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I'm a certified, advanced 30 year yoga practitioner and therapeutic counselor, nature lover, mother and meditator. I co-produce Bliss Fest, a local healing arts and yoga festival held in southeastern Tennessee each year. I've studied both Svaroopa yoga, Kundalini yoga and basic Hatha yoga. I am a mantra specialist and meditation teacher. I've lived in and run intentional communities since 1996. I live presently in a common house, am working on a 6-acre homestead in southeastern Tennessee and am keen to learn how to (finally!) build a cob/straw-bale home. I studied and lived for 7 weeks with Ianto Evans of Cob Cottage as his caretaker.
As a specialist in intentional community, I am a life-long learner. I work in summers at Sewall House Yoga retreat in Island Falls, Maine and as I move into my 63rd year, I look forward to a healthy and vibrant third stage to my life. I am single and would also love to meet other men my age so that we can play and grow together, build together and have fun! For my 60's I'm learning how to work with permaculture principles, especially fascinated by rocket mass heaters and simple garden making and farming.
I've been a fan of wheaten labs for a couple of years and plan on doing boot camp.
I teach classes online helping folks deeply relax and heal pain.
I also love working with wild plants, making herbal medicines and salves.
This year-2021, I will lead a module at the Sewall House Yoga Teacher-Training where I'll unveil a kids yoga coloring book I've been working on for over 2 years! I will self-publish the stylish creature handbook, called Color Me Yoga, and after that sell it on a variety of site, hopefully at Permies as well.
You can find out more about my yoga classes at www.lotuslightcenter.org
Find out more about my life on Facebook at Ajeet Yoga and Healing Arts
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Recent posts by ajeet khalsa

Rich, looks like you are building what you learned all about. i'm still learning, and doing yoga but not yet built my own mass heater! I did do a build last year with uncle mud--it was so much fun! are you still in michigan?? call me and let's catch up--865-282-6515. namaste!!
1 year ago
I planted garlic in december when I got back into town-i live in zone 7, Tennessee. It's starting to sprout!
1 year ago
Perfect. This all sounds reasonable to me.

I participated in a cob-wall building with Sigi Koko in NY just last month, we all wore masks inside working with the cob, and even a lot outside as we were stomping near to one another. Of course, we all then sat near to one another and ate lunch and those who wanted, stayed further away.

I had a lovely time, and got very inspired. Taking the time to take precautions sounds great to me.
2 years ago
They did not show how to build the darn thing! I want to know how many bricks and the complete layout. Although this is the nicest one I've ever seen and looks so easy to use!
2 years ago
Hey Chris,

I'm still planning to head up to Montana from Tennessee if you know of anyone that would like to share the drive!

Look forward to building with you..

2 years ago
I agree that having someone who is on the boot camp list if they’ve already had interest and invested their fees, should get first dibs. Then if there is no one who steps forward, the ‘cutting in line’ comment, then yes, someone like myself who is taking a course and wants to be a part of the community and share skills, could step in. I’ve already paid my boot camp fees and looking forward to leaning into a cooperative environment with others. I bring excellent deep listening and communication skills. I’m living in northern Maine at an intensive yoga retreat where all the help is work-trade, all meals are communally prepared, and regular daily check-ins keep the flow steady from guests to staff. There seems to be a great opportunity to learn at the labs, yet, working/living cooperatively for 5 years I understand the dynamic of folks who maybe feel they are helpful but are not. I think the key is keeping clear dialogue and fantastic leadership in projects.
2 years ago
Hi Wheaten Labs:

Is there shared bunk house space available for the RMH?  And, if there is bunk space available, is there an extra cost?
Also, if I bring a tent, how far is it from base camp? In the thread it seemed like it was 2 miles away.

Thanks for clarification.

2 years ago
Hi Leigh,

I live in the Southeastern US, near Knoxville, Tennessee, my friend just purchased land in Parrotsville. I surely don't have any solutions yet to our wild and weedy, thorny grass problem. Right now we are just mowing it, and it grows back fiercely. We did hand-dig it out and made one little circle-about 2ft by 3ft to plant a few herbs and veggies in-a tomato plant and zucchini plant is growing there now but I'm not sure if we should plant seed-vetch or what on the 1/4 acre yard in the front.

I'll send a picture in another post
2 years ago