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my understanding is that the 501 is made of a crushed quartz powder. I don't really know what's in those silica packets so...maybe they could be used, maybe not.
Hey Gurkan, I really like where you're heads at this seems like a perfect compliment. The two major missteps I notice in your understanding is that 501 isn't just 500 with silica added it is pure silica in a cow horn instead of manure and it is aged over a different period of the year. Also 502 is aged in a stag (male deer [some say a goat, or antelope, or ibex, etc will work]) bladder, not the stomach. Beyond that I like where your heads at. Have you experimented with this at all?
Is the reason for an all vegan community to ensure no animal product contamination in communal cooking areas? I don't understand the benefits to the community of being exclusively vegan
1 week ago
Seems to me that what is often referred to as alleopathy is really just anti-fungal and anti-biotic oils in the wood. The chips aren't actually harming the plants but are inhibiting the beneficial microbial allies that plants use to thrive. I live in redwood country and the eastern border of my yard is defined by a row of redwoods, my minihugels end about 6 feet west of those redwoods and that end of them is definitely less productive and more prone to weed pressure than the rest of the bed. However part of that is certainly because those very eastern edges often don't get sun until well into the afternoon. Whatever alleopathy I personally believe I have observed has been an effect of living trees (maybe a root exudate?) and not an effect from the dead wood.
1 week ago
Also what are we all to make of the fact that in the US the vast majority of the 'hemp' currently being grown is really just medical marijuana grown for CBD instead of THC? Not a lot of fiber or seed coming out of the US

Amanda Launchbury-Rainey wrote:I use beef suet for my bases, the butchers here throw it way so its free. They work superbly well but you have to stop gogs following you.

Is beef suet the same as beef tallow or beef lard?
1 week ago
Seems like you've got a good plan with some good added advice from dr, redhawk and roberto. I would just add that there is a biological product sold under the names GrowPro and SeaGreen that was specifically designed to deal with saltwater intrusion into ag soils. The manufacturer also states that they believe it has watershed remediating capability. You could possibly use it as an inoculant in your char shock as well as applying it to the soil near the creek. It is a specialty compost extract designed to desalinate southern california farm land, so you may be able to make some version of it yourself but I suspect it will be much faster and easier to purchase it. Good luck
2 weeks ago is a great source for all kinds of medicinal herbs. I just checked and they do have astragalus. They are also based in Oregon but I'm not sure that they are actually growing all of the seeds that they sell (seems impossible when you look at their extensive catalogue) but if they are then they are oregon adapted astragalus. Otherwise I have no experience with the plant, I have communicated with the company about other seeds from them before and they were happy to share tips about cultivating them
2 weeks ago
You can burn it to generate power and create a charcoal that can be made into biochar. Depending on how much poop you have at a time you could conceivably generate a substantial amount of energy and the biochar could either be fed to your birds, amended into your pasture, sold to the public, or some combination of those.
3 weeks ago
anyone on here ever proved the earth is a sphere?
just sayin
1 month ago