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Recent posts by Gary Bowman

Thanks for the reply and information-rich site you provided.  Unfortunately the site contributes to my
"analysis paralysis."  I been trying to evaluate this type of system for years.  Limited abilities/funds
to build one, creates my return to KISS "keep it simple stupid."  I presume that is what Wisner's plan is.  
Is that so, in your opinion?

I believe I should build a 6" Wisner's original plan from Portland. Having looked at innumerable ideas.
I return to the Wisner plan.  I have the Permies free plans of Wisners.  I am willing to pay those folks or
others for simple plans to build.  I believe in paying that poor guy Ernie, who can't get a word edgewise,
with Erica lecturing.

My building is 1400 sq ft, solid concrete floors/walls at 4000 ft elevation, so it assumes outside temps in winter.
Wisner's 6" stove and my Monarch will hopefully keep the insulated 800 sq ft portion warm enough.  Someone
with wool clothes on, will be happy to sit and stoke the fire.  Does that sound reasonable in your experience?
Thanks in advance for your time.


2 years ago
I am brand new to posting here.  Hope I do it correctly.  I am in planning stage to build a RMH
in a 1000 Sq ft., concrete building in High Desert, 4000 feet.  I currently heat and cook on a
Monarch wood stove.    The small fire box has to be stoked, as you all know, on a pretty regular
45 minutes basis burning oak squares of 2 x 6.  

I assume the same schedule will apply to the 6 inch RMH.  Is that correct?  Some real life experience
with the time parameters for filling the stove would be appreciated.
2 years ago