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since Feb 11, 2018
Age 50 couple, minimalism, raw food, green, new to permaculture, solar power, rainwater harvesting, grey water
Crescent City, Florida
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I like the idea of bentonite. Anyone know where I can get some in Orlando, Jax, Tampa, Gainesville?
5 months ago
Have you investigated loquats? I am a bit farther south in N. Florida, zone 9, and I have several loquats and I have been told by the permie vets that they are not high maintenance--mine are doing well, the mature ones as well as the 3 footers that I ignored after a week. Also mulberries might be a good tree. The others you have mentioned, figs, persimmons, pecans all make sense.
7 months ago
I have greatly benefited from reading these posts over the last year.
It was said "there is so much to learn", and that is the case.
Again, I am grateful for the experts helping us noobs.
That being said, as a newbie (1 year into our permie project) I frequently find the info difficult to break down (composting humor?)
Please remember, experts, that when a newbie asks for newbie advice, give the newbie advice that a newbie can process, please?
Now get back to your thermal neutron flux oxygenation extract principle coefficients!
8 months ago
1. Soil has been mixed with homemade compost for a year and with pine bark and pine straw and pine wood mulch covering the area where I will be planting.
Will it still need fungi inoculation? All my other plantings in the area have had mycelium introduced a few months ago.
2. I have researched the types and have 2 Emerald and 2 Sweet Crisp to add to 2 Jewel cultivars already planted from last year. These should be good for our area according to my research.

Thanks for your info. I appreciate the help.
9 months ago
Okay. I am a newbie, infant, as I stated.

"I would 1st focus on the soil and increase the soil fertility."
*what/ How?

"Next I would inoculate the plant and put it in a 3ft hole."
*what does that mean? How?

"I would also plant in the fall."
*this is the fall!

"I would also try and get the plant to focus on root growth and less so on fruiting and leave growth (aka prune flowers and leave if it seems top heavy)"
*okay, I think I got this one.
9 months ago
I have been told to
1. prune when planting, or not necessary, or depends...
2. cut off flowers first year to encourage plant growth
3. Mulch with pine bark instead of pine straw
Any ideas for this infant permie?
9 months ago
Good stuff. Thanks all.
9 months ago
We live in a remote area of Central Florida and are considering installing a radio antenna to compensate for our spotty satellite internet.
Any suggestions?
9 months ago

"Trees that are growing in a valley will probably have deeper soil to live in than trees growing on the top of a hill or mountain.
Valley trees are also going to have a higher water table than hill or mountain top/side trees, making the valley trees less likely to be stricken by lack of water than the same species up or on top of a hill or mountain."
I am probably missing something, but if the water table is higher in a valley, how can the soil be deeper?
9 months ago
Thanks all!
9 months ago