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I've long felt the 'call to cultivate', and just recently discovered Paul, Permaculture, etc.

I'm looking to lend a hand near Denver in my spare time, so if you have some land that needs working, send me a PM!

Podcast Progress: 110/376
Denver, 6a / BSk, apartment dweller, looking to Woof near Denver
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Bootcamp post, the two cents I could scrape together here.

Punchline first;
This might sound odd, but what if Paul recorded reading the text of the post, and posted it up top for the "Permies-while-driving," and similar folks who aren't/can't read the full post text.

The idea is to reach other people via other formats that you're ot reaching with this. The text is very polished, and seems like it will capture anyone who _actually_ reads it. So, go after the people who aren't or can't read the text.

Obviously the audio file is then cross-postable across the empire.

Preamble second;
Gosh, the boot post seems so polished already, it's really hard to find improvements. Reading it is clear, concise, and enticing. (I kept having to stop myself checking my calendar to figure out how I can go boot up there).

Most of my ideas are to push further things already done (more text formatting to give pacing to the info, more pics of showing to add to the telling). Pushing those further seems like a high-effort-low-payoff thing.
Up to 118 votes; and 4.49 stars.

Also; thank you for sharing this! I didn't know this was going on; and more free Paul to boot!
1 year ago
Man, you're awesome, Paul.

I'll hop over there to try to solve my follow-up questions.
How much would the Permies Forum Software cost for someone to purchase who wanted to use it to set up their own forum?

I'm involved with a couple of groups that have a strong need for a proper forum platform, and this platform was my first thought. One's using a Facebook group, and the other a Slack channel.

I recognize I'm making some assumptions here;
- it's actually for sale,
- the software is actually portable;
- the software is one big monolithic thing, instead of a bunch of smaller interacting pieces
- the group is willing to pay a fair price to majorly improve something they're accustomed to getting for free
- And probably others I'm unaware of

But still, I'd like to pose the question, and see how possible this is.  Thanks!

I also tried to purchase one of the gifts on my phone, and Chrome did not recognize the gift link as a link at all, either in Mobile view or desktop view. (It acted like it was blue underlined text).

I'm guessing mobile is not in the purview of this update, but I thought I'd pass it on just in case.
I test-gifted the E-book PPC (Permaculture Playing Cards), and the 21 podcast salute to Sepp Holzer.

Everything appeared to work as expected on the giving-end of things: went to paypal, paid with paypal, came right back to permies to send the email. I like the bit about writing the link on a piece of paper and putting it in a stocking.  I've also received gift-receipt emails.

I can also confirm that the gift-giver cannot use the link: that 'error' message page was working too.

My sister and my girlfriend received these gifts, they'll let me know if there's any weirdness on the recipient-end of things.
Thank you, Paul, for the refunds and the apple!

Yes! Everything is working as expected: I have access to the videos in all three groups, and the videos themselves are streaming (and look great).
1 year ago
Hey friends, are any of you near Denver looking for cast iron cookware?

Just this weekend, I bought some nice cast iron from a nice older fellow located in Westminster, named Francis.  Here's his craigslist ad:

I'm writing because he has a literal shed full of cast iron; dozens of pieces, many with mirror-smooth interior surfaces. Some are the names Paul has mentioned, some not; all I saw appear to be 'like they used to make.'

I can't say whether or not the prices are fair; I got a Griswold #6 in great condition for $30, and a Wagner dutch oven in moderate condition for the same. I would have had to pay the same $60 to buy and ship a Griswold skillet 1,500 miles from ebay; so this seemed like a no-brainer for me.

Happy seasoning!

1 year ago
Ah ha!

By changing the last digit of the target url from "2" to "6" ( to (, making the topic id=65386, I got the correct sum in paypal $125, with the correct description. Purchase made.

The Paypal screencap is attached, showing the result of going to the second url above.

Let me know what else I need to do to fix it on my end.

Thanks again, Paul!
1 year ago
Hrm... I must be doing something wrong:

When I click the $125 link; it takes me to paypal, but the sum listed on paypal is $45.  

This is the url from the $125: (

Attached is a screen-cap from the Pay-pal side of things; it lists the item as, "permies premium 65382 (All of the PDC evening presentations + the big tour (~20 hours) - HD instant view ) $45"

PS, holy schneikes, $125 is a steal for all that.
1 year ago