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Kyle Knight

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since Dec 21, 2017
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Recent posts by Kyle Knight

I cut down some grass and used it to mulch my hugelkultur in a spot too steep for woodchips to stick  The bare area was bigger than 7ft x 8ft.
1 week ago
I added about 30 ft onto my hugelkultur.  The wood was more of the stuff that's been laying around since I bought the place.  The dirt came from a platform I'm lowering about 30ft away.  For mulch I mostly used woodchips as I have a ton, I also used straw, fir boughs, fir bark, grass, and (invasive) blackberry vines.
I planted the following:
White Fuseau sunchoke (3)
Beaver Valley Purple sunchoke (3)
Bocking 14 comferey (11)
Sepp Holzer seeds (100 from pep 40 rewards)
Purple tree collard
Valerian root
Sweet potato
Saffron Crocus
Lupine (2 lb)
Crimson Clover (5 lb)
Milkweed, Sunset Flower
Showy Milkweed
Common Milkweed
Butterfly Weed
New England Aster
Dwarf Cornflower or Bachelor Button
Partridge Pea
Siberian Wallflower
Shasta Daisy
Lance-Leaf Coreopsis
Wild Cosmos Sensation Mix
Illinois Bundleflower
Sweet William
Purple Coneflower
Blanket Flower
Indian Blanket
Wild Sunflower
Maximilian Sunflower
Blazing Star
Sweet Alyssum
Wild Lupine
Bee Balm or Wild Bergamot
Purple Prairie Clover
Black-eyed Susan
Mexican Sunflower
Vernal Alfalfa
Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
Berseem Clover
Balansa Clover
Hairy Vetch
1 week ago
Removed a couple live trees that had the audacity to grow where my hugelkultur went.  I peeled em and put em up what for building stuff with em later. Behold!
1 week ago
I did a really bad job decking the landing on my yurt, so I redid it today, PEP style.  There were 14 stickers total.
My chainsaw got dull so I'm trying my hand at sharpening
3 months ago
Baby's first hugelkultur! I want a berm that will block out the sight and sound of my busy road so I'm testing the waters with a small hugelkultur placed strategically to block out the view of my yurt from the entrance to my driveway.
There were a few wood piles on my property when I bought it, they are what I used for the bulk of the inner material.  The site where the hugel will be also had a couple doug firs on it  so I cut them down and the stumps will be inside.
I'm planting comferey, sunchokes, walking onion, sepp holder grain, crimson clover(the vast majority of the seeds were this), lupins(next most abundant), kale, chives, spinach, thyme, arugula, sweet basil, cinnamon basil, two kinds of asparagus.
I mulched with woodchips, fir boughs, some tall grass that grows here, and broadleaf dock.
The hugel ended up being about 8x8x7 feet tall.  After having built it, even though it was difficult to make it to 7ft tall, when I expand it I want to make it even taller, as it doesn't quite block out the highway up on the hill where my yurt is.
3 months ago
I cut down a tree that had the misfortune of growing where my hugelkultur wants to be.  The one I chose to do first had no lean and a clear spot to fall.
4 months ago
come with me on a journey to a super clean backside.
6 months ago
I got another big payment for the wofati greenhouse plans.  $500 from the big guy for it being a stretch goal in his recent kickstarter.
7 months ago
This looks a lot like the cottage rocket.  How does t differ?
7 months ago