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since May 23, 2018
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Studied International Development and Anthropology with some smatterings of literature in there.
Love to read and write,vegan and vegetarian cooking, gardening,herbs, making natural products - soaps,lotions and potions and all that wax, hiking,traveling, meditation and the Spirit path, contemporary and ancient cultures and all things permaculture.
Worked in the development field a bit - got put off by their methodology and mentality (very condescending and unholistic approaches).  Learned about permaculture and was excited about its possibilities for the people and for the environment. Also, I was already involved on my family farm with organic farming, living clean and healthy and all that. Saw permaculture as a marriage of all the things that excite me - environmentalism, human welfare, anthropology, community, natural health, growing my own food. A brief rundown of my permaculture journey:
Have been organic farming since 2008 and grew up on an organic farm.
Completed a pdc in 2012.
Did 2 Teacher's Trainings in 2014 and 2015.
Completed a natural building (superadobe)training and 3 month permaculture internship in Thailand in 2014.
Herbal medicine course in 2015.
Completed a cob building course in 2016.
Facilitating and co-facilitating pdcs around Nairobi
Running a small scale organic farm and getting a productive food forest system going.
Training farmer's groups in permaculture with organic and bio intensive focus.
Restoring and permaculturing a drylands ecosystem with the aim of implementing water security,good soil, forests, food crops,natural building, generating an income, outreach training the surrounding community and holding courses.
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Recent posts by Mara Maralal

Sounds good. I like your plant and tree choices.You mentioned senna interplanted with the crop. How does sesbania sesban do around there? And also faidherbia albida somewhere on swale or interplanted...It's really good for arid places and improving crop fertility.
Other thing I would like to it mainly a sorghum crop monoculture that is required or do you have the chance to break it up with some drought tolerant legumes like lentils?
Guess the only way to avoid watering after is to plant right at the start of the long rains. Don't know much about Chad's rain patterns. Do you have a rainy season coming up? Ours (Kenya) is just ending.
Good luck with it. Keep us posted.
8 months ago
Hi Maureen...I really enjoyed your blog. It really inspired me to start my own some time. Don't lose hope...if you're feeding the neighborhood kids with produce from your own farm, then you are a successful farmer. I know lots of people with PDCs who like to talk a lot but have never produced a thing.
As a fellow Kenyan, I can relate to a lot on here - the goat and cattle encroachments, the very dry seasons and how to get your farm through them....and now, the flooding...haha.
About the diabetes, ever tried good old cinnamon...about 1/2 tsp a day should do it. You can spread it over a few cups of tea. Also guava leaves are pretty good with that.
There are other cheaper pdc options out there like Practical Permaculture Institute (PPI)
They recently did permaculture installations in some schools in Kakamega, perhaps you can check that out, get some ideas on how to set up some systems at your farm. Would be great to see you have a demo site and start teaching those kids some sustainable farming, nutrition and lots of stuff... also get them to help around...learn on the job. Make it fun for them. These are great life skills.
Again, keep it up. Great stuff!
8 months ago