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Recent posts by Bonzie Durmus

Iam in the bayarea currently and have been searching for such a life style. My version wasnt community rich though. I much more prefer this. How does one apply or learn more? Website by any chance?
2 months ago
What to do with 10k?
3 months ago
Can anyone reccomend more homestead forums. Some really good ones.
4 months ago
I have 5k saved. What would you do with it?
I'm living free of rent until the near future.
Saving money is always my priority since starting a homestead as a single make in California will be hard. What's your advice to me?
4 months ago
For all California homesteaders. Where did you buy your modular home,tiny house,trailer  etc....
Looking to start saving for a decent one plus land. I'd prefer not to live in an rv on my own land. I dont feel it would be wise or safe.
So I'm trying to get an idea how much to save. I'm assuming delivery fees apply.

P.S buying land out here so so pricey. If it's cheaper to order out of state and have it delivered I'm open to the idea. I e already done some research. Figured I'd reach out for suggestions
5 months ago
I'm 33 years old and live in the bayarea. I'd like to find a like minded woman and see if we share the same life goals and if we are a good match to make the leap to a humble lifestyle.
Nobody is perfect so feel free to share yoir strengths and weaknesses. Example:I'm afraid of spiders and snakes lol.
thank you for reading.
Are you guys still looking for people to join?
2 years ago
32 going on 33 with bad credit and I have a bad job. I hate it takes money to go off grid and live off less. Even worse I'm in California.
Just venting guys.
Anyone else annoyed by their situation.
Question,if you feel like maybe going off grid is too g to takes years what other alternative have you thought of life style wise.
2 years ago