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Recent posts by denise ra

Matt, wow! You're working really hard and posting all these videos too. I have learned that my inner child will sabotage me if she does not get regular fun time. Sabotage looks like me spinning my wheels, dithering, not being able to finish projects, lacking motivation. Fun looks like hiking to the pond to see the ducks, riding my bicycle, whacking the tennis ball against the wall, coloring, going to the court and shooting hoops. When I am stuck with a project then I quit butting my head against the wall and ask my inner child what she wants to do. After we have some fun, so I just set the timer for 30 minutes sometimes, then I am free to get back to productive endeavors. You have bitten off a lot and money pressures make everything more stressful so give yourself permission to take a break and just have some fun everyday. It really will make a difference.
4 days ago
Does the CEB machine allow there to be holes in the blocks?
1 week ago
Are you in an area that has earthquakes? That would complicate the cob or brick building I believe.
Welcome to permies, I get lots of helpful advice here. And hello from Western Oklahoma.
1 week ago
John c. Daley,
"Why do you need any angle at the meter? Straight off is always best, but its not very harmful to have an elbow, but use a larger fitting [11/2 inch ]if you go with 1 inch main pipe to the house.
Maybe build a manifold using lager fittings to reduce frictional losses.
IE If sidelines are 1 inch build a manifold with 1 1/2 inch fittings and fit a ball valve on the end of the main line also. "

John, how do I use a one and a half inch fitting on a 1-in pipe? Is there a picture online you can show me for building a manifold with one and a half inch fittings on the one inch sidelines? Thanks..
3 weeks ago
I'm going from the rural tap straight to the house. I am branching off of that line to the east and to the west. In each of those branches I am going to put a backflow preventer also known as a check valve and a ball valve to shut off the water in case there's a leak in those lines. The check valve is to keep livestock water in the east and west lines from coming back to the house line. My question is how far off the main line should I put the ball valve and the check valve? And a second question is, is it better to come off the main line at 135° angle than a 90° angle? How much difference will it actually make? If it matters about the run length then from the meter to house is 400 ft, east line is 2,800 ft, and west line is 800 ft.
3 weeks ago
Happily things are beginning to progress with the tiny house. so many things I didn't think about planning for ahead of time. I'm coming off of a rural water main and the pressure will be 70 to 80 psi. I am only allowed a 3/4-in meter. It is about 400 ft to the tiny house from the water main and it is overall downhill; there is a terrace to go over which is about 8 ft tall. I'm planning on burying pipes 3 ft deep. I'm in Western Oklahoma where we just got that arctic blast that made all the pipes in Texas burst.

Today, my question is how do I know what size pipe to use from the main to the house? This is a hopefully expanding tiny house and the appliances I will have eventually are: dishwasher, bathtub, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, washing machine. I'm planning on a composting toilet. I definitely use the bathtub as a bathtub. Plus, I may have a garden at some point probably 20x20 max.
Can anyone direct me to a table, chart, or the like online?  I can do the math probably.
4 weeks ago
Are you insulating the container on the outside or the inside?
Do you have a well for water? There is a thread, which I'm sorry I can't find at the moment, about cooling with well water.
4 weeks ago
Go here to find info on wildfires.
1 month ago
I can see about sending an email to the authors of this study if someone gets me a web page or an email address to direct the authors to about RMH's. The study this paper was based on was actually done in a Chinese city where they were using these unhealthy sources of winter heat. This paper was published in 2019.
1 month ago