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Recent posts by Clay Bunch

Cam and Robert those are all great! It sounds like you both could use one i made the other day.
I was trying to weld continuously on a round piece  of scrap and I had difficulty turning it while allowing for an even bead so I used my grinder to make a point on a bolt and put it through my table with a nut and lockwasher now I just use a center punch on the center to lightly mark the bottom of the project and it stays in place and spins evenly with little effort all from scrap!

I'm stealing to bung wrench design!
1 year ago
Excellent! I have some 3 and 4 year old vines that got cut down cut down by an over zealous father in law. They are making their return but im going to need a vinophile to help me get them back to full vigor!
2 years ago
Good to know! Local nomenclature and common names are confusing! Ive moved some in the past to different houses but these were planted here about 6 years ago!
2 years ago
Resurrection flowers are up!
2 years ago
Look for hosiery plants near you. I get smart wool socks for 50 cents a pair from their imperfect sales
2 years ago
Use a toilet auger it will clear the toilet clog in just a few minutes. You can spend more but homedeopt and ace has them for under 12 bucks. Works much better on toilet clogs than a snake.

Should you find that the clog is beyond the toilet and actually in your line ig suggest purchasing borrowing or renting a motorized snake with the auger end and starting at your clean out port.
2 years ago
this is not a small sustainable company and its not cheap being from Minnesota im sure you've heard of them but Duluth trading post makes the best cold weather socks.
2 years ago
Cool find at a nursery in Ohio. Lemon A Peel blackeyed Susan vine is what it was sold as
2 years ago
3rd year from seed this is a picture from earlier this summer. Ill get another when I go put up the ducks
2 years ago
They develop a really deep tap root in my experience.  I would put them individually into really deep pots if I was going to try and winter them in a green house out indoors.

Best bet is to split your group half in 12 to 18 inch deep pots and half in the ground. They are understory trees here and mine have done well even as tiny plants in winter  as long as they are dormant before frost and also providing that you mulch them deeply as they would experience from leaf litter here in Appalachia.
I have not got a great deal of experience but i have raised 3 from seed over the past 3 years. I usually plant things with compost and deep mulch and then give them lots of neglect. It seemed to work especially well for my papaws 3 out of my 4 seeds are now shoulder height.

I have read that they prefer more shade until their 3rd year and then they really hit a growth spurt and enjoy lots of sunshine. Perhaps if you plant them in a sunny location you can put a tomato cage around them with shade cloth it will cut down on winds and intense sun and can be easily removed later.

Best of luck!
2 years ago