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Recent posts by Peter Chan

I can't wait to get the book!  Would you say that your new book covers a lot of the processing in relevant ways that other books don't cover?  for example, there is a book written by the brothers at the Hermitage which I've always eyed but haven't had the opportunity to read. 

and then for spinning, these are the books i have:

Linen Handspinning and Weaving, by Baines
Handspinning Flax, by Olive and Harry Linder
Spinning and Weaving for Softness & Speed, by Paula Simmons
The Practical Spinner's Guide - Cotton, Fox, Hemp, by Gaustad

2 days ago
i feel a little dunce, but, where can i find the digital rewards?
If I'm going to purchase the Wisner book, does anyone think I also need the Evans and Jackson book: "Rocket Mass Heaters" ?  I'd rather stick with just one book in the spirit of minimalism and owning less things.
5 days ago

thomas rubino wrote:
I highly recommend you  purchase, read and study the "Rocket mass heater builders  guide" Written by Ernie and Erica Wisner acknowledged master builders. Readily available on line.

Thanks for the recommendation - I'm wondering - does the Wisner book include information on Peter's batch boxes and its evolution? 

5 days ago
hi, is the The Art of Fire by Ernie and Erica Wisner, available as a booklet or book?  If so, that would be great, as I don't like printing out a lot of pages.  it gets bulkier than just buying a booklet or book.
5 days ago
I was looking to buy a book on rocket mass heaters, and other things...i'm wondering, is there list of fav books on this forum?  i thought i saw something a while back where people would review a book and give it a number of apples...but i can't find a list anywhere.  my attempts in the search box have not yielded what i'm looking for...  also, i couldn't find an appropriate place to post this question within the education forums.
5 days ago
thanks.  the picture of your towel has a fairly tight weave.  what do you think the finished towels will be like regarding the tightness of the weave?  my fav linen fabric i've found for dishtowel thus far is ; it could do with a slightly tighter weave for sure, but its the best i could find that was still pliable enough as a towel.
1 month ago
his is the $75 reward a book AND towel?  or towel without book?  thanks!
1 month ago
ok, so the tree root plate morphology is where they painstakingly dug up the roots?  it would seem that a windblown survey wouldn't be the best way to go about it....hopefully they got at least an equal amount of data from digging up the roots as they did from the windblown survey.  how did they know if the tree had been planted or if had grown on its own?  even if was a native tree..maybe they went into a pristine area, as you said..
3 months ago
hey!! I got my kickstarter reward email!!  one question though -i thought that when the kickstarter hit a certain amount, that meant that everyone who backed would get the plans for the solar dehydrator?  that wasn't on my list!  :fingers crossed:
3 months ago