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Hi, I'm Clay and I love Appalachian folk lore, folk skills, modern appropriate technology and experiments in building community and local scale economies!
I live in eastern Kentucky zone 6b where I enjoy tinkering with AT and growing meat and veggies in the most contrarian ways I can think of!
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Recent posts by Clay Bunch

My understanding is that you want to have your glasing perpendicular to the angle of light for best use of the light.

If you wanted to make sure you got the very best sun and heat on April first then I would design it so that the collection area is at a 60 degree opposing angle.

The good news from what I've read is that you will get good energy penetration at up to 45 degrees away from perpendicular.

By aiming your collection angle toward the sun at this date it would seem to me that it does not take advantage of the thermal battery of your back wall in a passive design.
I also think it would take a great deal more complex math to find out where your insulation should start and glasing stop should you wish to avoid over heating the greenhouse in the summer.

The simple math is usually your latitude plus 20-38 degrees. This will roughly give you the answer you need for winter solstice positioning. Most designs are made to acommodate for the best temps year round.
I would stick to that but i would also lobe to hear some more intelligent permies give you the answer to the awesome and interesting question of how would one design to optimize spring only use!

I hope this was helpful and I hope even more that a passive design guru comes along and enlightens us both!

Best of luck!
10 months ago
That's all I needed to hear! Thank you Joseph!
10 months ago
I have been looking for some Sepp Holzer grain for some time now and I've found it only a few places. Obviously the place I trust most would be from wheaton labs but in its scarcity I've looked elsewhere.

The experimental farms network has it listed as coming from Michael Billington that worked directly with Holzer. It seems far more legitimate than anywhere else I've seen it commercially available.

They have a great assortment of interesting seed and I plan to order a few things but I just thought I'd ask for opinions of the legitimacy of the seed and if any one has worked with the company before.
10 months ago
Like most issues discussed on permaculture depends.

I have had several different sprayer attachments that were made in different ways.

Leaking at the handle I've used Teflon tape or pipe dope to fix

Leaking from the spray end is likely a rubber gasket or an o-ring. O rings are great to have on hand on a homestead and if you do not have the right size you can slice with a razor cut to size and super glue it back. Often this fix works for years.

Clogging can happen from mineral buildup and hard water deposits. If that's the issue I would try soaking the entire thing in vinegar. If this proves ineffective you could take it apart and clean the screen with something stronger or just a good brushing.

The handle actuator sticking could be a lubrication issue. Try using a food grade lubricant pen with a needle applicator if you aren't comfortable dismantling your spray head.

Good luck!
10 months ago
If you were to time your Christmas fire correctly he would have to quench the fire to come down resulting in the incomplete burn after pyrolosis  leaving you with beautiful biochar.

Function stacking santa
10 months ago
Are these physical products? I feel like people might complain because the advertisement isn't very clear. Perhaps saying  pdf plans and digital download of the movies would be better if they aren't physical copies. The pictures of the plans give the appearance that it is a physical paper book.

In the bottom paragraph before the purchase options the word experience is in a different font or size or italicized? I am not sure and it may have been intentional but it doesn't make sense to my dumb consumer mind

Edit: I see now that experience is a hyperlink to a permies thread but it wasn't immediately apparent to me when reading.
10 months ago
It's beautiful! I feel like a header and drop down menu to navigate more efficiently than scrolling might be an improvement. If I did not know permies I would be weary of making a purchase on this page. I think a header identifying the site  and giving an option to quickly see more of the page and it's purpose and creator  could make it feel a little more official and trust worthy.
10 months ago
I do not have a photo but I'll attach a photo of what inspired the idea.

The only thing different with mine is that I used concrete mixing trays and added a drain valve to the tray below the bottom rotational tray.
10 months ago
Ask for wooden toys
10 months ago
We put part in the worm bin and part out for the birds. Putting it in a suet feeder is a great idea I hadn't thought of!
10 months ago