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Tofu miso soup:
Kombu (died seaweed) - about half a sheet of paper size
Dried shiitake mushrooms - about a handful
miso paste - 3 tbsp
Green onions - 2 chopped
Tofu - 8 oz cumbed

Put kombu and mushrooms in a pot add 4 cups cold water.  Bring to a boil over medium low heat.  After it reaches a boil, fish out the kombu and gently stir in the miso. You can take out the mushrooms too, they get kind of rubbery, but I like em.  Add the white parts of the green onion. Gently boil for a couple minutes the add the tofu.  Turn off off the heat, and let it sit for a minute so the tofu gets warm.  Garnish with the green ends of the green onion.
It depends, in the past I've burnt CDs and printed paper covers that I fold up.  I've also gotten vinyl records pressed at a pressing house then shipped to me and done the covers and packaging myself.   Usually these days I get turnkey vinyl records or tapes for a more professional package and have them shipped to me in bulk then ship them out as orders come in.  Once a record company did all the shipping for me, but I made less money and didn't save that much work.
1 month ago
I sell physical copies of my music online.  Sometimes I sell t-shirts and miscellaneous merchandise as well, but they sell better in person when I play live than online.  Here are the receipts for the last couple months.
1 month ago
I sell physical copies of music I wrote and recorded, as well as t-shirts, and other miscellaneous pieces of merch that I design.  I do not manufacture these items.  Do they count for this BB?
1 month ago
I make a passive income stream from my music in two ways, downloads and streaming.  Downloads come from, streaming revenue comes from a variety of platforms(Spotify and Apple Music being the biggest), all funneling through a service called CD Baby.  Below are receipts for about a year.  You can check out the music here: Bandcamp and Spotify
1 month ago
What's the diagnosis on the leviathan?
2 months ago
it goes track 8, track 9, track 9 (should be 10)
also it uses the same pictures twice in a row, maybe by mistake.
4 months ago
I see some typos, scroll down to TRACK EIGHT.  It goes like this:
(some info on track 8)
(some pictures including one very handsome man)
(the exact same pictures as above, handsome dude and all)
4 months ago