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Hello there!
I've long felt the 'call to cultivate'. I found Paul and his stuff in 2017, and have been steadily watching and learning since.
I'm a Pod People, and have listened to all the numbered podcasts, up to #514.
I've visited Wheaton Labs several times now! Simply put, it's awesome.
I (still) feel pretty un-knowledgable about a lot (all?) of this stuff, but I'm really excited to learn, and learn, and learn.
That's part of why I am really into SkIP and PEP; because I can learn, and also because it is awesome.
My big-wild-crazy-scary-to-say-out-loud dream is to live in a town with no cars that can feed itself, even if I have to build it myself.
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Miami, 11a, Am, apartment dweller
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Recent posts by Ash Jackson

paul wheaton wrote:The last low tech movie had 1400 followers at this point, and we are just past 1000.  Is it possing that interest in this is shrinking?  Am I wrong?

I wonder how much of this is happening:

A non-bonkers person who backed LTLM1 sees the email for LTLM2 and thinks, "low tech laboratory movie? Nope, thanks, we've already got one."

I'll add that I was unaware that the free heat movie was part of the $1 gob. But! I haven't been reading every email all the way through.
1 week ago
Woo hoo! Thank you for hopping into the forums with us, Kate! And thank you, Nicole for handling the contest!

Now that I'm back in an apartment, I'll need this book.
1 month ago

Maieshe Ljin wrote: I wish for a large patch of mayapple that fruits reliably.

Granted! This large patch fruits prodigiously, but never ripens, locking the green fruits in their toxic state.

Great idea Cat! What a fun forum game.

I wish this thread would go on forever.
1 month ago
Perfect! Yes they are, and thank you. My apologies for not converting units.

I gather your book describes in more detail establishing and running that kind of arrangement?
1 month ago
Thanks for your detailed reply, Kate.

When you described this, I immediately thought of nesting 5 gallon buckets. Is that too big for a 2-3 person indoor composting setup?

(Forgive my ignorance, I'm new to doing this stuff indoors)

1 month ago
Do Drum brakes on a bike count for this BB?
1 month ago

Katie See wrote:Do you have to be a certain age to take part in the pep program? Thanks

Hi Katie, welcome to the forums. This post might have the answer to your question:
1 month ago
Hey Kathleen, I see in trello where you were able to make a copy of the board. You'll want to move yours into your trello workspace.

They don't make it super easy, but let me know if you'd like help with that. Not doing so will mean that anyone who's bought the PEP badge tracker will have access to your personal board you've made.

I'm glad we were able to get this resolved for you.

Happy PEPing to you three!
1 month ago
Hey Mike,
I've been thinking about your house a lot the last few weeks. If you had the opportunity to create an opening up high in a room with windows, I'd expect it could help vent hot air and draw in outside air.

Growing up in (and returning to) a hot humid climate, I can empathize with you, and I believe, both personally and professionally, that a bit of air movement goes a long way to the perception of comfort in our hot/humid climates.
1 month ago
The PEP Badge Tracker is done, and so is the 2023 Skip event. That means the PEP badge tracker will be returning to its as-always-intended full price of $1 per badge, or $88.

Thanks to all who jumped on the bandwagon early! Everyone who comes later, keep an eye on this thread... I've been known to run some sales from time to time...
2 months ago