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Recent posts by pjeter schornstein

I'll try that but for now I'm still in a city apartment trying to learn some skills for my next steps
Thought for now I see if I can mix it with biochar I make and add it to a sealed bucket try to anaerobically compost scraps from the kitchen. also would try using it on urine 1:10 see how it goes.

Problem is it doesn't show bubbles on the airlock (also last time) might be because I made such a tiny batch in a bucket that the air doesn't need to escape. It does have a few bubbles on the top when I open it...
9 months ago
Thanks again for all the info!

I would like to use the EM for plants soil but I also want to use it for terra preta sanitation and composting as well as for house cleaning and mybe for skin care since I read that it can be good.
I suppose it's the same EM?
How long do you usually let it ferment before use?
9 months ago
Hey Redhawk, thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I did dissolve it first. I have used rice water as my inoculate. I've also added a bit of sea salt. Most recipes I have seen call for lower then 4 PH
Are you sure lower then 5.5 should work as well?
9 months ago
Hey all!

I've been trying to make some EM several times now and it doesn't seems to be working for me.
I made the LAB and it looks fine (separated curds and whey) although I tested the PH and it shows 5.5 and I think it spouse to be around 4
The main problem is that I try to mix the whey with brown sugar and water and the PH is rather high(6.1). The last time I've made it the PH dropped to 5.1 or so but not lower.
This time it might work- I used unchlorinated water and used an air lock. I'll be able to tell in a few weeks or so but I'm not sure it will..
Any advise?

9 months ago
Hey Matt, yea that's what I meant and 15% sounds like much. From what I understand a lot if not most instruments are using DC input anyway and are using a convertor.. is that not correct ?
Thanks Galen, in which sense is it cheeper and simpler?
9 months ago
Hey all!

I am trying to educate myself about electricity and solar in particular since I am aiming at installing my own off grid solar system eventualy.
I have read in a few places about the ineffectiveness of inverting DC into AC and since it would be completely off grid I am thinking about using my power as DC.

Is that possible? How would that work? How would I know which machines need to be converted and do I need to convert the Volt as well?
If anybody here doe it this way I would love to get some details about it.
9 months ago
Hey all!

I am interested on building a composting urine diversion toilet on a farm. I went through a lot of reading and am still somewhat confused. To begin with I need to choose between aerobic and anaerobic toilet. I am doing it all DIY so I would like to find a good process that would ultimately yield the best soil/fertilizer for the farm soil.

I was leaning at the beginning on the clivus minimus design as it looks efficient and without too much handling it.
A member of this forum Chad Sentman got me interested about the terra preta concept and through that to the anaerobic toilets concept (I use my kitchen scraps for biogas so I am familiar with anaerobic digester)
But it left me pretty confused as to how the method go, it looks like a complex process and I would like to perhaps be helped to implement it more easily, to find a compromise between the methods or to settle on one so I'm gonna shoot up some questions hoping this community could provide me with some guidance

To begin with, he pointed out that the Clivus design actually actually just dehydrate the compost and I am not sure if it's true, I do know that it bare resemblance to a solar dehydrator or am I mistaken? Wterra preta/ clivus minimus
ould adding of biochar to the compost help in preserving the escape of nutrients ?( I have a woodgas stove that I cook on)

As for the terra preta, how do I inoculate with the lactofermenting bacteria, could one produce the inuculum diy? what kind of amount is needed and is it worth it?

I came across designs of anaerobic composting toilet that do not use the lactofermenting bacteria, instead the wast material is stored in a air tight container (some said with open bottom with brown leafs and soil) to a period of12-18 month. would this be a more accessible way to compost? (same question about adding biochar)

Thank you
11 months ago
Thank you David and Chris
Yes, I thought it would be either beneficial or make no difference.
I was thinking about a way to blackened my stainless cookware to work better for a solar oven. really hard to find some diy glazing that won't release toxins...
Then I Thought about a simple solution : blackening the outside of the pots with wood fire. very matt, more surface area and it's harden after a few times. might be not most ecstatic to everyone but I think it'll work.
11 months ago
Hey all!

I know that for a solar oven you would need to use black cookware for higher efficiency.
My question is, if a pot is coated black on the outside, would be less or more effective if the inside is reflecting metal?
11 months ago
Thanks William, can you direct me to that?
11 months ago