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Hey everyone.
I am a combat disabled veteran and I'm pretty new to all of this, but I just wanted to reach out and spread the word about this amazing opportunity for Veterans that the city of Lacey, WA., the Thurston County Food Bank, and GRuB (Garden Raised Urban Bounty) is providing for their community.  These three organizations, along with many others, got together to build The Victory Farm, which provides veterans, active duty service members and their families the space and opportunity to teach, to learn, to heal, and to grow.
We empower veterans, active duty service members and their families to establish strong roots in community through continued service, peer-to-peer support, and a deeper connection with the natural world.
Our Vision:
We will offer hands-on opportunities for veterans to develop their skills in sustainable small-scale urban agriculture and food production. Learning opportunities will include (and are not limited to): irrigation, fungi cultivation, vegetable propagation and cultivation, aquaponics, vertical hydroponics, soil health / composting, mason and honey bee management, medicinal herbs, urban food forests, harvesting tools & techniques, value added products, and small market management.
Together, we are welcoming veterans home, growing good food and building community.
Victory Farmers are an integral part of the Victory Garden Project, building gardens with low-income people and families throughout Thurston County, Washington.

I hope that I posted this in the right place.  I have a big part in designing, building and getting this project up and running.  I'm reaching out looking for support, and hopefully a network of like-minded friends moving forward.

A link to this project and a pretty amazing organization.

2 months ago