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Mark Brunnr wrote:Is there anyone else flying into Missoula on Sunday, June 30 in the afternoon who wants to carpool? Or someone willing to pick me up? It will probably be 5pm by the time I get my bags and walk out of the airport. I've never used Uber or Lyft or hitchhiked before, not sure if they would be willing to drive me over and I'd rather pay someone on-site for their time/gas if possible. Perhaps someone will be in the area already to pick up groceries/supplies? Renting a car for two weeks would be really expensive too.

Oh hi Mark,
My flight is landing at 2:25 that day and my dad (who is also attending the course) is picking me up.  I think we could give you a ride if nobody is going to be arriving closer to your arrival time.

1 week ago
I got one too!  I'm already signed up so I'm trying to see which friend can get the time off work.
1 month ago
I'm already attending the ATC, could I put my name in the hat for that drawing and bring a friend if I win?
1 month ago

r ranson wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:

Joe chiarelli wrote:What format is the eBook? PDF or Mobi? I tend to read on my Kindle Mobi format.

We have not yet decided.

all of the above I hope.
I can't get a pdf to work on any of my gadgets and it does not convert well to my kindle by any software I can access.  

Have you tried sending it to your email address with "convert" as the subject line?  I've done this a bunch with PDF's I want to read on my kindle.
1 month ago
Congrats on hitting the $70k mark!  When y’all hit the $75k stretch goal, maybe there can be an option to throw one or two of the copies we purchased on top of the library donation pile?
1 month ago
What kind of earth works are in the purview of the ATC?  Are swales and hugelkulturs more of a PDC thing?  What about ponds?
1 month ago
I upped my pledge because of Ravens book and the world domination gardening video, woohoo!  
1 month ago
I always wondered if there was more to the emphasis on skiddable structures than just the utility of being able to move things around.  OF COURSE!  It's to keep the bureau of no fun off your back.  BRILLIANT!
1 month ago