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Is this an ebook or a real book? Will there be an ebook version? Thanks
3 months ago
I get it, it was a kickstarter only thing, and that promo is over. I understand. Thank you anyway. =D
I found it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And thank you for your service to Humanity. =D These things will go a long way to saving thousands if not millions of lives if and when an ice age comes after the global warming ends.

Last questions,
1. if I go for the Tiny Download upgrade for PDC ($40), will I also get the tiny download upgrade for the ATC?
2. And if I go for the HD Download upgrade for either ($100), will I still get these?
- rocket mass heater 8-DVD set as HD Streaming
- world domination gardening 3-dvd set as HD Streaming
Nope, I bought last year's kickstarter for $100. I'm looking for the page that allows me to upgrade my purchase last year, if possible. I recently saw such a page / link / button I believe, asking for an additional $20 to allow me to download all 177 hours of video as tiny download. You (or whoever put it up) even wrote that you put that up because some people expressed the desire to watch the videos offline.
Hi Paul, I'm thinking of upgrading from $100 to $120 so I can get the PDC & ATC tiny download. Or maybe I'll go full $200 when I save enough money. Anyway, I saw the button to upgrade to $120 before, but now I can't find it anymore. Help? Also, is there a button to upgrade to $200? Thanks
This is my attempt to prove to myself that you don't need any fancy grow lights to get plants to grow.

These are sweet potato plants growing under ordinary red and blue led lights. I left the lights turned on all day and all night.

The plants were growing around 4 inches per day!
1 year ago
Monopoly is a business game, it's a numbers and decisions thing. It simulates how people use money and the random things that might happen every day in the business world.

In the beginning, somebody interested in permaculture will have to invest in it, with effort, time, and resources, often including money. Learning can be expensive. It's often better to spend money to listen to an expert's experience, than to invest a lot of time and effort repeating their mistakes.

And no matter how many tutorials you watch, you will have to make your own mistakes. =D We learn by doing. =D

We sell surplus produce, we offer tours and seminars, we do what we need to do to pay our taxes.

So yes, maybe you can put the business side of permaculture into a game board, maybe put in a few tokens that represent other resources like food and knowledge (think tech tree). Hint: if you've played Sid Meier's computer game Civilization, it looks a lot like a game board. A VERY COMPLICATED game board.

But you can't learn to run a business by playing monopoly. It's very hard to capture the feeling you get when you succeed in making something grow for the first time. The things we're trying to achieve, like saving the planet from armageddon by pollution, you can put into numbers via carbon taxes or carbon footprint or something. Almost everything can be put into numbers. Except emotions. Maybe emotions can be put into cards, like a get out of jail free card. Like "breathing the fresh air, and knowing you had something to do with it"

I know every one of us has different ideas, and we might end up producing as many kinds of games as there are people in this discussion. So follow your heart =D. And MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU =D
Jeroen Mets do you have a website for your game? I'd love to learn more about your plans. What language/s and frameworks do you use?

I've been thinking about the game design for a while now, and so far I've settled on minecraft meets the sims. The Sims is about taking care of people's needs like comfort, sanitation, hunger, friends, etc. Instead of the sims working a job to earn money and then spending the rest of the time fulfilling their needs, they could be fullfilling the needs of a garden, a hydroponics setup, some cows, a compost heap, etc. They could install a composting toilet, solar panels, free energy devices, etc. They could build new houses using old tires and glass bottles.

Minecraft adds an engineering perspective, with its crafting tables and ovens. But in minecraft, pretty much everything is instant. You don't wait 30 minutes for your mushroom stew to be ready. You can even make your stew while fighting zombies. Caring for things needs patience and attention. We need to add the possibility of your stew getting overcooked or your potato rotting due to overwatering.

I'm not an expert on minecraft mods, but I think a simple minecraft mod will not be able to accomodate these things. So I'm trying to build my own game from scratch, using Lightweight Java Game Library.

For example, this guy in this article


left his job in Athens and went to a neighboring island and started their own ecovillage where they create food, soap, etc., and never looked back. IT WAS DIFFICULT in the beginning, he says, and this difficulty is exactly the kind of thing that our game could teach to overcome. =D =D =D

NOT ALL ECOVILLAGES MAKE IT by the way, so the challenge is REAL =D

Sorry emotion coming in strong hehe
I agree, creating a simulation almost inevitably creates a fantasy. But there are levels of realism, and in the end a game is a learning tool, and once you've learned all you can from a game, it's time to move on to a bigger, more realistic game. So a permaculture game will definitely be for beginers and amateurs. The point of creating a permaculture game would be to give people the EXPERIENCE of doing permaculture, and therefore LEARN what so many people have learned THE HARD WAY, without / with less of  the cost. In money, effort, mistakes, injuries, etc.

A curriculum or Lesson Plan will definitely need to be created, and the game will have to be built around this lesson plan.

Maybe we can write about our experiences, and the lessons we got from them, and then we can create a game that will let other people experience the same thing, more or less.  

Permaculture has MANY aspects and it may be best to create many little mini games connected to each other.