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paul wheaton wrote:Did you build community, or did you simply tolerate community?  Did you end up actually poisoning community?

The E in PEX stands for experience! You experienced intentional community first hand!  And the value in that is maybe now you know you can't stand that sort of thing and can avoid it in the future.

paul wheaton wrote:How do you measure how you did?  Can you take a picture?  A video?  How do you prove that you built community.

I guess if you can tough it out for the time allotted by the program and you don't get kicked out, you pass.  A daily picture/video blog like the one required for the wofati experience on the for the natural building iron badge.

paul wheaton wrote:What would be a two month community gig that would fit with the other wood badge BBs?

Two months in a community for a wood badge?  I was thinking a week long workshop or maybe 4 weekends would be a nice chunk of the wood badge, and 2 straight weeks would be part of the iron badge.

WWOOFing is another option.
2 weeks ago
Will there not be any experience with intentional community and/or living with people in the community badges?
2 weeks ago
Egg lover with a vegan partner here.  I make a sunnyside up with thin sliced (1/4"-3/8")SILKEN tofu as the white.  It is delicate as all heck and breaks apart into pieces if I use the wrong pan.
3 weeks ago
Some ideas:
sand badge - spend 5 hours split between the following (max 2 hours per bullet point)
  • volunteer with a local charity or service group
  • help a neighbor outside your family with a chore or project
  • organize a cookout/barbecue/potluck that includes 3 people you don't know (only organizing/prepping time counts, not party time)
  • attend a local council meeting

  • straw badge
  • organize and participate in a small public service event (road/park/beach cleanup, etc)
  • build a small free library
  • help a neighbor outside your family with a multi-day project
  • spend 4 hours at an intentional community

  • wood badge
  • organize and participate in the building of a physical public good (community bulletin board, welcome sign, bench,flagpole, etc)
  • spend 4 full days at an intentional community (can be over a few weekends)
  • attend 3 local council meetings and speak at at least one

  • iron badge
  • found or cofound a community service group or charity, run it for at least 6 months(hopefully longer!) and organize 2 projects/events under it.
  • spend 2 weeks at an intentional community
  • participate in a large community building project
  • help someone run for a political office, or run yourself.
  • 1 month ago
    I'm interested in all things rockety; heaters, ovens, etc. I'd really like to make one, learn to weld, talk about shippable cores.  Water systems would be my next biggest interest; catchment, ponds/dams, greywater.  Natural building including heating and cooling would be after that.  A talk about dealing with government bureaucracy, zoning, codes, permits and the like would be nice.
    1 month ago
    I ended up having about a dozen large dump truck loads of stone deposited on my property recently.  The stones are about softball to basketball size and round.  They don't stack super well, but we were able to make a decent looking wall using a good amount of mortar.  What else can I do with an endless supply of stone?
    6 months ago
    Howdy everyone!

    There's a permaculture design course being offered over 6 weekends this Fall in San Diego at the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute.  I'm quite interested in taking this course, but have never heard of any of the teachers.  Does anybody have any experience with this group or any of the individual teachers?


    Everybody's answering this question as if it was "what four things would you choose if you had to live the rest of your life on a deserted island"  but the question is only about being stranded on a deserted island.  My priority would be to get the heck off of the island and not die while I wait.  So my main tool of survival would be the flare gun, which I would use to signal for help.  I would use one of the flares to start a fire.  The knife, tarp, and pot are my other three for reasons already mentioned above.
    11 months ago