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since Oct 27, 2017
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Hoping to move to Arkansas with in the next yr,and start my own homestead.
nevada zone7
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Recent posts by bernetta putnam

Thank you all. I'm so glad I got a good one, and thank you for all the info and links, just what I needed. I got bobbins, so I'll just have to find the bobbin case. If you run across one let me know.
19 hours ago
Thankyou I'll have a look at that link. And do some research. Ide been looking for awhile, and ended up with a great electric one, but wanted the treadle.  And this one fell into my lap cheap, so I jumped on it 50.00.
1 day ago
Just picked this up. Any and all info on restoring and pieces need. All parts move, I have the drawers n belt. Not sure about the bobbin area.  Thankyou.
2 days ago
at the bottom of the site , a back to top button would be a nice add.
to live with you at the house your selling or another?
how about some info on who you are and what type of woman your looking for.
photo upload worked, welcome to permies.
please tell us about yourself and your project.
would love to hear more.
what company is bevmo? never heard of it. maybe not where I'm at. google says its wine
2 weeks ago
Bacon Pancakes Anyone?

have your kids tried maltomeal?
2 weeks ago
I know nothing about this but, I had to ask, what is the volts/watts? AC/DC?
the only thing I do know about electric is ac goes out long distances but doesn't loop back. and dc goes out short distances but does loop back.
3 weeks ago