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Recent posts by Al Miller

Having trouble purchasing this gob. Keep getting the following error message after trying to process with PayPal.

Contact us at forums AT permies DOT com with what you were doing
when the error occurred along with the date and time (Jul 14, 2017 12:39:17 PM).

This has happened before and I emailed y'all but never received a response.

Hope to hear back soon!
5 years ago
Hey Paul,

New here to this place and you. I'm truly without words how excited I am to have found you and what y'all are doing up there.

Have you been posting any blogs, videos, or podcasts to Steemit? If not, this would be a great time to jump in and earn a it of coin.

I use to live at The Garden of Eden and they've been posting on Steemit for almost a year now and have an account value near $25k.
You can find them on Steemit here.

But this just doesn't go for you, anyone can make their mark on the blockchain!