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A mother, stargazer, yogi, chef, wood cookstove enthusiast, passionate herbalist and forager, upcycler and cordwood masonry creatress. A transplant to new England, a devotee to bartering, humanure systems, and -communal life -thanks to the Appalachian Trail.
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Recent posts by W. Hazel

Tell me more please! Do you run your team in any races?
2 months ago
Thanks, receiving these was such a pleasure!
10 months ago
Hi May!
My favorite flower is Anemone quinquefolia. Hoverflies, the mining bee and sweat bees are pollinators of This night-closing flower.
11 months ago

Tru Hues wrote:This website has been informative. I’ve only recently discovered it and it’s been a wealth of information and entertainment.

I figured I’d write an introduction post should there be like minded folks in the Delta Junction region of the state...

Hello up there! I am fondly imagining the Delta junction library and the local flavor of that beautiful place!
I used to live on the Maclaren River west of Paxson and enjoyed the trips necessary that brought me through there; enroute to emergency vet. visits usually. I still have an apron from the quilter who had a shop in the plaza there, an awesome screenprint with a dog musher and a team in Aurora.

As far as i know, my former boss/ bushpilot relocated and now lives in your community.  I would be so curious to hear how you are loving the winter!🔥
many blessings upon your path.
1 year ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:What are the best natural/permaculture approaches (food, herbs, exercise, behavior, etc) for dealing with PTSD?

Hi Jennifer!
Ancestral foods are comfort foods on our DNA level.
As far as herbs, fo-ti, ginseng, lavender and rose; oats nettle, kava!
Oats are a very beneficial presence for its soothing quality for nerves and our G.I. tract.
For insomnia and its effects, try valerian. If not familiar perhaps take it if in need of a nap to notice its work as some experience stimulation rather than calming effects.
Passionflower is a beautiful ally, i carry a tincture of her always.

If growing borage try making smoothies with the above-ground parts of the plant.
St johnswort is a pleasure to grow and drink as tea. Marsh mallow and hops are also soothing wonderful beings to keep close.
A high calcium tea is recommended for nervous system repair: equal parts horsetail, nettle and oatstraw.

quote=K Kaba] Your ancestors survived that second tiger attack, and the way this part of you works is why.
.....(Those pulse reading wearable bracelets are great for that.) Build up an understanding of the things and sounds and thoughts that overwhelm you."

//// ♡ \\\\
Fitbits:  i resisted this piece of tech but the "prey instinct" influenced my life enough i was crashing hard and not noticing triggers, mostly due to sleep deprivation.
The monitor for blood pressure has been critical to my being social again. I dont shut down my reaction anymore like its an annoying obstacle, with this data informing me i shift into being 100% present in my body.  Shutting the world out so i dont have a panic attack, sometimes looks like asking a friend to put their hands over my ears to shut out noise while i make a shift. With this tech I have support even when i am alone. If you are like me and dont regularly practice wearing a watch, this isnt always easy to remember. So i leave mine in the car so its always where i need it.

Sadly, Some shrinks believe you are only there to receive meds so if starting with a new doctor, begin the session with "please note in my chart i do not want PHARMACEUTICALS."  
most shrinks are like the veterans' hospital experts, who are supposedly the top in the field, yet there is no room for discussing alternative therapies.
I started studying herbal medicine as a 15 year old dealing unknowingly with PTSD. I was concerned about my insomnia and flashbacks. I started growing "Melissa" lemon balm. I started spraying my sheets with lavendar. I painted my room a soothing color. I threw out any clothes that made me more sensitive. As many ways to mitigate the trigger coming from something easily controlled.  The less things irritating us, stirring up the dregs,
the more we can remember how to thrive.
Because even after EMDR, the bastards get me down. Those days, have good chocolate, or your personal equivalent, in your med kit. Small comforts move mountains.

Blessings upon All beings.
1 year ago

Greg Martin wrote:Hello from a fellow Mainiac Sarah....I am super curious about your okra growing in central Maine!  Sounds fantastic.

Hi greg
Do you love okra too?!?!
I have been growing out okra seed from my homeland of Georgia since moving here 7 years ago.
it was after leaving NH, where at least one produce stand sold fresh okra, to find maine lacking in such things.
This being a much delayed response, < thanks in advance for respecting my Luddite tendencies >
Now there is a somali contingent in lewiston area  known as New Roots Cooperative. Their okra is a delight! Trading these seeds in new England is healing and profoundly endearing to our struggle with global weirding.
It is my favorite plant to remind us to reach for the stars, be your weird self because you are uniquely beautiful. Plus i am a sucker for any yellow flowers :)
1 year ago
Hi everyone!
Cutting cordwood in a sawbuck several at once is a project that took many months of mundane physical work. A worthy crosscut saw partner would be sublime! Alas a bucksaw is sufficient.
Putting up more than enough was the challenge, to have evenly aged wood and keep it from the sun to combat shrinkage etc was a difficult problem as the barn was not roofed and mountaintop life didnt afford required shade for curing cordwood.
Dont be discouraged by old timers words of pessimism.  Remembering work as a pleasure and not a chore of drudgery but satisfaction. This is not nostalgia or outdated or impossible or inefficient
This is part of rewilding and embracing the power of tenacity and commitment. This is cherishing the gift economy and serving reciprocity.
1 year ago
Hi alex! I would love to connect
Please PM me!
Whoa Craig we must talk! My grandmother lives in Warren OH and i have a 93 acre parcel of shared acreage in PA.  But my heart is here in central Maine! There is a community called "wilder waters",south of Jay. What does the future hold here, maybe communal living will speak to my land co-operator as he ages but i quit holding my breath so looking for options/gumption!
2 years ago

Craig Barrett wrote:Well Tom,
If you want to sing out, sing out.
And if you want to be free, be free.
'cause there's a million things to be,
You know that there are.

I dont know the movie but i have been singing that song for the whole of summer and now its beack M in earnest! Loving finding this thread, as i
am in central maine as well Craig!
2 years ago