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Recent posts by Saralee Couchoud

My parents grew up in the depression and I feel like I did too. I dad was a flight mechanic in the army air corps and about 30 of his fellow soldiers wrote up a certificate they all signed. He was named Master of Procurement. I find I am a lot like him. I once found a drug store going out of business and the dumpster was full of shelving and peg boards and the hand carried shopping baskets. Now I had recently had my knee reconstructed and had a brace from my ankle to my hip. I was on crutches also. So using one crutch I climbed into the dumpster and threw everything out. Then climbed out and loaded into my truck. I got home and told my dad if he would unload it he could have the peg boards for his shop. He unloaded it and kept everything. Oh well.

Growing up we never bought tires. My brothers would go to the alley behind the tire store and pick through the tires that had been thrown out (they had permission) .  Their idea of a fun Saturday night was alley picking.

Needless to say I related to the book a lot. Thanks
1 week ago
Can this be made without the spice. I don't do even a little spicy. Thanks
2 weeks ago
I am planning to build a greenhouse over an old swimming pool. I would like to heat it with wood heat so I am very interested in this webinar. Unfortunately, I will not be available to watch it. Is it possible to watch a recording of it later.

I have the old furnace out of the house that we replaced 10 years ago and thought about using it. But I think a rocket heater would be more efficient. How do you feed the rocket heater during the night or when you are away all day?   Thank you for all your information. Trying to get my ducks in a row before I start
1 month ago
Thank you for that information. I do have 2 apple trees next to it so I guess it's best to let it be. It probably could stand a pruning and smoking meat sounds great. I don't have a shortage of room so keeping it is no problem. I appreciate your input
1 month ago
Not sure if I have crab apple tree or not. It was a store bought tree. We called it the Charlie Brown apple tree because it was bush hogged twice and run over twice. It struggled but kept on growing. Finally, it died (the graft died) but the root stock took off. So we really don't know what we have. It has 1000s of tiny (pea size fruit) not sure you can do anything with them
1 month ago
Thank you for the goodies and thank you for all you do
2 months ago
Wonderful information. Thank you so much for sharing
2 months ago
According to Nicole in the lost herbal remedies book you pick the leaves in the spring and dry them. Then you put them in a canning jar and cover with 100 proof vodka. Put a piece of parchment paper over it and screw on the lid and ring [parchment paper keeps it from rusting the lid] .  Put it in the dark, cool place [I use an empty coffee can].  Every day take it out and gently agitated it and put it back. In 3 months you strain it and it's ready to use. Take a teaspoon every day but keep the jar in a dark place.
2 months ago
OK, think I've got it >oilpress

This site appears to be a smaller version of based in Japan
2 months ago
Along with harvesting the seeds I wanted to know about hulling them for eating/ cooking. I googled it and found this fantastic site on dehulling them, how to press them for oil, use for animals. It also talked about 2 different kinds you should plant and how many, how much room you need and specifics on planting.

The site gave full plans to build the dehuller,winnowing and the oil press

The site is

Hope everyone finds this as interesting as I did
2 months ago