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I'm a single mom who grew up on a farm and fighting my way back to the countryside. I'm a beginner in everything and I love to learn about everything related to sustainability. I did a cob apprenticeship for 1-1/2 years and took a Permaculture Design class as well as a plethora of other workshops. I bought some land and slowly building my empire while failing (For All I Learn) along the way. Dead chickens? No problem, Bees Swarmed, no Problem, house out of square, no problem, identified wrong trees for sap, no problem, seedlings grew mold, no problem. I'll just keep trying until I get it right. I have literally put blood, sweat, and tears into my place and don't regret one second. I am building my business from the ground up. It may take 20 years but the journey will be amazing! 
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Corinth, KY
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I’m hoping someone can provide some insight. I have a 400 watt solar panel system with a 50 amp charge controller, two deep cycle marine batteries with a 1000 watt inverter. I’m trying to upgrade my system little by little. I bought bought a 3000 watt pure sine inverter. I thought it would be just an easy switch out by just replacing the inverter itself. The only change I made was instead of plugging in my circuit box is wiring it into the inverter. We tried also plugging it in. The issue is the inverter keeps tripping and according to the manual the GFCI is tripped but I don’t have GFCI. Also we have power coming in to the inverter and I can plug small devices in the outlets of the inverter but once it gets to the circuit breaker box and I turn on certain breakers it trips. For instance it will be fine for the first breaker and it gets power but once I turn on the second breaker it trips. Anyone have any ideas on why this happens. Do I need more batteries?
1 year ago
So I’m trying to figure out why all of a sudden why my RMH isn’t drawing like it did before I left for vacation. Maybe my cob cracked around the barrel from being too cold (got down to -20 with wind chill while I was gone and the house isn’t heated another way but don’t think it got that cold in the house) but still a possibility. Another possibility is something is using the chimney as shelter. I have a light/camera cord to see up the chimney and noticed sticky residue which can only mean creosote. I bought a brush and a rod to clean the chimney but also bought a creosote log to help. Has anyone used one on a RMH and if so did you burn it before or after using a chimney brush?

Thanks in advance
1 year ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Hi Diane, When was the last time you cleaned your stove? In other words, lifted the barrel, cleaned out the ash in the horizontal ducting, roof cap inspection etc...
There may be enough room for the exhaust to travel around ash build up most of the time but perhaps when coupled with a warmer day (less delta T) and/ or wind, you may see problems like this.

I clean it out every year. I take the top off clean out the barrel as well as the heat riser. I also take the clean out lids and use a shop vac to clean out the exhaust. Maybe I didn’t clean it as well as I thought I did or maybe I missed a spot. Or when I dig the ash out I don’t go back far enough. I’ll have to investigate.
1 year ago
One creepy thing that happened to me on this site was someone googling me and contacting my place of work then contacting my co workers on my behalf as well as sending about 30 emails in a 24 hour period. Mind you I dont have my place of work available on my profile but it’s easy to google almost anyone now days. I think googling someone is ok just to make sure they are real or see if they are a serial killer but the length they went through was scary.

I’ve also did the online dating websites thing and then quit. Lol it’s scary out there and my picker is broken. I’m content being single and working on my place.

Other creepy things:
Moving too fast, moving in together and saying I love you within a very short time is too red flagish
Having meat suits in your basement and calling yourself Buffalo Bill
Eating ketchup on your eggs
Not having a sense of humor
Hello. So I have been using my RMH for three winters now. This winter I have noticed some blow back here and there. The first time was because too much cold air was sitting in the exhaust. So I opened the clean outs and turned on a fan to push the cold air out and the RMH was fine afterwards but now I have noticed that from time to time fire will be kind of chaotic with its direction. The fire in the bottom of the feed moves horizontally but sometimes the fire will travel up a piece of wood and flames or smoke will come out the feed. Then will go back to normal. This will only last as long as let it by moving around the wood frantically or place two fire bricks over the feeds. I don’t know why it’s starting to do this. My design is from the Wisner’s book, to the T. The J tube with a 35 ft run, chimney is out the roof and above the peak 2 feet. Any insight why my fire acts up from time to time?
1 year ago

I imagine it depends quite a bit on the man. I get the impression that most men would do this as a result of not being serious about the relationship in the first place. They were probably putting on a show the whole time, and either they got what they wanted and see no further reason to continue, or they perceive that they will not be able to get what they want (or not within the time frame they want) and don't want to waste any more time.

I also notice that in many dating profiles I have seen over the years, many women are very adamant that a man not be boring, and likes to constantly try new things. I have seen many relationships, even marriages, end as a result of the woman thinking the man is too boring. The problem with a person who likes to constantly try new things, is that very often they also have the wanderlust and do not like sticking with the same thing for a prolonged period. One hazard of dating such a person is that there is a fairly good chance that they will rather shortly do what they have always done and move on to something new by their nature. The irony of this situation is that the person who is actively seeking out someone who mustn't be boring can in the end lose that very person as they themselves are perceived as boring. I imagine in these situations, what is going on in these men's heads is basically "nothing," at least with regards to the woman they just left.

Not all men are like that, though. Some men want commitment, and would never initiate a relationship unless they truly want to see it through. If this type of man ghosts a woman, then it is most likely because she did something to cause him so much pain that he virtually had no choice but to cut things off immediately. Particularly if the act the woman committed was so egregious that there is no way she could not have known how hurtful it would have been. In this case, there is no way he can rationalize or justify her actions, other than the idea that they were done in malice or at least total indifference. In this instance, I would say what is going through the man's mind after ghosting the woman is pain.

Hmm explains that explains a few things…the last guy was upset because I didn’t want to watch him and his ex have sex then he just did a 180 on me and was this to totally different person. I had been talking to this guy for two years off and on and we would talk every night for hours when we did finally date. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The last one before that he just decided he doesn’t want to date me because he wasn’t sure what he wanted. He said he was jealous of my lifestyle and he wanted his own place. And the one before just totally ghosted. No explanation. My motto was shit or get off the pot and say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t invest all this time and say/do beautiful things then change your mind. The problem is people are so fickle now days. I will make a situation awkward because I won’t say I love you back if I don’t feel it. I just don’t understand how someone can put in so much time and effort then change their mind or turn on you. It’s a waste of time. I think after this last one I’ve turned a little jaded towards dating and feel I can’t trust any man given my dating history. I tried looking for men from different backgrounds, interest groups, dating apps, you name it, I tried it all. And somehow I attract the projects or commitment phobes. Im an optimistic person and always see the bright side of things but this last one really through me for a loop. I know not all men are like this but the ones I attract seem to fall short. I think I’ve given up on dating and have no interest in it and turned a little cold by it all. Besides im happy being single and there is no way or statistically speaking I will not find my match. And I’d rather be single than deal with a miserable relationship. Sorry lol I got on my soapbox, it’s just frustrating and seems hopeless.
What goes through a man’s mind when they ghost a woman or after three months of dating decides, nah I didn’t mean anything I said and now I’m out of here?
Taking initiative is attractive to me. When a man just jumps in to help someone out says a lot about his character.

Work clothes lol if a man comes home or out working in the yard and he’s all dirty I find that sexy.

When a man blushes or gets embarrassed. It is so cute!

Jordan Holland wrote:
There is a lot of talk about hook-up culture online. Here in rural Kentucky, I'm not seeing it anything like it seems to be happening in the cities. I don't see a whole lot of difference over the past 20 years. There have always been a fairly small number of people who got around, and I imagine probably about as many doing it discreetly that no one noticed. I do feel that society here is about 15-20 years behind what is going on in the bigger cities traditionally, but as the speed of societal change is accelerating

In my personal experience of this whole thing i think that my superficial appearance that they may be basing stereotypes on makes me seem more appealing for a one night stand or I also get hit up for threesomes with married type couples, but maybe not so desirable for an loving, monogamous LTR which is what I am seeking. I don't think I appear to others as I am.

I liked your railroad metaphor. I operate in metaphors. Lol I agree with your statement about rural Kentucky. I think it’s more common in the bigger cities like Lexington, Louisville or northern KY/Cinc, at least that has been my experience with online dating in Kentucky. It feels vey superficial or like a meat market. One becomes fed up with the overwhelming experience of sifting through profiles and don’t get me started on those. At this point I don’t think it matters where you try to find a compatible match because they can seem like the perfect match but they reveal their true colors later on. It’s very confusing and frustrating on how you should date because it feels like there are no rules and if you think there are they end up being wrong. What ever happened (or was there ever a time) when you got to know a decent human being. It doesn’t have to be this hard but yet it is.

As for your comment on attracting couples or one night stand I unfortunately know how you feel. Not that I fit the stereotype whatever that is but I’ve been approached and it’s just not my thing. I don’t understand why I’m not good enough to settle down with. At the end of the day I know I’m good enough I just haven’t found someone who appreciates me.