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You could a bunch of stuff.
Mix some of the sand in with the clay. It’ll help allow water to move through the clay and give plants a better chance to flourish there. You may need gypsum too. Probably a good idea to test the soil first.

You could also start tree seeds in pure sand! Believe it! Also woody cuttings are perfect to start in sand.

I’d suggest looking into any suggestions  a bit deeper to find the details.

Good luck!
3 weeks ago
Hi Lisa

So much good info! Thank you!

The vines have been cleared (for the time being) and they're getting plenty of sun this season. I do have a few different plum trees (and many other stone fruit) in the area as well. My guess is the main culprit is light starvation. I can add some bird "fertilizer" into the area too. I'll see if I can get a soil test for a deeper dive.

These grape vines have been very challenging to deal with, but where I've cleared them, the soil is fantastic.

Any thoughts on how to battle these vines... aside from loppers, machetes, and frequent weed whipping?

Thanks again
4 weeks ago
Hey all

I found a few Chickasaw Plum trees (95% sure they're Chickasaw) growing in my treeline a few years back. They were overwhelmed with wild grapevines for years until I made a real effort to remove all grapevines from the trees over the past winter. This year, they didn't really bloom and of course did not fruit. In fact, I've never seen them fruit, but they were being overcome by the vines.

My question would be, does anyone think they'll eventually fruit? I'm not sure if there are plums that are purely vegetative or have these just been smothered?

Attached is a photo of one of the blossoms from a couple years ago. Just in case someone can identify it.


4 weeks ago
Hello friends

I've got a Red Haven peach tree that's been in the ground since spring '20. It's now spring '22 and the tree is primed with fat buds ready to pop!
Do I pinch all the blossoms and allow it to put that energy into growing more or allow some to form fruit? I have cherry trees and plums in the same situation.

Thanks in advance!
3 months ago
Thanks Jenny!

You backed up most of what I've read and then some.

Question about nurse logs: Are there certain types of trees that are better than others? Just thinking about the way mushrooms grow on particular logs.
3 months ago
Hey all!

I'm starting Thimbleberry, Grouseberry, and Billberry from seed. I've also ordered Thimbleberry, Salmonberry, and Oval-Leaved Blueberry plants.
My question is, does anyone have any info on growing these in Michigan or the Midwest?
I know Thimbleberry grow in the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, but I believe the others are native to the Pacific NW.

Any advice and info would be appreciated.

4 months ago
Thanks for the info Kim!
I'll start the cold stratification process!

I've never seen a Vitex in Michigan... likely because we're zone 6 (the coldest a Vitex will tolerate), so I'll have to plant it near the house or barn to give it a microenvironment to survive our winters.

Have a good one and thanks again!
1 year ago

Anyone have any experience in growing Grouseberry or Red Huckleberry from seed?

If so, please let me know what process you followed.
Growing medium?
Indoors or out?

1 year ago
Hello friends

I recently bought some Chaste Tree seeds, but had no luck germinating them.
Here's what I did:
1. Soaked the seeds for 24 hours
2. Placed a few seeds in 4" pots
3. Placed under grow lights in the basement
4. Put a heat mat under 1/2 of the pots to see if it helped with germination
... about a month goes by and nothing.

Everything I read said they did not need any pretreatment.

I contacted the seed company and they said they need 6-8 weeks cold stratification.

Fast forward to today, I now have the replacement seeds, but want to see if anyone has grown these from seed.

1 year ago