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Recent posts by Jordan Lowery

we have 3 acres of market garden, we use chickens to prepare areas for planting, using them to reduce weed and pest populations as well. they move around in a mobile coop and mobile fence setup. followed by planting of crops or cover crops to further feed the animals next go around.
what are your long term goals for that spot, bermuda is easy to get rid of.i use a method similar to yours. the thing is its preferred that a no till regime comes after this, because that will bring conditions for the Bermuda again. going from Bermuda to perennial plantings is easier than Bermuda to a veggie garden. possible but not as easy.
9 years ago
sounds like your pile was getting close to done and then you added manure to it, which now it needs more stuff to decompose with (aka leaves and such)and more time to decompose.
9 years ago
rotten food, meat scraps, anything you don't want in your compost pile.
9 years ago
a few things pop out right away, mine is not red. its all silver, coated with whatever they coated it with. my auger looks to be of higher quality also.

are you oiling it after use? think of treating it like a cast iron pan you don't have to season.
9 years ago
i have the same grinder and use it for the same reason. i had one first and i didn't take good care of cleaning itafter use and had the problems you mentioned.

this next one i clean well just after use and its perfect. as for metal flakes, your mill end is too tight. it doesn't need to rub hard to grind the masa well. dont mill dry with no grain either.
9 years ago
i have more than a few nursery beds in my propagation area near the greenhouse. i used them this last fall to start 10000 onions and 5000 leeks. in a very small space of 4x8'. i use them to root tons of cuttings, one of them is full of peach pits from last fall, they should be sprouting soon. i really like to use them for cuttings of perennial plants. these beds reduce the bill of me buying plants from a nursery 100 times over.
i use chickens to get the cover crops pressed to the soil, damaged to the point there is little to no regrowth and manured as well. a mobile coop and mobile fence works very well.

depending on the crop, a scythe works well too. there will be more regrowth this way imo. but as long as your crop gets ahead it smothers the regrowth.
9 years ago
ive got 30 young trees, well see what they do in the next few years.
9 years ago