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I am one of the founding members of an all women's natural building collective based out of the south coastal region of British Columbia. We have recently released a book called The Mudgirls Manifesto.
Our collective is structured non-hierarchically and practice consensus-based decision-making: challenging top-down, inequitable power structures by practising ways of working together in which all voices are valued and have equal decision-making power. We aim to challenge the capitalist paradigm of business by keeping our wages
lower than market value and by practising bartering systems of exchange.
We specializing in using
local, natural and recycled materials. Encouraging applied activism, we fight capitalism, pollution, inequality, and the
patriarchal mindset. As builders, we can build everything from benches to homes.
British Columbia Canada
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Recent posts by molly murphy

i am trying to figure out the best way to flash around a chimney that goes through 5 inches of soil.
using 45 mil. EPDM
i have the option to have the initial chimney flashing in place or not.

any tips or photos would be much appreciated.
thank you
2 years ago
i also have never had a problem with critters unless the structure was unsound to begin with....
just trying to appease worried clients and want to make sure im not missing something. people are always so worried that their natural home will melt and / or become a giant ant hill.
thank you
2 years ago
i could use some help with grease traps that work.
small scale. like in a tote?
is there any way that these are not the grossest thing in the world?
2 years ago
i would love to use your collective expertise here.

my experience has some answers but i wanna know what you all think.

lime plaster over clay plaster yay or nay?
lime mixed into light clay straw to help prevent bugs. thoughts?
what proportion of lime to clay?
like can i add my typical type s builders lime to my clay slip? or should i keep them separate until the straw mixing stage?

thanks hive mind.
2 years ago
Congratulations you lucky four. i expect a 250 word report by the end of the summer!!
or at least let me know what part was your favourite. ;)

no, really, it has been quite amazing sharing this space with such incredible minds . i can actually feel the combined brilliance from my couch!
i hope a few of you one day take a workshop with us and that those that do choose to read our book enjoy it, find it inspiring and go out there and make things all while having fun!

thank you for all the welcomes and the encouraging words.
molly and the mudgirls
2 years ago
aw well emma, thank you.
you should still come to a workshop!
2 years ago
yup, the rat race keeps us too busy making ends meet o stop and shift and actually pay attention.
2 years ago
nope. no tornadoes. but i saw one once in ontario. scary and amazing at the same time!
all i know is that sometimes no house is strong enough.... underground is good. dark, but safe from flying cars, cows, and BBQs! good luck to you!

ya, our book is about so much more than building. it is about getting out there and doing things, not waiting for anyone else to tell you can. it is about finding your people and shifting the messed up capitalistic patriarchal lame-ass system we are stuck in.
you can buy it  at if you are really keen.
2 years ago
Our collective The Mudgirls has been running workshops for over ten years. And i wonder sometimes if we are getting kinda formulaic, could i say even old fashioned? with our morning instructionals. somethings are a must do like general principles of natural building, and learning the actual system we are employing through out the day.

i guess im asking what would you want to learn most at a NB workshop.

and what do you think the general principles are?
here are ours
build small
build to your environment, and climate
build with local, upcycled materials as much as possible
build with your community

any others you would like to add?
2 years ago
i believe in you amit. i have three kids, and wee house and some stuff struggling to grow. im am just coming out of what i call being under house arrest. my youngest will start school in September.

being a women in the modern world is so such harder in some ways. we want to do everything, be everything, have everything. but we want to do it right with the earth in the front of our hearts. we want to be the best mothers e know how, but w want to be people who do tings too.

One thing i have come to realise that tho being self sufficient in all things from from to firewood, to food, to building, to raising kids seems to be like a gold metal first place standing in the eyes of the permaculture gods, i do feel it misses something... and that thing is Other People. being self sufficient is hard work, full-filling work to be sure, but first and foremost it is lonely. pretty darn lonely. when everything comes from your own homestead you can easily remove the connections that make life so worth while (especially when you are under house arrest with young kids and your brain power circles the rain with the washing water.

we need stimulus in the form of interactions and going to a neighbours to get milk, or to drop off your best pickles or help pull in the hay so you can get some at a cheaper rate. this is all the more holistically sustainable on the longer term. and i thin it helps remind us that we are pretty amazing, strong and on the right track.
2 years ago