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Mandy Launchbury-Rainey

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since Feb 11, 2018
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Retired teacher reforming a house with 1 acre at 'La Vida Verde', VirĂ­s, Lugo province.
Galicia, Spain zone 9a
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Recent posts by Mandy Launchbury-Rainey

Creating a Forest Garden by Martin Crawford. Such an awesome resource book. And, of course, an audio book - a bbc collection of radio dramas of Terry Pratchett books. So funny. Great for a giggle while Im cycling around exercising my dodgy hip.
1 day ago
This is a video about food forestsin general. The commentator has many years experience in the UK and has a superb book on the subject.

His books has many interesting articles on how far climate change is changing what we could be growing in our areas instead of traditionally grown plants or strains.
1 day ago
I came across this Canadian film about how a shepherdess has managed to aquire new land at no cost. In fact, she is paid to graze it. I thought it interesting.

Hope this helps someone.
We always use fresh mint when cooking potatoes, especially new ones, so maybe taste won't be too bad!
5 days ago
Now that chlorpropham is being withdrawn as a potato sprouting inhibitor, the industry in Europe is turning to green mint oil as an effective alternative. I have no idea on how to use this as we eat or can all our potatoes before the mice move in, but I thought this might be of use to some peeps and maybe there is a very clever Permie out there who knows what to do and how to do it.
6 days ago
Thank you Marco. Yes I know I don't stand much of a chance of saving the tree, but my question was about growing from stones. Any experience e?
1 week ago
Thank you, Galadriel. I will investigate this.
1 week ago
I planted two Morello cherries. After 1 year they fruited well. This second year they looked awesome. Then my neighbour decided that a piece of string instead of electric wire would be enough to hold back his herd of cows...(do you see where I'm  going with this?).
I tree down, the other survived and produced an abundance of fruit. But my rescue dog was trying to tunnel out of our main field to try and get to me while I was planting tomatoes. So, to save the fence, I let her come to me.
She completely stripped the bark from the remaining tree to the height of 2 feet. Now. I will be buying a product that is supposed to heal such wounds, although a hospital may have better success, but fortunately I saved all the stones from this season's  fruit and they are at present in damp compost in the bottom of  my fridge.  I am just hoping they sprout and give trees that have the same amazing flavour as my beautiful morellos.
I know that trees often revert to parents, but does anyone out there have any experience with growing cherries, particularly Morellos, from stones?  Morello cherry my!
1 week ago
About these videos

"Hello All,

Here is a new "Homesteading for Beginners" video series I started a few weeks ago on YouTube. The Permies community really helped me find my target audience and refine my process so I hope you will appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to it so far. At first, I was just taking shots in the dark on this channel. Now, I feel like I'm on a journey to something great and this is only the beginning! There are soooo many people to draw inspiration from in the permaculture community that I know I will never run out of ideas.

As always, your feedback is invaluable to the success of this series and to the channel as a whole. You Homesteading PROS out there are who I REALLY want to hear from! Please feel free to share all your thoughts and constructive criticisms! I have a thick skin too so don't be afraid to offend me either. Tell me what you like, what you don't like, what I should keep doing, what I should stop doing, what works, what doesn't and what you want to see more or less of on my channel. With your help, suggestions and support, I'm confident that we can build something great here that will appeal to a very wide audience!

My primary goal is to help other homesteading newbies, like myself, to actualize their Homestead Dream! So if you are just getting started and you have no idea what you're doing, or you need some ideas, this is the place for you!

For more on me and my story, please read the biography on my forum profile and check out my blog at

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and watch my videos. I truly appreciate your support! And don't forget to Dream BIG and Dream Often, my friends! :)

P.S. My first few "Homesteading for Beginners" videos will focus on preparing and planting bare root fruit/nut trees. I will then start branching out to other topics. Being that it's winter for me now, the focus will probably shift towards thrifty things like canning tips & tricks, for example. To be perfectly honest, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do for the next couple months but you can bet it will be interesting and unique! Before long it will be maple syrup season again so I plan to do a few videos around that, or maybe even dedicate a whole series to it since I have a good 30 years of experience to back it up. So stay tuned!"


Preparing Bare Root FRUIT TREES for Planting

Our homesteading journey begins with some pro tips and best practices around preparing bare root fruit trees for planting.

Planting Bare Roots

In this video, I will share with you some best practices around planting your bare root fruit trees and winterizing them, or in other words, getting them ready to battle the harsh elements of winter.

Bare Root NUT TREE Planting & Winterizing

In this video, I will share with you some best practices around planting your bare root nut trees and winterizing them, or in other words, getting them ready to battle the harsh elements of winter.

Learn how to plant and winterize Korean Pine trees. (PINUS KORAIENSIS)

Tips and Tricks for Plating Fruit and Nut Trees

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