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Hello to all who replied to my original post and thanks for the feedback once again.

I have an exciting update!

I have extended my flue by 3 meters so its basically in line with my roof line.
The draw is crazy now! Harder draw than i ever had when i had it outside. No need for an air inlet thats for sure.
It starts up very easily and i can put so much wood in until no more fits and it still draws and self feeds.

I'm actually thinking it may be a bit too much draw because i'm struggling to get it to the high temps that i used to get outside. I could easily get 450c - 500c and after about 30 mins when its really going hard i can just hit 350c.
I notice that with the hard draw, there is minimal coals building up whereas outside it used to build up with coals slightly. Maybe this is why i cant get the temp as high.
I also think that its burning the wood a bit quicker.

Any feedback on that would be great.

All in all, im very happy with the outcome.

I have attached a few pics once again. Last pic was taken at the end of a burn and there was a tiny bit of coals at the bottom and was still drawing!
2 years ago
Thanks for the info Glenn. much appreciated.

Thanks for the post Duane. I will be sure to go up above the tiles by at least 4 feet.
That is not a reducer that you are seeing. The larger pipe is also 6 inch like the rest of the flue but is covered in a high density rockwool and then 8 inch pipe over. this is what is going through my brick wall then expanding foam around to seal.
I have no option but to go straight to a 45 from the rocker heater otherwise the flue will go up near windows.
2 years ago
Thanks for the reply Gerry.
When you say competing chimney between house and exhaust what do you suggest I could do?
When i say basement, its actually a pool room (used to be a double garage) which has been plastered and proper sliding doors so its actually sealed and not open to drafts.
As for the flue, its stainless steel flue so rust will not be an issue. To get it above the roof ridge line i would need to add another 2-3 meters would be be guess. Would stepping it down to a 5" flue help with the draw considering the length?

2 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
I built a rocket heater from a LPG gas tank with a proper firebox, insulated firebricks and all correct dimensions from research i did.
It was in my carport with 6" flue straight out from the bottom at 45 degrees for 1.8m then vertical for 1.8m and it runs extremely well. Have been able to hit 520 degrees Celsius on the top of tank.
I have recently installed it into my downstairs basement with the flue straight out the double brick wall and in the same orientation as i had under the carport.
First thing i noticed was that there was a constant draft inward through the rockets heater. Backwards!
Getting it lit is not too much trouble as i through a fire lighter in and blow gently to get the flow going.
It starts up fine with small sticks but as the heater warms up, I get back draft every so often and the flames are coming out the firebox! A quick blow and it goes the other way again.
Very dangerous as i cant walk away from it.

I believe its more than likely a flue length issue as i have tried to open doors to make sure its not a negative pressure issue but it did not solve it.
My vertical flue stops next to a brick wall outside with a cowl and i think its should be longer above the gutters of the house.
The flue doesn't bellow out the end it's actually pretty slow exit speed but it was the same when i had it setup outside running really well.
Is adding more flue going to help me with my problem?

I will attach a couple of pictures to show my setup.
I'm happy to answer any questions on design.

Thanks in advance

2 years ago