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A do no harm sort. Since 2001, On a quest for forgotten knowledge, both new and old ideas about how to responsibly care for ones self and others. So many things my parents and their parents did not know to teach me. I know I will outlive all of my relatives.
Kansas Temperate Zone
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Thank you for this thread post. I am interested in trying to grow the Caucasian mountain spinach among some of the others mentioned.
Haven't been able to find seeds locally. Can't wait to add this to my kitchen garden.

Where might one find seeds?

6 months ago
Richard Wei,
Greetings, This is my way of helping the cycle for the worms, compost tea

5 gallon bucket  2 parts soil maybe with a few leaves from tea bags or last falls drop, 3 parts water,
add 1-2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses and an bubbler with air hose like used for aquariums.
let it bubble for about 5 hours or so a day in light sun partial shade for about 3-5 days, if it starts to stink it's probably ripe. This is to feed the healthy bacteria of the soil
and this is how I make a compost tea,

Next  a few leftover eggshells that have been washed grind up eggshells until like fine cornmeal mix with a cup or so of leftover coffee grounds
cast the coffee ground/eggshell mixture over your worm bed, and pour/sprinkle a cup or two of the liquid compost tea over the worm bed.

the rest of the liquid compost tea can be poured about the garden and lawn,
the muddy bit in the bottom of the bucket can be poured out next to the compost pile to dry out some, before turning it in with the compost pile.
I have done this about once every 3 years. I usually average about 12 to 30 worms a shovel full of dirt in my compost pile due to feeding tha bacteria that break down the food for the worms. they predigest the worm food then the worms predigest the scraps for the plants to eat. and so on and so on.

just after a good rain,  or if you have access to a garden hose you may wish to wet down the lawn in the afternoon, step out in the evening with a flashlight that has been paired with a red lens. you may hear the worms as the move out from the soil to mate on the wet soil. If you are careful and swift, you may be able to catch some of the ones you see by the "collar" and gently wiggle them out from their holes. have a worm bucket ( I use a plastic coffee can) to place them in and as you get a few, carry them to your worm bin  and gently pour them in the areas you want them to be. the will usually stay in the area of the food.

the compost tea helps to feed the mycellium bacteria that feed on the vege scraps, which speeds  that the rate at which the veges break down, predigests it for the worms, worm will eat and have a healthier gut flora the egg shells that also feed the bacteria help add grit for the worms aiding in the digestion for the worms too.

on one end of your compost pile in a small area, place about a 3-4 inch thick layer of wood mulch/wood chips the bacteria will feed there and the worms will gather there for the moisture retention and cooler temps.

My plants flourish with this most times even through the harsh winters here in Kansas.
Hope your Easter was a great one.
Bless you and your worms with good health.
9 months ago
Some time ago I was interested in the idea of farming worms for the garden, (and fishing). I read that the washed eggshells may be ground into a fine grit like fine cornmeal as an amendment to feed for the worms to aid in their digestion and calcium. This adds to calcium for the garden, but I do not yet know if it has changed the PH much of my garden soil. I have many worms in my garden now from composting, so I generally just keep adding them when I empty the scrap bag into the compost pile about every 4 or 5 days.

What do you do with your leftover eggshells?
Happy Easter All

9 months ago
108442 Dead Doctors don't lie is with Joel Wallach
the salt water vid  is with F. Batmanghelidj MD
Tradional diets  vid Sally Fallon
Lacto Fermentation is with Katalin Brown

(Don't be mad at your parents for not teaching you what they didn't know, By knowing what you now know, you have the empowerment to do with that information what you will, but please Do No Harm!.)
9 months ago
Dear Michele Lasher, (and other concerned)...

After some very careful thought and consideration I will share some information I have learned from that works for me and has helped a handful of friends and family in my experience.
(Please note: I am not a certified nutritionist, nor a medical healthcare provider, and am not providing medical advice. Please do your own research and fact checking. Trust yourself Think for yourself. Believe in yourself)

3 youtube video resources that have helped me...

Regarding essential minerals the body needs but cannot produce on its own, refer to 108442 Dead Doctors don't lie
here is the link

Regarding Gut Flora keeping the body alive, how you make it, prepare food so it's easier to uptake nutrition how it helps the breastfeeding through the mother, refer to both
Lacto-Fermentation: The Secret of Healing

Nourish Vermont 2016 // Sally Fallon Morell: Seminar on Traditional Diets (Part I)
and (Part II)
Nourish Vermont 2016 // Sally Fallon Morell: Seminar on Traditional Diets (Part II)

and finally importantly how the body reacts or maybe misdiagnosed for symptoms of dehydration salt/water
refer to...Water, Natural salt (Not sodium) first, then diet and exercise in that order!

the first few videos have helped me  and the last one about salt and water (specifically regarding hystamines andthe salt water ratio to body weight properly administered. I made the mixture he refers to ) saved the life of my loved one after she had been stung by bees.
9 months ago
Does anyone else have experience with this?  Plants You Can Grow That Make GREAT Toilet Paper Substitutes?
I found an interstein video on youtube titled "10 Plants You Can Grow That Make GREAT Toilet Paper Substitutes!"
Important note, NEVER USE POISEN IVY as toilet paper. I haven't, but I do know someone that did by accident, and
it was a very uncomfortable experience for them that lasted for days.
Be Blessed all.
9 months ago
Compost tea video that is fed with mollasses can be found on youtube. Had a cabbage plant that survived 3 winters in Kansas this way. increases bug resistence. Note current events would recommend video on youtube titled 10 Plants You Can Grow That Make GREAT Toilet Paper Substitutes!
9 months ago
Anne, If the purpose of the protective mask is to prevent one who is coughing from spraying possibly infected saliva/ phlegm onto others, and considering still cold weather in many places, I propose something in the form of a balaclava to cover said mask or to mask the mask, no not baclava although  a pastry would be tasty. Balaclava would cover nose face and help provide retention of body heat with some protection from wind.
9 months ago
I used to live on a farm and do miss having the large plot to grow on, Someday that option will become available again.
Until then I will keep planning for it and practicing on a small scale.
I just brought home about 20 pallets to lay out for planting in, thus stretching the mulch a little farther.
Nicole, of the first group of options I would simply say this,... Use them all.
The top left with the letters is my favorite, if you were proposing these for my books, It would be my primary choice.
I would still yet use all others you proposed in their separate "elements" (pun intended) :) ...
One for items related to garden-wear, one for , One for seed packets, One for Coffee Mugs, Hats, Tee's, One for Greeting Cards, and a variety for Gift Cards available to be purchased as gifts for others to buy things from your  Wheaton Lab's online store.  If the store thing and gift cards comes to fruition I would like two matching coffee mugs and/or tee's (one M, and one XL). With your Logo, above the word's "THANK YOU" on one side, and your stores website address on the other. This way no matter the side of the coffee table I am conversing from, no matter which side of the mug or Tee's I see, I will be making someones day.
"But wait there's more" lol
I hope you have as much inspiring fun considering using all of your logos as I did sharing a portion of my opinion about just some of the empowering projects possible in this reply.
Truly having fun.
Larry Jackson