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Recent posts by Marci Sudlow

I use them to hold pencils as you've suggested, but other uses have been pretty limited.  They rust through fairly quickly when used to grow plants in, or as scoops for sanding my driveway.  I once used the lid to a large industrial-sized can to paint a beautiful garden sign which lasted only a couple years before disintegrating.  (I have much better luck fashioning garden signs from sheet aluminum - aluminum is forever while tin cans are for the short term.)
9 months ago
I'll wear mismatched socks if their colors are somewhat similar, like a purple sock with a red one, or a blue sock with a green one.  I kept a drawer of "socks without partners" for my husband whose office dress code probably didn't include socks of differing colors, and eventually many of these "single socks" found a new partner.  His socks were more likely to be retired due to holes than mystery disappearances, although both were known to happen.

For what it's worth I can't wear wool.  I itch to death just thinking about it.
10 months ago
If I had to pick a single color it would be red, but I also love any combinations of green, orange, purple, and/or bright pink.  Colors I do not care for are white and any washed-out looking pastels.
1 year ago

Overkill? Perhaps, but those trees never fell over when two 15lb cats chased each other up and down them...

I've always been a fan of the overkill method myself.  When we used to get full sized cut Christmas trees, I used a purchased stand (woefully inadequate but it held water) and then attached the tree with hefty screw eyes, one screwed into each side of the trunk about halfway up, tied or wired to two other screw eyes screwed into wall studs.  Our trees also were subject to cat attacks but the only victims were a few glass ornaments; the trees always stayed upright.  I would think that a bucket weighted with stones would have worked just as well, since my trees were primarily held in place by my tethering-to-the-wall method.

Cut evergreen trees will last a lot longer outdoors in a frozen state than they will thawed out in the heated indoors, so if you plan to leave the tree up for 3 weeks, water is advisable.

(At this point, I guess any advice about Christmas trees is intended for next winter.)
2 years ago
Vinegar and salt are my go-to copper cleaner.  Pour vinegar on the object, then pour salt on it, rub gently with a scouring pad or sponge, and rinse.  Repeat.  

Vinegar by itself is my cleaner of choice for fruits and vegetables. I soak any fruits/vegies with a thin skin (peaches, peppers, berries, tomatoes, celery, lettuce) in a vinegar/water solution for 15 minutes or so, then rinse and dry thoroughly.  I can tell that the vinegar still retains its antibacterial/antifungal properties because berries that have undergone this treatment will not mold in the refrigerator, as untreated berries will, and they do not disintegrate as they do if treated with sugar (sugar being another extremely effective preservative).

I would second the warning against mixing bleach with ammonia.  Many people have succumbed to the toxic fumes produced by this combination.
2 years ago
I have zero experience with raising chickens myself, but the farm where we buy our chickens uses an electrified mesh fence and it works well for them.  However they do have farm collies who deal with predators, so without protective farm dogs, I'm uncertain how safe the birds would be, during the day in such an enclosure.  (Presumably they will be in a secure chicken house at night.)  I think that this sort of electric fence is pretty easily moved from place to place.
2 years ago
Thank you Timothy Markus, but I have no desire to raise and/or slaughter any meat animals.  I prefer to buy from those who raise meat animals organically and humanely and support them with my dollars.  Also I like that the (finely) ground (raw) quail that I buy for my dog contains all parts of the bird, except the intestines, so it supplies nutrients that my dogs would not otherwise get.  

I remember my grandma painstakingly plucking the many small game birds that my grandpa used to shoot, and it was a great deal of work.  The results were so worth it though!  The skin and organs of these creatures were always my favorite part!  I think she drew the line at squirrels and other mammals and just skinned these creatures before cooking or had my grandfather do it.  They used to have a game dinner every New Years day and it was wonderful.  Now I'm reduced to seeking out local game suppers in neighboring towns.
2 years ago
I would like to echo Winter Solstice greetings (as well as any other winter holiday greetings that may apply) to everyone.  What I love about the Winter Solstice is that it signals the return of the light and longer days.  That can only be good!          
2 years ago