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Recent posts by Clay Bunch

Awesome I've found a couple others hopefully we can bring more to the surface soon.

I am hoping some more restrictions will be lifted so we can get a group together for a potluck or cook out in a public place soon
3 weeks ago
I am very interested in cob! I haven't done any before.  Corinth is pretty close!  I'd love to be a part of a workshop!
1 month ago

Mike Haasl wrote:FYI this thread is 7 years old

Hahahaha I saw it in the recent and didn't even look at the date!
Thanks for looking out Mike!
1 month ago
I am in central Kentucky looking for permies wanting to learn new skills and trade experiences advice tools and materials! Let's build community in the area and help one another to get PEP certified!

I have a number of tools and some equiptment but I don't have all the tools or land or materials!

If we can get together we can help one another through the PEP process while being frugal and community minded!

Please reach out if you want to build the empire!
1 month ago
Could you provide that 1800 number?
1 month ago
I got a broad fork from bully tools that left me rather disappointed as well.
The finish in the tines was damaged before I received it and the handles are loose no matter what I do.

1 month ago
Also refried beans greens and queso Fresca with a little pico makes for a great taco.

I also find offal meat tacos to be more filling than muscle cuts and usually they come as street tacos much smaller even forgoing the cheeses. I believe nose to tail is an important part of sustainable meat use and it seems in much ive read that the organs often are more nutrient dense. Maybe that's why they seem more filling.
1 month ago
Cutting sausage with oats makes goetta! Its a Cincinnati area treat that really crisps up nice!

I've noticed that in sauces the addition of mushrooms onions tomatoes squashes and even greens will help to make it more filling and also satisfy the texture that my western pallete longs for.

I haven't found a way to make a small burger more filling yet but I'm sure there are many ways... topping with hearty mushrooms or just swapping out the patty for a big portobello top often hits the spot.

1 month ago
Thanks Steve. Those look great. I can't wait to read more of the thread
1 month ago