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Carlton County, Minnesota, USA: 3b; Dfb; sandy loam; in the woods
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Recent posts by Christopher Weeks

Kevin Harbin wrote:My guess is that an Otis from a warmer part of the world might prefer PEM Gardening and PEM Wood Heat over the PEP analogs

I think Mike's climate is slightly cooler than Paul's, but the big difference is precipitation. (Which is what I think explains Paul's veneration of hugelculture and Mike's lack of.)
7 hours ago
I did exactly the same thing except that I unearthed them after only ten years in the pantry when we were moving house. They were fine and no one got sick! I had lemons with cardamom and limes with chile flakes and only the texture suffered.
11 hours ago
You could look for ways to prevent anything from drifting in on the air without naming it.
I'm saving seeds from the plants that give me seeds. I think my next step is to figure out biennial seed-saving which I haven't done at all.
12 hours ago

Robert Ray wrote:Still a city lot 100x60 is quite a bit larger than 2200 sq ft.

To be fair, that city lot might house a family of five.
I think I'm about 200 miles from Mike, but this is what we were seeing last night! (Well, the camera makes it more vivid, but it was still amazing with the naked eye.) I'd call this my first good aurora viewing.  And it might be good viewing again tonight.
5 days ago
I just gave this link a post of it's own, but thought I'd drop it in here too, in case someone was looking for this kind of opportunity:
5 days ago