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haha, i like the way you spelled those words. i like spelling the word humor with a U.  HUMOUR.  anyway, i really like your method.  like you said, it is cheaper.  i use my lemon "tincture" as a spray to clean counters, etc, and have never added it to my dish water.  i have to admit, it has always weirded me out to make an extract of any kind, whether it is a tincture, using alcohol, or vinegar, or oil.  it's not the making of it or even the result that freaks me is when it is put in a SPRAY BOTTLE that is freaks me out. becuase, regardless of the fact that i made a lemon tincture prior to bottling it in a spray bottle, while the lemon tincture is in the spray bottle, the medium (vodka) is tincturing or extracting things from the plastic tube which draws the liquid from teh bottle and out thorugh the spray nozzle.  every time i spray it, i'm thinking "am i spraying endocrine disruptors into the air and on eveything?"  i've thought and thought about how to avoid this, but becuase the spray bottle is so convenient, i have kept doing it. i've though about instead drizzling counters with my lemon tincture form a vinegar cruet or an olive oil spout to eliminate the need for the plastic spray tube sitting in the tincture, but the whole point of the spray bottle is that you coat the surface, and if you leave it there for a minute, it acts as a disinfectant.  i know i'm now off topic, but i was wondering if you had any thoughts about what i've said.
11 hours ago

Teaoh Be wrote:So as someone living off grid and making my own soaps, the detergents just kind of creep me out.

The most effective thing and pleasurable one for me is using used coffee grounds. They soak up grease, leave your hands dry, smells nice, gets ride of any odors and makes for a wicked compost. Nothing is wasted and it’s a pleasure to do. Ash is more work and needs water to rinse after, and me being ina dry climate, water. Ones at an expense.

Try it out and be amazed. Many cafes just throw out their coffee grounds, just ask and be surprised how happy they are for it not to go to waste

could you describe a little more on how you're using the coffee grounds while you do the dishes?
1 day ago

Thank you so much for sharing these resources!!!   AWESOME!  and you're right, it was very traumatic, but he's not related to me, so at least when I leave, I no longer have to deal with him.  I've had previous abuse experiences with my life from family members, and those are chronically traumatic without some very careful thinking and planning.  It is extremely disheartening when I have interactions like this one with my landlord, when I realize that there are people so opposed to dealing with waste responsibly that they would use the mere concept as a way to degrade me, but to know that here are also people like you in the world bolster my heart and I sleep a little easier again.  For our children's children's children's children's children!
2 days ago
Hello Mr. Harltey!  I posted a new thread that I'm hoping you might skim and get a good laugh!
2 days ago
This post is directed toward Mr. Hartley, who is visiting the forums this week.

Dear Mr. Hartley and anyone else who can get a good laugh out of this story,

I rent a small apartment in the Midwest, actually on Lake Michigan.  For reasons I couldn't understand, my landlord seemed to be very distant and not altogether openly friendly.  On an unusual day, he spent some time telling me about his two previous dogs, both of whom had died from the blasto fungus that plagues Lake michigan.  He explained that the blasto fungus is caused in part by the human feces that are dumped into the Lake.  (This does routinely happen.)  He said he moved to the Lake so he could swim every day, but after having two dogs die, he feels he can no longer go near even the water's edge.  I sympathized with him. 

One day, the toilet was running, and just as I was about to contact the landlord (especially as he pays for the water), he knocked urgently on my door, telling me the water sensor had gone off.  I explained what was happening, and HE yelled as he said "none of this shit started happening until you came!!"  I began renting the apartment in February of this year, and nothing of serious consequence has malfunctioned during that time, except for the faucet being sticky, which I did ask him to take a look at.  I asked him if he was implying that I had caused the toilet to malfunction.  He replied passive aggressively/yelling: "well, it never had a problem before with the previous tenants." 

he proceeded to storm out of the front door of my apartment, and then whirled around and yelled: "and what IS THIS?!?!?!" - pointing to the beautifully shiny 40-gallon steel garbage can on my porch, complete with animal-proof tight fitting metal lid.  I replied that I was happy to tell him what it was for, and that the only reason I did not tell him previously is because he had never asked.  I explained that I sprinkle the bottom of my garbage can (I use a 5- gallon bucket) with the wood shavings stored in the 40-gallon garbage can, so that my kitchen scraps do not become stinky during the week. I then said that at the end of the week, I take the kitchen scraps to an official composting site licensed by the City of Milwaukee. 

I explained that putting our food waste into the landfill causes problem, just as putting human waste into the Lake causes problems, such as the blasto fungus that killed his dogs.  Thus, we should rather take our food waste to the official composting site, and that we should also compost our human waste.  He stormed off yelling, and drove away in anger.  I was completely taken aback and cried several times that afternoon and evening.  He was abusing his power, by implying that I had caused the toilet to malfunction, which is classic abuser behavior.  They blame others for the things that they are actually responsible for.  As this wasn't the first time he had implied that I had caused an appliance to malfunction, I felt his behavior, combined with the yelling inside of my home, blaming, and swearing constituted abuse.  He was abusing his assumed powerful position over me as a landlord, and he was also abusing his position as a man, using his voice and taller body to intimidate me while yelling in my front hallway. 

The toilet continued running, getting worse by the day, but he didn't fix it, which was confusing as he pays the water bill.  I felt obligated to try once more to inform him of the issue, which I did via email, and he came over to fix it while I was gone.  I came back while he was still fixing it, and he left immediately.  He did not return until I ran to the beach to use the beach house bathroom, as I had to go!  lol!  and I didn't want to go pee while he was still in the process of working on my toilet.  I guess he just couldn't face me.  lol!  after that, I told him that I was happy i could fulfill my obligation and avoid him needless water expense, also adding that "I did not cause this issue, nor the issue with the faucet, regardless of whether you acknowledge this, or whether you acknowledge the abusive way you spoke to me.  I don't accept any form of abuse from men without labeling it."

That got him going!  wooeeee!  he then revealed his true character, slinging a large mountain of poopy manipulative assaults via email, including "it must be awful to always be the victim."

I then asked him several times to treat me with respect, which includes, at minimum, speaking to me calmly without raising his voice, without swearing at me, and without accusing me of causing things to malfunction which are clearly malfunctioning due to normal wear, as is the case with a toilet seal, or whatever the problem was.  he continued the assaults and taunts, and then proceeded to ACCUSE ME OF COMPOSTING MY FECES ON HIS PROPERTY. 

every time i think of this i just start laughing.  laughing, because it is so ludicrous that he came to this conclusion from our conversation about wood shavings.  It was easy to reply that I was not composting anything on his property, including feces, and that my feces go directly from my butt into the toilet bowl.  LOL!!   He then proceeded to accuse me of "attempting to bring in a 40-gallon garbage can of sawdust into the apartment, which would be a fire hazard."  i told him he was mistaken, and that there would be no purpose in taking up space in my small apartment with a 40-gallon garbage can of shavings.  I again asked him to treat me with respect in the future, and that I found it interesting but not surprising that he would not acknowledge that he did not treat me with respect, nor could make a simple commitment to do so going forward.  I added that abusive men don't acknowledge nor apologize for their tactics or behavior as a rule.

he then threatened to vacate me and sic his attorney on me.  As he has no grounds to vacate me I didn't address that, but I told him to please involve his attorney if he feels it is necessary, as I welcome an investigation in to my conduct, as it would only prove I've done nothing wrong.  He then turned his attention to my renter's insurance policy, saying he requires all of his tenants to have $500,000 worth of liability instead of the standard $100K, in case the tenants burn down the mother-in-law suite (which I'm renting).  Although this was not in the rental agreement, I decided it wasn't worth fighting.  I'll pay the extra $27 per year.

I wanted to share all of this because I think it is hugely entertaining, but also, when I do leave this apartment, which I probably will this fall, I want to give my landlord several parting gifts.  I thought that one special gift would be to provide with examples of "first-world" governments that encourage their citizens to compost their manure, regardless of the method....reed bed, humanure lovable loo style, or whatever.  I'm wondering if Mr. Hartley might have any resources which might be perfect to use as this gift?  I've also considered giving my landlord a copy of the "Humanure" book.

Any other suggestions? 

Moral of the story: if you're going to put wood shavings at the bottom of your garbage can to absorb moisture and odors from kitchen food waste, make sure your landlord knows you'r putting your feces in the toilet.  LOL.
2 days ago
comment moved to another forum, sorry, i didn't realize this wasn't the right thread at first.
2 days ago
how do i find the singles group and the regional groups?

Sarah Elizabeth wrote:

Homemade Lemon Oil

Cut up a few lemons (especially the skins where the oils are) and put them into a mason jar or similar.  Cover with boiling water, seal and leave on a window sill for a couple of weeks.  If the jar is sealed you probably won't get mold on the top but if you do, just scrap it off. Alternatively you can weigh down the lemons under the water in the jar with a clean stone.  The lemons will turn brownish and the liquid in the jar gets "oily" and strong but fairly pleasant smelling.  You can discard the lemons and just keep the liquid or keep the lemon pieces in and just add more lemon pieces and water as you go.  I usually have couple of jars on the go at any time and one I am using is about two years old.  

You can use the lemon oil in warm water when you are washing dishes  - it is a GREAT degreaser and leaves glasses really clear. Of course, I wouldn't use this on cast iron but for plates, dishes, glasses and ceramic pans is works really well. I also use the lemon oil neat on a sponge to wipe down tiles and surfaces in the kitchen after cooking. You can also dilute it in a sprayer for surfaces.

And best of all, it leaves a great scent in the house.

do you find this is more effective than lemons soaked/infused in alcohol?  does bacteria breed in the water where it ever gets an off smell?



2 days ago
I stopped using commercial dish soap about 7 months ago.  I don't have a greywater system, but I was just 'done' using toxic chemicals and wanted to find another way.  For greasy items, I sprinkle a bit of baking soda or washing soda and rub it with a plant-fiber brush, or even abrush made from broomcorn tied with twine.  If I have burnt spots that i can't get out, the broomcorn tied with hemp always gets them out with the abrasive (baking soda or washing soda).  i only use dish soap when i have an item which touched raw meat.  everything get clean enough.
5 days ago

Travis Johnson wrote:A pair of clogs.

This is mostly for my wife and not me, but we talked about putting in a lower counter for her to roll out dough since it would be at a lower working level. That however would mean dedicating counter top space to one use. Instead she puts on a tall pair of clogs that makes her standard counters "lower" because she is wearing taller shoes.

A pair of clogs is cheaper than buying/building a special kitchen cabinet area.

haha!  nice.
1 month ago