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Hi All,
I'm interested in being a part of a community of like minded people who want to have my own place, a dome home, and a small garden, and some animals. I'd like to make a living off of my artwork. I'd like to join with other people to share with each other and help each other.
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Finally the correct attitude and way of living that is in tune with Nature and other beings on this planet we ALL share!!  Thank you so much!!!
2 months ago
I spent alot of time at my grandma’s house and she cooked country cooking style!

I miss her strawberry jam with little strawberries in it! Her grape jelly was awesome too!

She used to make what she called rivals.  Its basic noodle dough only you take little bits off and boil it in the juice from a roast beef!

She was my biggest influence in values to me!
4 months ago

This is exactly the scenario I’m looking for!

As an older lady I’ve been down the rat race road and that’s not where I want to be.

I’ve discovered Permies!!!

I’ve always wanted to learn how to live on a homestead and get my own land!

This is my dream!!

Thank you Paul and permies!!

I was wondering if I start a blog on my experiences then other people can know that it’s possible even if you’re older!

Awesome!! I’m a newbie so kind of confusing! I haven’t had much experience with forums.

I’m grateful to be apart of permies because I believe you guys are helping to change the world 🌍 for the better!!!

I wanted to also give a shout out to the staff!! Awesome job everyone!!

I was wondering how to receive the freebies from the kickstarter for my donation?

Thank you

Hi all you lovely souls!!

I watched a video on Nepal street foods and they were making a chai tea or something like that and it was over a fire was similar to the Georgia coffee description.

Maybe it’s similar but it sure looked delicious!

I like coffee but Chai tea I think is my favorite!🌸
4 months ago
Hi Owen!

Welcome to the discussion!! I look forward to learning even more about plants and our relationship to them and all of nature!

5 months ago

Sure enjoyed your video about washing wool!

I’ve done quite a bit of that myself. I used to have a spinning wheel and I want to get another one so I can spin some yarn. It’s very relaxing!!

Do you do fiber felting? That’s fun to do too!

What kind of sheep do you have?

Maybe you could share some of your knowledge of sheep and what it takes to raise them for wool and a pet!!

Sheep are one of my favorite animals!

Thank you for sharing 🐑
5 months ago
Hey I’m in too!

Has anyone seen the greenhouse surrounding the house so that it’s all contained and the heat from the greenhouse heats the house? That might be a possibility.

Awesome job everyone!
5 months ago

Overall I liked the video but it could use a bit more upbeat music.

I don’t know much about gray water so it could go into more detail about the problems with graywater to understand the need for the experiment.

What system does the guy in Nebraska have that you are trying to find a different way?

Just some questions I would have after watching the video.

5 months ago