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Recent posts by s. drone

i have that same honeywell 175/250W heater
i keep it on full time next to my fan and cold air humidifier (175W and turn it up only on the coldest stretches)
i think the tropicals are much happier this year in part due to the heater
i have thought about this too
could go either way but it would be luxury to have something like this as youre platform to build on
luxury as in they cost like 5000 or so who know what the shipping would come to

on the other hand this guy builds some nice ones using election signs and the like

i might do this some day
would love to tour around lake superior etc

i bought this:

and have used it with my heavy royalex canoe.. no problems
i bent it while transporting culverts but that was partly due to the pressure of the weight pressing in the middle as opposed to being spread more towards the wheel
still love the product though it was only bent due to being way over the rating
1 week ago
that wave looks surfable
1 week ago
i was in the process of buying a 6x10 jaw crusher from a chinese company when things got fishy
they wanted me to buy two units all the sudden saying it wasnt worth sending only 1 unit... that they only make a small amount per unit and other BS making me suspicious and i did not end up getting it
unfortunate since the ones here from mount baker mining was 10 times as much money and out of my budget

wanted it to improve the road to my property
2 weeks ago

simplicity we use to survive
1 month ago
not sure how this thread was brought to the top ... maybe spam which has been removed?
anyhow i second the advice of high humidity
also predator mites like  Phytoseiulus persimilis

1 month ago
are you using wood chips?
i have seen a large pile steaming in the dead of winter
i am hoping to heat a greenhouse this way too
1 month ago
for those of you growing vanilla bean orchid
14C was cold enough to kill my plant
in colder climates it is best to keep it indoors as a house plant

with all the synbio derived vanilla flavouring out there it would be good to make youre own and avoid products with vanilla flavouring
1 month ago
for humans at least breathing in quartz dust can cause silicosis
breathing quartz dust should be avoided
if cutting a quartz bearing rock one should use water to keep the dust down
if it is a nice coarse angular sand then it should make a good potting medium where you want to avoid overwatering
great drainage if it is coarse enough
1 month ago