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Recent posts by Daniel Brockett

Grew these this year and can vouch for the claim on the site: Badger Flame Beet
3 months ago
Qty bundles from: Forest Ag
Least expensive route would be to buy seeds or cuttings, great place to do so: Twisted Tree
Seed savers exchange has a number of listers for seed and cuttings: Seed Savers

If you can find mature trees you are looking to plant, cuttings and seed could be gathered from them.
3 months ago
Have you ever used: PFAF

I can't vouch for its accuracy, as I am not advanced in my knowledge, just thought it could be of use.
4 months ago
Maybe you could get some ideas from these videos: Twisted-Tree

Could come up with a solution to eliminate the need for pots all together.
4 months ago
http://www.twisted-tree.net/ Unfortunately they are sold out for the year.
https://jiovi.com/ I think they have them when in stock, but as with the above are out.
https://www.fedcoseeds.com/trees/ always has a large variety of trees, very good quality, but not cheap.
Ebay always has seed offerings you wouldn't think of, many beach plum seeds for sale.
https://exchange.seedsavers.org  I don't think they have beach plum on there right now, but a wonderful variety to choose from.
Maybe you would get lucky with a craigslist search.

Hope one of these helps.
4 months ago
I am not certain about root fragrance, but the leaves look like tulip poplar to me.
4 months ago
We purchased a number of items from them in the past, all very good.  The website says to check back in November, as that is when the tubers will be dug.  Make sure to check in with them often, things sell out quickly.

We are growing 78 varieties of dahlia's this year for cut flowers, not for eating.  They were purchased from Floret  It was a significant investment, but hopefully one that will pay for itself over time.
5 months ago