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since Dec 21, 2017
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Recent posts by Kyle Knight

My work area is getting cluttered.  Blades and screws and stuff were being stored on the floor.  I made a quick set of shelves from some 1x5x6' cedar boards. All the screw holes were pre drilled.
I made a clothes line inside cuz it rains here more often than not.
2 months ago
I made a picnic table out of some wood my neighbor was throwing away.
My 36 year old wanted to not sleep on a mattress on the ground.  I happened to come into some reclaimed 2x6s so I made a bed.
Some folks in the big city were throwing out some 13-16 foot 2x6s.  Had to snatch em up for the homestead.
2 months ago
I agree! Luckily I was at the hardware store when I got this notification. Thank you!
2 months ago
Today I put in a 240v outlet and breaker.  What, you don't believe me? Here's proof:
2 months ago