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Thanks for posting, this is very helpful. Do you think if I laced it down on its side if it would be able to hold a 250 pound pig for a shelter? I know they come in different sizes and the one I am looking at is a 275 gallon container. I would put hay in there for bedding.

10 months ago

Trent Cowgill wrote:So heres an update on my garden

So far it has completely killed everything ive planted except potatoes, beans, and carrots.

All my peppers cucumbers tomatoes etc have all withered, shrank, wilted or just plain shriveled and died into nothingness.

My PH is a solid 7.0 but I haven't tested my soil beyond that. Im torn on what to do....

Leave it and try again next year? or get out my tractor and push it all together for a massive bonfire???

I built a few raised beds just to have some kind of garden and I Think ill have to build at least 2 more just so we can have some to can.

Suggestions or any help regarding these issues will be much appreciated.

I'm sorry to hear that. Did you bury the seeds in the soil or mulch? You are still supposed to put it in the soil. Did you remove any of the mulch? I'd definitely keep the mulch even if you don't do the back to eden method, it will help keep your soil moist. The second year and on is tyipacally the best years for the back to eden method. Don't lose hope!
2 years ago

Trent Cowgill wrote:Ok so my chips are a bit deeper than I thought they were they are 10 to 12 inches deep minimum. Im having a hard time making rows to lay in my seeds. Should I remove some of the chips? or am I working to hard to get to the Soil, could I plant the seeds in the chips?

Im glad I tilled up 2 other garden spaces to work the old way just in case this bed fails I will still have some food coming in. Not going to lie this back to eden bed is a little nerve racking. We do depend on our garden for most of our food in the summer and fall. 4 soon to be 5 kids and 2 adults we need a large amount of food lol

Thanks for any help.

In an orchard Paul recommends 8"-12" of mulch. In a garden about 4" is the right starting depth. As much as I hate to say it, you will need to remove some of the mulch. However, the good news is that you have your mulch ready for next year!
2 years ago
Hey y'all! I'm in the process of planning out my garden, building the soil and etc. and my friend was talking about how coyotes eat the watermelon in her father's garden. My heart sank! I plan on having 2 different varieties. She doesn't haven't a problem because she has a LSGD. We do not have one and at this time don't plan on getting one. My question to you is do you think putting 4' welded wire would help? I know they can jump over that but how likely would that actually happen to get a piece of fruit? We have barbed wire and they go under that. (They did not dig a hole.) If you think that will not work, what do you think will outside of an electric fence? Thanks for all of your help!
2 years ago

Emmy Jenkins wrote:Hi homeschoolers!

I am in the process of doing my permaculture diploma and have started offering a blog with various resources. I would like to focus toward the more social side of permaculture in my life and career and feel that eductaion is one of the most important parts of this, especially the cross-curricular aspect, if you will. I feel that permaculture has the potential to touch so many different subjects and would love to produce some resources for homeschoolers to use with their kids and to tie in with their own homesteading - effectively bringing both adults and children into a learning space together.

I was wondering what kind of resources would be useful to you?

I am going to be situated in Nicaragua for the next foreseeable future and will be buildign a garden and making natural products. I was thinking that I could offer a few how-to activity videos of how to build the garden and make products that kids could get involved in, with the educational aspect of getting them to think about the science, maths, and entrepreneurial side. Equally, I thought I could provide some worksheets and printable resources, as well as possibly a monthly live video where kids and parents could ask questions (I was thinking I could poll the topic each month).

It would be amazing to get the communitty's feedback on what you think would help you to provide great permie education to your kids!


Emmy x

I'm new to homeschooling and I have noticed a great lack of permiculture for kids curriculum, the one I did find was very expensive. I think your idea is great and I would be interested in buying it. I would focus more on book/worksheets. Videos can be put on a MP3 for convience and to save money on both ends. I'd avoid YouTube as a source to put it on because in general it is not allowed by numerous parents wether it they are being homeschooled or not. I think having projects like hugelkulter, lasagne gardening, back to eden type gardening would be great projects and offer ideas on where to get the materials for free. Craigslist is a big one and some cities provide mulch and compost for free! I personally feel that more education about this type of gardening needs to be promoted and taught for the sake of future generations. Regarding climate change, I would have that as a separate add on that you can do not everyone subscribes to it and by having that as an add on would open your audience greatly to a lot more people.

Keep in touch, I would love to see what you do!
2 years ago

Ellanor Ellwood wrote:I have 2.42 acres of land draped along a moderately sloping ridge on the south west cost of BC Canada. The dirt is mostly 2 feet or less deep with patches of bare lime stone poking thro. Whats the best way to increase the amount of dirt ? There is some brush and tree limbs on the property for hugelkultur beds, on the biggest patches of bare rock I am planing to put raised beds but I don't have alot of money to buy lumber and piles of dirt. Also buying and bringing in dirt from off site is not very sustainable

I have found Craigslist to be the best option for free items. I have found free trees, soil, manure, hay and compost.  Another place to get free trees/branches/mulch is to ask a tree trimming company to dump at your place. After a good storm, many trees have fallen, branches broken and people give it away for free. Take as much or as little as you want. Around here, many cities offer free mulch and the lucky ones, free compost! I've got 1/2 acre to cover and I am always on the lookout for free items, I look daily and type in a search for it. Good luck and I hope this helps!!
2 years ago
Thanks y'all! That helps out a lot. 😊
2 years ago
Hey y'all! I have access to free aged horse manure and I am keep on coming across a problem. I ask each person if they use antibiotics or a dewormer and so far all of them use a dewormer. Obviously, this is a big issue. My question is this...if it has been aged for a year do you think it is still an issue?

For those who want to know, the free manure is found off of Craigslist.

Thanks in advance!!
2 years ago