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Thanks Nicole and everyone whose shared.
I'm excited to start mulching and getting potatoes going.
I'm in Iowa an in a new house and land so I'm excited to see how this goes.
10 months ago
I'm appreciating reading where everyone is at with preparing.
I am pretty much stocked up on what I need for myself and my dogs & cats.
I will go out one more time to get a bit more staples and dry cat food then should be good to go for sometime.
I have a good supply of can foods, basic, staples and foods in freezer and dried foods.
From what I've seen and heard it can get quite crazy in the store scene here in Iowa yet sounds like it is everywhere.
I've been working on all my starter plants and many will soon be ready to go out. I will continue starting, planting, growing and canning/storing what I produce. I'll also be doing hay bale gardening, plant hangers in the trees and an indoor garden area. I hope soon to have time and energy to do my underground greenhouse and pantry. I've been wanting to do this for sometime so hopefully beginning soon. I'm looking forward to my fresh veggies.
I'll be sharing a bit more of produce with my kids and grandkids local here.
They haven't planned for things like are happening. Perhaps this will aid them to do so in the future.
10 months ago
No problem @Paul Wheaton.
Just curious
10 months ago
Thanks for sharing on forest gardening @Thomas Regnault
Forest gardening is new to me but I'm very interested to do more with it.
I will share your video and do hope funding will come in to help you further your amazing work
10 months ago
Are you still using clickbank @Paul Wheaton?
I use it to promote some affiliates so was curious.
I looked for ya but didn't find you or permies on there.
May have inputed incorrectly though. They can be damn picky
10 months ago
I've been working on preps and would be alright if would have to stay in from the corona virus. I have been sick for a bit and limited on activity just for now but can cook most things from scratch. It is nice to have some ready made items to make when one doesn't feel like cooking a bunch of stuff. I think it's good to have things you know you'll eat. No sense to stock up on beans if your not going to eat beans lol
I've moved to a new house and property with lots to do but doing the best I can to take care of what is needed.
I've been watching a youtube series on Corona Virus with prepper tv. Many saying there is a lot of panic buying going on and shelves are barren of a lot of things like Purell hand sanitizer and spray, toilet paper and food basics like flour, etc  I've only heard of two people being tested in Iowa where I'm at but who knows either media exagerates or doesn't tell us anything.
One thing I tell others a lot is not to give into living in fear, do your best to prepare, be wise and do one's best if the virus is in our neck of the woods. Fear paralyzes and we won't accomplish anything to take care of ourselves or family.
10 months ago
I'm watching your video Paul with Jacob Lund. I'm pumped in promoting 'Building a Better World in Your Own Backyard' as well as lots of other awesomness here on
No Mr Slappy needed here. I just keep learning and doing! I'm working on early and wonderful retirement and passive income is where it's at for me!
10 months ago