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since Feb 11, 2018
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Retired teacher reforming a house with 1 acre at 'La Vida Verde', VirĂ­s, Lugo province.
Galicia, Spain zone 9a
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Recent posts by Mandy Launchbury-Rainey

The one thing I am getting from this thread is that I am not a hopeless gardener after all. Bad things happen to many good gardeners, not just me. Not that I don't commiserate with everyone whose plantings have not gone to plan this year. It is so frustrating.
My winter wheat disappeared, my broad beans mostly eaten by rodents , planted again having soaked in chilli tea, eaten again, left the polytunnel shut in a freaky hot day, I have mentioned all of these before but the pain won't go away....

Miles Flansburg wrote:Voles, moles, and gophers !

Oh my!
1 week ago
We notice many local farmers have blue hands at certain times of thee year, all the vines are blue as are the potatoes. Even some stone houses are stained blue where vines grow up them and Bordeaux mivture has been used.  
1 week ago
How is the skirt going?
1 week ago
This is something I would so love to do. Maybe Permies could set one up? If you could get 10 crafters, a farm with space for camping and sell tickets to work around the workshops over the course of a week? We held drystone walling workshops last year and the were very successful. Amongst the students there were cooks, welders, basketweavers, cheesemakers and knitters. We could have done on for at least a week!
Thank you for that useful post! I hope it sparks lots of discussion!
1 week ago
I can't  wait to have a kitchen so I can use my pasta machine.  Well done to so many of you having a go. These skills may become very necessary in the future. There are a couple of youtube channels featuring Italian Grannies making pasta. Worth checking out.
When Antonio Carluchio was alive he was concerned that these skills would be gone with his generation. How great that someone is filming these lovely ladies for posterity!
1 week ago
That is wondefful news! I can just see the photo (we dont use facebook - permies is my social media) and they are looking good! Thank yoh for that!
1 week ago
I am having a love affair with audio books. During the day, when not listening to Pauls Podcasts, I have my tablet in a little back pack and listen to either Charles Dickens (Tale of Two Cities at the moment), Agatha Christie read by Emilia Fox (beautiful voice like her mother) or the Aubrey-Maturin series which I have read several times but am now listening to them read by Robert Hardy, who really makes them come alive. I find I work through my chores almost without noticing as I am so engrossed in the wonderful stories to which I am listening.
1 week ago