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Mandy Launchbury-Rainey

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since Feb 11, 2018
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Retired teacher reforming a house with 1 acre at 'La Vida Verde', VirĂ­s, Lugo province.
Galicia, Spain zone 9a
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Recent posts by Mandy Launchbury-Rainey

I think if you mixed the fartychokes and the acorns together and passed them through the digestive system of a pig, they would make great bacon.
19 hours ago
I would display a permies bumper sticker! Maybe we could run a competition to design one with 50 % of the sales going to tbe winning designer. Or something.  Not very good at stuff like this.
1 day ago
We can't  harvest meat at home here (although many many people do) and I would prefer to not have to send animals away. I will be raising Celtas to start and free range them. Should have some good ham.
2 days ago
You write to Burl, and I will write to you!
2 days ago
My favourite one was

Retired and spending the kids' inheritance.

Loved it. Gonna get one.....
2 days ago

Hugo Morvan wrote:Had quite a petite girlfriend at the time, the noises she made belonged in a zoo, we were rolling about laughing.

Awesome!  Just told him indoors about that and he is still giggling!
2 days ago
I am going to put some in my dogs' food. It cannot possibly make them worse!
2 days ago
Done but used link in email. Is that a problem?
2 days ago
Thank you, Phil!
2 days ago
I have just read the blurb and this sounds right up my alley! Would love to win a copy! Have you been to Patagonia, John?
2 days ago