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Recent posts by bernetta putnam

Thankyou for the reassurance.  It'll be spread around.
6 months ago
I just got my first small round bale of hay.
This was to be used in the coop, garden beds, dog house for warmth and future nutrients.  But i got warned if it gets wet it can catch on fire.
Im mostly concerned with it in my coop.
Anyone have input on this as a fire hazard?
There will not be any lights nor heater in my coop.
6 months ago
Goodluck been in New Central ar a yr. Haven't seen nor heard much of anything,groups/clubs wise.  
I'm pretty sure if you want to meet people here you need to be a church goer.
1 year ago
Android mobile phone. Does permies have an app?
I keep trying to change my location but it won't take..
The only ones falling are still green/ brown. Are these usable?
2 years ago
Got all moved in and unpacked.
Pantry setup
Painted this shed, that will be fixed up for my chickens.

3 years ago
Wanting to map out my new place, what apps do you all use?
3 years ago
Finally got my piece of land in mena, ark. Will be flying into ft.smith in the next few days. Anyone in this area?
Advice on how to get to mena from Ft. Smith? I'm so excited, it's small and I'll have so many things to figure out from utilities to surviving my first
3 years ago