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Recent posts by Marcus vandell

Burra Maluca wrote:Maybe I should have called it the humanure pile...

ok now we’re talking!
Yes I’m about to build a compost toilet. Been in my extremely long ever growing (well fertilized by frequenting places like here!) ‘things to do’ list .. guess I’m just going to bury them stinkers in places I have earmarked for new plantings.
2 years ago
Thanks for your responses!

Ha well, believe it or not I don't actually have a 'compost pile' as such.. All my composting is done with animals, between the Sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, worms, dogs and cats I really don't have anything left to compost (exept a bunch of rotten eggs! .. Hence the planting them directly into the soil idea..
2 years ago
Grasses.. I think I must have almost every type of grass on the planet on my land.. And they just want to keep on growing!

Early spring last year I planted out about 40 various fruit trees out in one of my terraces.. It was last planted out to almonds, and before that to grape..

I haven't done anything to this terrace apart from cut the grass and weeds and leave them a top the soil for the last 20 years... now I'm wanting to plant more wild herbs/shrubs and trees (food forest style).
However, just from seeing how the fruit trees that were planted last year are faring (which is actually very well), I'm seeing that the grasses are a major concern, as in that they are so vigorous!

So, basically I'm asking what would be the best solution to get these grasses under more control.. I've tried really deep wood chips around the bases of the new fruit trees, and yes it does help some. It it jist a case of digging them out where I want to cultivate other plants? Put some chickens in there for a while? My sheep? (I would have to fence off every tree though!)

Thoughts, ideas please!

2 years ago
Hi guys, like it says in the title, we have a bunch of rotten eggs that didn't hatch out (chicken, duck, geese), and I'm wondering how you may be recycling them back into your system..

I've thought about planting them in the ground with a tree/shrub on top, and letting them break down in the earth, but really don't know it that's a good idea or not.

It seems a shame not to have a clear idea with the best method of using them, and yes as each day goes by the smell intensifies! :)

So any ideas are most welcome!

2 years ago
Bim Bam Bom! ..  Best part of 20 years living down the road from y'all :)

Good to know we are reaching out and connecting ( it's the mycelium effect you know!!)

As Diana Ross once said, or should I say 'sung' 'reach out and touch somebody's hand, make this world a better place if you can'

If anyone wants to get  in touch shoot me a PM :)


2 years ago
Welcome the the forum Albert..
My suggestion is to immerse yourself in your land and 'permaculture' .. What do I mean  by that? Well....

All parcelas of land are unique unto themselves, as you are unique also. So, there isn't a 'one size fits all' answer.. Your questions are broad, and therefore the answers coming back to you are are reflecting that.

Let us know more specifics.. Like soil type, orientation, gradient, altitude, temperature varients, percipitation, what there is already growing, and what it is you want to do specfically etc..

'Permaculture'(from my perspective) is a wonderfully, massive, broad and complex topic, that all fits together through a unique symbiosis between the individuality of all the things listed above plus how you (the human) intergrate and communicate what you require..

Step by step, no rush, meditate, learn to ask the land itself, what is best, and learn to listen to the answers.

We are all learning everyday, and we are sharing our understandings as best we can.

Best regards and happy learning!
2 years ago

David Livingston wrote:Marcus what's a jinglos?


Sorry meant to have written ‘Ginjol’
Fantastic hardy rustic tree.. with delicious fruits!
2 years ago
Hi Bert! happy new year to you too brother..

Yes I also agree with both david and Joseph.. I too planted about 40 fruit trees last spring. Apples, pears, apricots, cherries, plums, figs, walnuts, nesperos, jingols, persimmons.

We're still in a huge drought and I'm pleased to say that with LOTS os mulch around the bases and a bucket of water every 3 or so weeks to each tree I think I only lost 1 cherry..

My recommendation is, add more variety and yes build a chicken tracktor to clear and prepare where you want to plant next... Just keep on adding bio mass and  planting herbs, bushes, trees, vines, spores, ground covers. ect..

Also a BIG thing is create space for animal life  of all types.. The more bio diversity the better!! Just keep at it mate :)
2 years ago
I did what the OP did too 2 years back now, in some raiised beds.. Last winter I added a lot of spent coffee grounds, and planted some broad beans as a chop and drop crop.

It certainly did the trick as the beds produced a good crop of courgett and peppers this year.
2 years ago
Hi guys and gals,

I've been watching some videos and reading up a fair bit on the Bresse Gaulois chickhen breed, and they certainly seem to be a very good dual purpose option.

However, I just can't find any here in Spain at this moment in time. So I'm asking if anyone can help me connect to some suppliers of fertile eggs please?


2 years ago