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Hello there!
I've long felt the 'call to cultivate'. I found Paul and his stuff in 2017, and have been steadily watching and learning since.

I'm a Pod People, and have listened to all the numbered podcasts, up to #514.
I've visited Wheaton Labs several times now! Simply put, it's been awesome.
I (still) feel pretty un-knowledgable about a lot (all?) of this stuff, but I'm really excited to learn, and learn, and learn.
That's part of why I am really into SkIP and PEP; because I can learn, and also because it is awesome.

My big-wild-crazy-scary-to-say-out-loud dream is to live in a town with no cars that can feed itself, even if I have to build it myself.
Denver, 6a / BSk, rental house dweller, going back to Wheaton Labs soon
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Recent posts by Ash Jackson

The things I've found indicate it matters whether it's a new concussion or old, but that generally two options that are good are:

- Hyperbaric Oxygen (natural ingredients if not a natural mechanism)
- And the pairing of flushing niacin with niacin

It also said the underlying principle is to reduce inflammation as quickly as possible. So I understand that fish oil and curcumin will also help that.
7 months ago
Thanks, Joel!

I love airtable! I use it for some of my more intense database work. Go for it!

I firmly believe that the right tool is the one you are most comfortable with.
8 months ago
Yay! I'm so glad y'all like it.

Love ya, boots!
8 months ago
In your drawing, is the purple box 7' long?

paul wheaton wrote:...I would like there to be a 4 inch "T" below the 8 inch duct which quickly transitions into a "U" for the vertical exhaust.

I don't understand this part. Probably because I've not handled enough stovepipe in my life yet.

Does this sketch accurately describe what's happening?
9 months ago
And because I'm frustrated with how slowly I'm learning FreeCAD, here's a quick SketchUp model of my understanding of the thing:

(edits, the image)
9 months ago
Thanks. That's one I've not been real up-close and personal with. I'll see what I can find in the RMH DVD's.
9 months ago
Hi! I've been recruited to make a FreeCad model of this RMH for the jamboree in October.

Paul: For the construction of the bench, do you intend it to be constructed in the same way as the bench in the FPH? Any lessons learned there to apply here?
9 months ago
I'm in. I've been recruited to model/draft the Solarium RMH for the RMH Jamboree.(

I've only just opened FreeCAD. Thanks, Andrés, for the videos. 25 years of AutoCAD has me looking for the command line.
9 months ago
There's a permaculture guild in Denver and Boulder, but I've yet to pay them a visit.

I like the idea of banding together for visits, garden tours, and watching sepp holzer videos (and others, of course). When I get something figured out, I'll make a new thread, but add a link to it here.
9 months ago