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since Oct 03, 2017
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I've long felt the 'call to cultivate', and just recently discovered Paul, Permaculture, etc.
I'm looking to lend a hand near Denver in my spare time, so if you have some land that needs working, send me a PM!
Podcast Progress: 110/376
Denver, 6a / BSk, apartment dweller, going to Wheaton Labs soon
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Recent posts by Lee Jenkins

Hello there!

I'm starting My PEP Badge Adventure!

My plan is simple. Make a video, for every PEP Badge and every Badge Bit (BB). Every single one.

I'll be posting the BB videos in their respective BB forums, but also creating a playlist of all the BB's as I go to make it easier to find one in particular (and watch the whole thing). Here's the link for the playlist:  [youtube][/youtube]

I'm turning off comments for my videos on youtube, so this'll also be the place for general comments to go.

(Mods; if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to relocate it).
1 hour ago
A PEP Badge Jamboree, you say?! Hooray!

With NINE separate events, you say? Hooray!

That calls for a RIDICULOUS DISCOUNT! Hooray!

Only $9 for My PEP badge tracker through the entire PEP Badge Jamboreee (Sept 14 - Oct 13)!

PEP Badge Jamboree Details:
4 days ago
Thanks, Coco;

I would be there Sept 20-25, though the full jamboree days I'd be participating in will just be 21-24.
1 month ago
So excited! Very hard to choose.

Verifying: All of a 2-day, and part of a 5-day is still a 7-day fee, correct?
1 month ago
Thank you, both, Nicole and Jocelyn!

Coco got back to me very quickly.
1 month ago
Being a total novice in this arena, and seriously looking at doing the steps for this badge; yes, I agree that the bb's look like a lot of work, but I also value the quality aspect as well.

When I'm creating this stuff (and then administering it!), I want to be absolutely, positively sure I've got it right. I don't know what constitutes an appropriate level of knowledge for sand.

When I combed through the bb's, I figured the overlap of plant identification stuff was an intended synergy.

(Edit/add, to...ya know...address R's original post)
I agree with covering the "why," of a particular concoction, and would add the question of "what's the true purpose of the journal? Is it to demonstrate knowledge acquisition? Demonstrate a process followed?"

I would assume that the journal is not an end unto itself.
1 month ago
When I click the link to look at the open dates for the Love Shack, Hipcamp just keeps asking me to log in again, (which I have a login, and then do), but then it doesn't actually show me the available dates.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Anyways, what's the next best way to check two particularly peppy date ranges? Is that a Coco PM?
1 month ago
Did this one generate enough interest to grow legs and happen?

(I'm sure there's a minimum attendee cutoff to make something like this worth your cost/time/brain damage)
1 month ago
~I give this podcast 8 out of 10 acorns.

Would again enjoy being entertained though not actually offended.
1 month ago
Awesome!  Uhh, I mean HE says it looks awesome!

Thank you, Mike!