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Recent posts by s. lowe

Ah ya if they're some kind of metal it probably isn't worth the hassle of cutting more holes. The worms and other soil life should do the work. I don't think some fresher wood would hurt but as long as you pack it well so that the settling is more gradual I don't see any real major problems. It sounds like it will make a great garden for people that don't do well with bending over. Definitely try to share some pictures,  I'd love to see the process and how they turn out
1 week ago
I'll be very curious to see how those play out. I don't know that I've ever seen such a tall, narrow raised bed. The only issue that pops out to me is to make sure that all the woody layers are packed well with clay/food scraps filling in major air holes. I could imagine settling/decomposition of the wood causing some serious internal collapse mid season if there's not a good amount of support that wont be decomposing.

I also wonder about air availability in such a tall bed. Is there a risk of anaerobic conditions arising? Could you cut little "pockets" along the height to  tuck  some soil and small plants in? Something like this
1 week ago
If we can't watch it live can we register and watch it later?

Also, a friend just sent me a link to a video of you touring some of your system.  It was pretty awesome, great work! Will you be speaking at the summit?
2 weeks ago
How the water behaves will depend on the type of pipe you use and the volume of water. It sounds like you are planning to have a fairly passive trickle running into a pipe with holes drilled in it? In that scenario I would expect that most of the liquid would seep through the first holes. If it was pumped out in a greater volume then the liquid would flow out through the holes at lower elevation faster than those at higher elevations. I would think that having zones would give you more control, especially if you use a pump to move the liquid
2 weeks ago
I would be in the camp of not using it personally. However, what to do with it is a conundrum. Selling it or giving it away just ensures that it put into the environment in a likely harmful way (and depending on your world view, may make you complicit in that harm). Throwing  it away just compounds the environmental harm done in its creation.

This is what I would do. Use it on ornamental plants in containers and eliminate/minimize run off from those containers. Then make compost out of those ornamentals. If you wanted to make use of it quickly you could set up some large containers and use the miracle grow to produce fast growing cover crop type stuff to use for a big compost pile.
3 weeks ago
Well just to follow up, the goat kid got taken to the vet. 7 dislocated vertebrae! Apparently to be solved by a round of goat chiropracty.
3 weeks ago
Well apparently someone is going to take the goat to a vet tomorrow. I'm relieved. It stresses  me out when plants I am hoarding don't thrive, I dont know if I'm ready for real animals yet
3 weeks ago

Phil Grady wrote:the only thing you can do is get a vet to check it out.
and if you know who's dog it was give them the vet bill.

Its a weird situation, they're not my goats and I don't have a reliable way to get a hold of the owner. They belong to the neighbor of the farm I work at, but he's rarely around it seems and these goats.have been getting sporadic care for at least a few years now. I'm open to doing a little to help the poor little goat but I've been really not wanting these.goats to become my problem at all.
3 weeks ago
There are some goats that.get largely neglected next door to me. The doe recently had twin kids. 2 days ago someone's dog got into the pen and attacked one of the kids, they were maybe a week old at the time. The kid was laying down and trembling and slobbery but there were no puncture wounds apparent and it didn't seem like any bones or areas of the body were super sensitive as I examined it. I also have no idea about animals and was being extremely gentle.

Today (2 days later) the kid is walking around gingerly and has a badly swollen right shoulder/neck.  Its not a happy camper and seems super low energy. Any help is appreciated.
3 weeks ago
Out here in ca you should be able to find organic rice straw. Some of our feed stores get it in. It's more expensive than nonorganic but, like you said, avoids any potentially detrimental residues.
4 weeks ago