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Recent posts by David Huang

John Weiland wrote:

David Huang wrote:...... I also got a new Oregon corded chainsaw at the same time. https://amzn.to/2y3Ml2A This was to replace my Makita corded chainsaw.  https://amzn.to/2Y1lHGX  ........My hope is that the Oregon corded chainsaw will work with the same power as the Makita, but have the advantage of the PowerSharp chain sharpening system and hopefully not have the binding/lock up issue.

Hi David,    I just got done burning up the motor in my McCullough corded chainsaw (decades old) and was wondering how you were liking the Oregon model.  Sounds like we use them for similar purposes.....longer logs brought back to the house and possibly light construction work when needed. I really like our newer Dewalt cordless, but don't want to have to use that if an outlet is nearby.  If others have been using a corded electric chainsaw (16" bar range) for a few years now and like the quality, please add your pros/cons comments as well which will aid in my decision of a new purchase.  Thanks!

So far I'm still quite happy with my corded Oregon chainsaw.  It's been running great, without any troubles.  Mind you I am probably only bucking up a cord to a cord and a half of firewood a year with it, but so far no problems.  I just add the bar oil as needed and sharpen the chain with its built in super easy sharpening system now and again.  I don't think I've had to replace the chain on this one yet.  I did on my cordless version last spring.  
2 weeks ago
It looks like the videos I set to upload overnight went through from my end.  Hopefully they really did arrive intact.  I don't know if they will be useful or not as unfortunately that is the best camera I have.  It's a piece of crap for shooting video though it said it was 1080.  If you'd like something else or want me to reshoot something just let me know.  I'm realizing in hindsight I probably should have filmed me loading more wood into the RMH after showing it burned down and saying it was time to add more wood.
1 month ago
Again, thank you for doing this and sharing your findings!
1 month ago
I've got two separate off grid solar systems on my little homestead.  A smaller one that has been powering my metalsmithing studio for close to 15 years I'd guess.  Then the large array powering the house and rest of the outbuilding for about 10 years now.
2 months ago
I've been mowing my lawn with a scythe for years now.  I do get out the "solar powered" electric string trimmer to get into some sections just too tight to effectively get with my fairly large scythe.
2 months ago