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It's that time again! Time to gear up for the Permaculture Design Course for Scientists, Engineers, and Educators near Missoula, Montana.

This year's PDC will take place  Sunday June 16 Through  Saturday June 29, 2019.

This Permaculture Design Course will have a strong focus on much more advanced participants who want a deeper dive into Permaculture. Be prepared for heavy, in-depth study and design, as this course it geared toward those who have studied permaculture, homesteading, science and/or engineering.

Immediately after the course, many students will also be attending the
ATC (Appropriate Technology Course) which runs from July 1st - 12th 2019.

The course will also include a full tour of the facilities.

Visit the official PDC page HERE
You'll find the official content of the course, as well as all the information you need to register for the course.

Purchase your tickets HERE!


Alan Booker - 2019 PDC Instructor

Alan graduated from Auburn University in Electrical Engineering with a focus on computer architecture and neural networks. He currently has over 25 years of experience as a systems engineer and systems architect working in digital telecommunications and large-scale computer systems.

As he gained experience in the industry throughout the 1990’s, Alan began to understand the long-term problems being created by modern design practices. In researching possible solutions, he became interested in Permaculture due to its holistic design approach and track record of creating workable solutions in a wide range of climates and ecosystems around the world.

In addition to teaching the PDC, Alan also provides consulting and workshops on earthworks, soil remediation, composting, forest gardening, holistic management of pastureland, keyline design, aquaculture and aquaponics, off-grid energy systems, and natural building systems.

Alan is the founder and lead instructor of the Eldenbridge Institute, which provides education and research in support of regenerative communities.

Alan's full bio can be found at the Eldenbridge Institute's website.

Paul Wheaton - 2019 PDC Guest Instructor

Paul Wheaton, the bad boy of Permaculture, was proclaimed by Geoff Lawton in 2012 the Duke of Permaculture. He is the creator of two on-line communities. One is about Permaculture,, and one is about software engineering,

He is a powerful advocate of Sepp Holzer’s techniques, which a recent study showed to have the ability to feed 21 billion people without the use of petroleum or irrigation. He also promotes the use of hugelkultur, which sequesters carbon and eliminates the need for irrigation, and polycultures, which reduces the need for pest control and improves the health of plants. He wrote several articles about lawn care, raising chickens, cast iron, and diatomaceous earth. Paul regularly uploads permaculture videos and permaculture podcasts.

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