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John. The 1900 in my post was about electric connectivity. There is even less research on this subject other than in health. If you believe we are little batteries and need charged it might be easier to understand- or maybe not. I just look for that measurement if possible because the higher the light too can be raised and scientists are doing studies on light and health.

Around us fish are dieing in the lakes. Mostly bebecause agriculture causes increase in plant growth in water and it sucks the oxygen out killing the fish. Recently they have started putting hydrogen peroxide pellets in water to give oxygen. Dr Seneff is one that says cancer timers must develop when there is not enough oxygen in the body and even you might remember the doctor who was forced into Mexico to treat people with cancer with hydrogen peroxide.

Not sure why you would not want soil from Australia as some of the plant nutrients I take are from there and one is the highest measured antioxidant to date. Guess it depends on the place etc.
2 years ago
That is exciting as communication is the most important part of any society be it the human body or maybe the plant kingdom.

I traveled extensively to hear doctors who were forerunners and prepare as some pay a dear price. Dr Carson,dr Goen and Dr Reg were my favorites. It has been 15 years since they shared and Pharma has done everything to shut them down. I can't believe I haven't received another letter from another attorney but maybe because of the hospital paperwork. Anyway I would love to read your abstract when complete.

Doctors just could not believe it was simple sugars that allow the cells to communicate and it takes all as everyone gets enough table sugar but without all of them things just won't work. That is really the reason I read so much about agriculture.

These doctors in simple terms showed that all cells are covered with glycans and it allows their receptors to let other cells know if they need vitamins,etc. they also have the ability to call in killer cells to surround things that are foreign. Problem today is all tainted seeds cause inflammation which causes the cells to call in help raising inflammation in turn causes heart disease, asthma etc.

The reason I asked about connectivity was because we are little batteries and you talked about oxygen.  A form of the product I am testing has an EC of 136,000. The higher the EC the more light can be emitted. Higher grades of soil I believe higher EC.

This is another very important part to me. If people are eating rocks for their vitamins the body can get too much. If they eat plant based vitamins etc the body will expell what is not needed. I wonder if plants can do the same with enough glycans. i just have not found enough data as yet other than watching a man named Paul on

Don't forget to share when done.
2 years ago
Yes and one more question about the oxygen if you do not mind.  Do you know of any study on the electric connectivity of plants or even if there is such a thing.  Most well water reaches 1900 and some where people go to bathe can reach up to 3800.  I read where some soils have even higher numbers.  If you have - could you share your source?

Also the glycan I look for in any test on plants would be:

Ribose (Rib)
Arabinose (Ara)
Rhamnose (Rha)
Fucose (Fuc)
Xylose (Xyl)
Glucuronic Acid (GlcA)
Galacturonic acid (GalA)
Mannose (Man)
Galactose (Gal)
Glucose (Glc)
N-Acetyl Galactosamine (GalNAc)
N-Acetyl Glucosamine (GlcNAc)
N-Acetyl Glucosamine (GlcNAc)
2 years ago
Here is some links.  The first is Dr Reg McDaniel before the Colorado Supreme Court
If you watch you will see where children come out of diseases no one thought possible.

Here is a CBS special on youtube at Wake Forest growing body parts.

Please do not get me wrong because as you know there is so much to this and I am now searching to see how these glycans react in plants when missing.  I would love to find out if anyone right now is in the study.  

I did order a lab test on the product I am test and was able to find out at lease the beginning test at  

Here is the paper where they are started to use milk for the n-glycans

Another thing I am very curious about is the fact that man and beast were made to regenerate on plants not rocks and yet man and beast do take them just not as easily used in the body.  In plants and I may be very off here but it would seem the same could be true in that the plant itself does not break down the minerals, the fungi, etc does and then the plant absorbs.  Their life comes from the soil.  In people, if all the cells have enough cell surface sugars and communication is running well, the cell will only take in what it needs.  Welll I won't go further - will take time and go over all your posts.  Thank you.
2 years ago
Red hawk this is what I wanted to hear. In medicine they too believed what you just posted but they now know different thanks to MIT seeing molucles. In fact I may be the only one to date that can prove it with documents from daughters hospital stay. She was first in nation to have surgeons give her entire tub of glycans and her espionage grew back from 4cm cut in 11 days.

She too came out of stage 4 with just food - plant based nutrients- vitamin d had to raise first. No glycans will not bring people out of cancer.

I really wanted to find the person who would know and as I called and wrote doctors from all over USA could not find one in Agriculture. Believe me hospitals are all trying to create them but cannot be done.

Each seed has its own DNA and each cell knows exacted what its job is and communication is the beginning of health for all cells. Even forensic testing proves the DNA part.
2 years ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:hau Angelika, It is nice that you realize this thread is from the book I am working on for a Doctorate

All plants will suck up not only the nutrients they need, many of those toxic molecules are similar enough to "the good stuff" that they end up being taken in as well. In the human body a good example of this process is lead, it mimics a couple of compounds our bodies use for brain health and if it is present in our bodies, the lead will be substituted for the correct molecules, this is what leads to lead poisoning, the same can and does happen in all living organisms. If you have known contamination you can inoculate with several different mushroom slurries and the hyphae will help remediate the contaminates by taking them into themselves.

Our area has a great deal of trouble with lead because of smelter waste. We had an employee whose son tested high in lead from school nurse. I gave him a container of eight glycans and his next test was normal. This is one example of hundreds.

This is why I ask about any research of glycans and plants because I too believe the plants cells will communicate and expell the unneeded lead. Certainly the animal kingdom could be different but so far I have not seen the evidence.

In permaculture it seems the plants have such high sugar contents that most bugs do not bother because of it. Some have said bugs do not process sugar.

Anyway just wondering if plant cells too detox or not take in what is not needed.
2 years ago
My daughters cancer began with IBS. Nutrients are absorbed in small intestine and she was losing them. Anyway she takes five of these daily and does not have problems but if she would change her diet I'm sure it would make a difference.

Product Details
Naturally gluten-free.

GI-Zyme capsules were formulated to help improve digestion.*


Beet fiber (root)
Fennel (seed)
Ginger (root)
Peppermint (leaf)
Protease 3.0
Protease 4.5
Protease 6.0

2 years ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:anaerobic compost will have an excessive number of ciliates, these critters eat bacteria, fungi, nematodes and all the other micro organisms we want to add to the soil.
ciliates thrive in anaerobic conditions only, thus by keeping O2 present we are limiting the ability of "bad" critters to multiply or even survive.

As we find out more about how soil organisms work, we also find out which "accepted" methods are actually more harmful than helpful.

Love your posts and was curious about this part. Do you know if using something high in connectivity would help keep the soil from becoming anaerobic?  

I study soil health to know more about human health and everything is pointing to oxygen. Even Dr Seneff Senior Professor MIT links it to diseases and how even how cancer tumors must develop in order to make a way for the oxygen to travel through the body. We are little batteries.

Some of your other posts tie into what I have been searching just Agra uses one term and health uses another. Also the fermentation- goodness it is going to take me some time to absorb.
2 years ago
I hope these photos will load. One is at his birthday the other thanksgiving. A friend whose son had severe autism living in home for many years. Never was able to focus to look her in the face. She changed two things. Organic sulfur and glycans.
2 years ago