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If that is bare steel, and the sun shines on it, your grape vine will suffer. Heat transfers very easy through steel. Once a big part is covered in shade, It might survive, but for a young plant it is not recommended.
2 weeks ago
That's a nice life-long project you have running there! Agree strongly on the point of doing instead of going to a university.

We are also in Thailand (near pala-u in prachuap) and have just started on a 10rai plot of land. Quiet the challenge between farmers which love their roundup (paraquat). But not giving up. Going to make it as perma as the culture here allows.

Wishing the best on your future plans. Will be following your thread.
2 months ago

Charli Wilson wrote:I've now got an upper-arm monitor- its what the doctors use so  I figured it would then match! I figure I shall write a food diary for a week, as well as taking blood pressure readings morning and evening- see if I can find any correlations.

I don't think stress is an issue.. I'm pretty laid back. Having said that- I do a lot, I have something planned for every evening! Am I creating my own internal stress? I'm on holiday from work for the next week so this might help me tell!

If you like what you are doing, keep doing it! That's not creating stress, probably happiness . However if it feels like a burden, you might rethink your busy evenings. Good luck with the journal!
4 months ago
I disassembled our old washing machine (frontloader) and used the square outside casing as a cat-house. It is lying on its side so the access for the cats is from the open bottom (i had to install the frontdoor again to keep it windfree. Couple of old rags/blankets in them.

The stainless steel (perforated) drum is now a burning pot for mostly wood.

The outside drum (holding the water normally) is also a cat-house (having 9 cats around)
4 months ago
Be your own doctor: buy a bloodpressure meter (not the wrist version, very often incorrect readings), the upper-arm version. They are quite cheap.
Measure your pressure (pref. in the morning when it's highest) and record this in a journal. Maybe in the 1st couple of weeks, measure several times/day.
It helped me a lot. Going into the 105-170 area, left the working-in-shift job, and now in the 80-120 region (now almost 60 yrs old).
most interesting discovery, for me, was to find out that after eating too much sweets (read; sugars,bread etc.) my bloodpressure would increase AFTER 24 HOURS.... so a kind of killer-delay.
So, write in your journal what you eat and soon you will find the offending food
4 months ago
I planted a cacao tree maybe 5 months ago. It's location is between rubber trees with a rather open canopy. I mulched it from the beginning. It has produced a lot of new growth there and since a month or so almost all leaves of the rubber trees have fallen (dry season, much sunshine, 165m asl, thailand). So the tree is a big part of the day exposed to the sun. The tree shows no signs of stress...
5 months ago
Continuity in permaculture will take care of it's own. We live in Thailand, among farmers who slash and burn, use glysophate and roundup by the truck-loads. We set up a piece of land in the middle of it and use permacultural principles to manage it. We hope for a stark contrast in the near future between their land and ours in the dry season to show that 4 to 6 months of no rain cannot break down a lush green permacultural plot. If they come to ask how we do it, we work on continuity!
6 months ago
Maybe an idea for the d.i.y. people: remove the whole aircon system from an old car, mount it as a split unit in your house and run the compressor via a v-belt on a 24v dc motor, connected to solarpanel. A typical car aircon, i was told, is about 13000 btu....
7 months ago
Don't know if it is on topic but I wondered often if the lpg in cars (propane boils at -38 degrees celsius) couldn't be used to replace the compressor for the aircon. Normally the car's watercooling system absorbs this cold what is generated by leading the gas into the evaporator...

Also, i read somewhere a long time ago that some university student in india replaced the coolant of a fridge with propane, and it worked better than the original coolant. The safety was no issue as the amount was so low that it would never be a threat.

Interesting stuff../

7 months ago
If the boxes aren't closed on top, provide roofs over the compost boxes. Torrential rains cools the composting too much.
1 year ago