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since Nov 19, 2017
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In the old days, sawdust was used as insulation to keep big slabs of ice all summer long without power in ice-houses.
Maybe you could invent a way to combine the two, like using solar to cool a liquid that only circulated through the refrigerator that is covered by a huge amount of sawdust.
3 weeks ago
Duck eggs are very salable in urban areas. In fact they are larger than chicken eggs and richer/higher in protein. For this reason generally they sell at a premium price to chicken eggs. Especially desirable for baking or the Asian market. Generally once you find a few customers they are loyal as supply is limited.
5 months ago
Actually in colder climates, all smaller tree roots freeze solid as frost goes up to 4 feet deep. This is normal, and no they do not need more water until late spring. Too wet will kill them faster than too dry.
7 months ago
As it appears you are mostly wanting high butterfat rather than milk volume. Why not forget the cow thing and go with a dairy breed of sheep. This would make it more plausible to keep a ram and easier to adjust animal units as needed.
Also agree that mixing ducks and fish is just asking for disaster. Muscovy ducks do not require a pond and 1 male 2 females will give you way more offspring than you will consume. They hatch their own and require very little above foraging.
8 months ago
I have to disagree on your whole corn comment Bryant Redhawk.
I have raised hobby chickens for more than 50 years and in the cold months whole corn is always part of the diet. Never lost a bird from that and have always had more than 50% laying even in -20 degree temperatures.
The reason it works so well is because it is hard to digest thus increasing the birds metabolism and vitality.
Corn is there favorite treat by far.
Also in my early days we raised common barn pigeons as our pets. Probably had about 50 birds. Kept production records and daily journal. Whole corn was always at least 30% of their diet. Never had exploding stomachs.
If you in fact diagnose the problem accurately as whole corn related than maybe there were high levels of toxins which can be present in soggy spills.
8 months ago
I suggest a nice scoop of whole corn every morning before they go foraging.
I also noticed your location and are you close enough to the coast to smell the ocean. If so then the plants probably absorb more of that taste than normal.
Most likely you will eventually find the taste normal to your liking.
8 months ago
I have a large incubator and any eggs/chicks, as well as all shells get buried in the garden about a foot deep. Earthworms will eventually bring it to the surface for the plants.
Many people marvel at my gardening results and that is one of my secrets.
8 months ago
Welcome from mid-western Ontario. Cornwall area is beautiful.
Take your time, dig your heels in deep but above all make sure you enjoy the journey. As time passes take pride in your achievements.
9 months ago
I have the bubbles facing each other. Without adding heat this allows me to get an average overnight temperature of +10 degrees over real temperature at daybreak.
9 months ago
I have used a double layer of 3/4" bubble wrap for 2 years now. Works very good. Comes in a 4' x 250' roll for under $100. No mold issues, great diffused light, plants are A+++ with no shade cloth needed.
I do however think using bottles could work extremely well if care is taken in installation. I would only used bottles with caps, labels removed and no tape as it will deteriorate in the heat. If you are concerned with the air gaps, then maybe put the bottles in a zip lock bag first.
Best of luck and may your experience be fruit for all those who follow.
9 months ago