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I don't know if this will help anyone else or not, but I've noticed that I got a significantly greater number of "likes" on my facebook and instagram pages when I posted the image of the computer rendered plans for the greenhouse, the one emphasizing the earth sheltered nature of it with lots of grass.  There may be other reasons why this got more attention, but I think it's an image that taps into a romantic ideal of earth sheltered buildings.  I made sure to use the phrase "hobbit hole" in my description to further emphasis that warm fuzzy feeling.  I think it's an image that grabs attention and connects more with people.

That said, it would seem I only gained one more pledge from the  posts so it might not matter at all for what really counts.
I remember those gas station hand towel things.  They were an eco-minded idea that seemed nice in theory but were scary in actuality.  I may be immune to everything!  ;)
4 days ago
That's very generous!  Thanks for the bonus perks.  Now where else can I post about the kickstarter....  Hmm....
Similar to Roxanne, my brassicas that overwinter in my unheated greenhouse come back strong in the spring (unless rodents chew them down to nothing over the winter) producing tons of healthy leaves before all the leaf eating critters get going.  I really should try getting some broccoli planted in there later this year with the aim for it to overwinter and be harvested in the spring.  
1 week ago
I have liked the idea behind all this which I see as an emerging form of education that offers individual accreditation.  The notion that doing it will lead one to inheriting land from someone seems fuzzy to me.  It could happen, but I'm not really believing it would for me, nor am I really after that.  However it could be used to provide proof, or at least evidence, that you have certain skills, or have at least done specific things.  This could be handy when applying for some jobs or to prove to someone that you aren't just an airhead hippie idealist who has no real conception of hard work.  However, I don't know that an "employer" would care if I said I was PEP certified in something or not, since most don't know what this is or means.  What might count with this hypothetical employer is to be able to direct them to one place where they can see all the documentation of the projects I've done.  Unless I'm way out of date in how things work for PEP I think finding all of one's documentation would involve digging through all sorts of forum threads.  (Of course, I could also have everything gathered together in a file on my own computer.)  I wonder if there was a way to make the posting and gathering of the documentation of the project happen in a section of individual profiles?  This way both I and anyone else could look at my profile and see all together what I've done.  Is there a way to post documentation on a section in the personal profiles and then click a button to indicate else where that it needs review and certification if acceptable?

I guess the last time I looked at it all I felt overwhelmed trying to make some sense and order of it.  Not knowing where to start.  It has been a while so perhaps that order is there now.
I don't know for sure, but my guess on the squiggly lines is that it is excrement of something.  I see similar things on my various brassicas, and other leafy things I believe.  Though what I tend to notice looks the same in squiggle and size but is usually darker and dried.  I have always considered it bug/worm poop.  I would guess that yours is fresh while what I tend to notice is dried.
1 week ago
Thanks for the updated pledge numbers Jen.  It's really nice to see if anything I'm doing is working!  :)  
This one amused me, though my frugal conservationist tendencies have always had me in the safe cracker mode.
1 week ago
The way things can be when you work from home.
1 week ago