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r ranson wrote:I've been using Duck Duck Go on my tablet.  It's so much faster than chrome.

But it has some issues still so I use it for general browsing.  

I will have to look into this content creator thing.  sounds useful.  


I bounce around too.  I use Firefox, Chrome and now Brave.  I can't log into my Youtube account with Brave, I'm pretty sure that's Youtube trickery.

Jan White wrote:You don't seem to be able to download brave directly from the website, though. I was directed to the play store,  which I won't use.

Hmm, not sure.

I can direct download from Brave's site.
Permies and members should check out

Brave Internet Browser (created by a guy who left Firefox,) and the Duck Duck Go Search engine.

You will be amazed at how much hidden tracking gets blocked.  This is a fast browser fighting the theft of our information.

Content Creators can sign up to become Rewards creators and receive financial rewards.  All the content creator has to do is sign up.



Hi Joshua,

Generate a photo link via Google Photos.

Go to this website or a similar one.  Embed Google Photos

Put your Google Pic link in the space at the top of the page and click generate code.  It takes a second.

Scroll Down and you will see a Direct Link (URL) has been created.    

Use the Direct Link (URL) to put in the about me boxes.  Do the same for the profile and the wallpaper.   FYI the wallpaper doesn't allow for adjustments so you will have to play with pictures to get what you want.

Hope this helps.


It seems to be hit or miss.  I'm usually drinking it in the late summer or early fall.   Our local farm to table restaurant usually has it that time of year.

Here is a link to the particular cidery.
2 weeks ago
I wish I could say such and such is a favorite apple tree for cider.  I do have hopes of one day making Black Currant and Apple cider.  My favorite cider from the local cidery, I wait for it all year.

I was talking to the orchardist at a local cidery about apples.  He told me that two of the apples I have the Esopus Spitsburg and the Liberty would make a good hard cider.  The Esopus was supposedly one of Thomas Jefferson's favorite apples.  He actually came to my area for a cider recipe, due to the laws of the state cider is no longer made unless it's home-brew.

I'm planting out Kazakhstan seedlings and I have edible crabs.  Hopefully, I will find a good mix.

2 weeks ago
I don't use compost tea but I've watched some videos.  There is a difference between aerobic and anaerobic.  I think the anaerobic (without oxygen) smells much worse but I don't know from personal experience.  I'm not positive on this but I think compost tea is often cut with regular water.

I 've been digging my kitchen scraps right into the soil.  So much easier and I can't seem to pay enough attention to a compost pile to keep it from drying out.

I agree with Marco.  A nitrogen-fixing crop mix or clover would be a nice addition to the pot and quite easy.  I really want to amp up my perennials so I've been planting Echinacea in the pots.  Last year I did yarrow.  If the flowers get too big I pull them and plant them out so that may not be an option.  I do think 5 gallon buckets

are big enough to handle smaller plants.

2 weeks ago
I do companion plant in my pots but I wouldn't use Comfrey as trace mentioned, it gets big really fast.  I like putting a tree out in a mini polyculture when I can.  I guess it depends on how long your trees will be in pots.  

You could do an annual herb garden, plant some perennial flowers like Echinacea purpurea or just use a pretty cover crop like clover.   Just use something that is easy to prune or pull if it gets out of hand.  Comfrey is definitely not on that list.  

Just as a side note.  I'm planting my comfrey a little further from my trees than before.  I didn't realize how big it gets.  Some of my plants are five feet tall and almost as wide.
2 weeks ago
Thanks, R. Steele.

I have these things planted all over the place.  I buy the big packs and walk around pushing them into the ground.  I haven't had any volunteer Nasturtiums yet, maybe next year :)
3 weeks ago