainable living, and farming. I've been involved with SEWC and Corinna Wood for a number of years and make my living mostly through my yoga teaching and I've developed a lovely Chikdrens Yoga Training program which is called Dancing Spider Yoga

I've downsized to a tinty room at a friend's-yoga shack and  looking to relocate and revitalize my heart and mind living on the land

My timeline for moving is any time in early 2018

Thank you!

Ajeet Khalsa
3 years ago